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"Watson did not start out to becomes a writer. He was a high-school actor who married the summer of his junior year in high school."

Brad Watson whose
The Heaven of Mercury
gets my vote for best title, is also up for most poetic marriage between young human and brief time period.

Whiskey River's Year End Clearance
All Quotes Half Off

Time and Space

...wax pears. And the astronauts are losing heart,
the heady lisp of auricle and ventricle
fading to a whisper, as muscles shrink to infants' hearts,
or the plum-shaped nubs of swans.
Atrophy, from time in space, even as the space in time
contracts. And how much safer it was —
ascension — at some earlier contraction...

Linda Bierds
Poetry Daily Dec.30.03


The reason why the RIAA comes off as a gang of ignorant thugs is because, well, how do I put this --
they are.

Music is a sacrament. This has been true for thousands of years of human history, save the last 100 or so. I'm sure it was not Edison's purpose to debase such an important aspect of our collective liturgy, but what would one expect when something that was once ephemeral and could only be experienced at the behest of other humans is reduced to a commodity on a shelf.

-Todd Rundgren Oct.22.03

Rundgren at home

maestro Thomas Mapfumo
He is expected to fire broadsides at President Mugabe and his regime through songs that were banned from the airwaves by Information minister Jonathan Moyo. Mapfumo is now based in the United States.
Mapfumo left the country for the US in 2001 after alleged harassment by state agents. Mapfumo is tipped to win the Zima Lifetime Achievement award for his consistent fight for democracy, justice and human rights since the days of the liberation struggle.

In an interview with the Zimbabwe Independent yesterday, the veteran musician said the struggle for liberty was reaching a climax for Zimbabweans and he would play his role as an artist.

"I am still a musician who sings a message reflecting the lives of people," he said. "We must not be misled into believing that things are better or will miraculously change," said Mapfumo.

Itai Dzamara/AllAfrica Dec.19.03
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"As the collages' narratives are inspired by real situations, the visual forms of the collages, though playful and childlike in appearance, are informed by a thorough understanding of figure and gesture. Though appealingly dream-like, the unique animation, poignancy, and realistic resonance of these works enables them to function as tools for imaginative learning and growth in the real world."

the paper moon
Ida Pearle makes good art

Slow Wave
Jesse Reklaw
Recorder of Dreams
Jesse Reklaw is a master of dialog
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expression is the need of my soul
i was once a vers libre bard
but i died and my soul went into the body of a cockroach
it has given me a new outlook upon life
i see things from the under side now....

Today in Literature

Le Roi de Coeur c'est mort
"...a very warm, considerate and self-effacing man who took his work very seriously. He was not interested in being a celebrity, he just cared about the art of acting - he was interested in quality."

" 'That that that is is that that is not is not that that that is not is not that that is is is not that so.' "
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tiny grow


Kepler's Inaccurate Punch Bowl

If you are the problem, pack you bags.

..." Then he coughed and nothing else was said.
Thomas Barefoot #621
Last Statement
Executed Offenders
Texas USA

Andrice Arp

link path Achewood


"And they say there's no provisions/ there's not enough to go 'round/ But when it comes to the gun there's a bullet for everyone."

Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt


All of us are airborne now

When Angels Play Their Drum Machines

Maverick (Alistair) protects himself from the rain, donning the Civil War uniform he had made using designs from the Internet.
-Poppy Berry
Ulster Cowboys

at Growbag

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Y not gets credit for the boogie board.

in '67 I had a surf shop in Santa Cruz make me a foam and glass 'belly board' with a fin, custom. There were already others around, I'm pretty sure.

Banana Jacks

The Mars Volta

The Coup
Breathing Apparatus
Lean over the bed and let me whisper close
Watch these motherfuckers with the stethoscopes
You know I'm uninsured up in this b-i-otch
My medical plan was to not get shot
I get the..

"One two three!" "Code blue!"
"One two three! "Code blue!"
*bzzzzzzzzzzzzt* "Clear!"
"I've got a pulse.."
See I'm a communist, I'll tell yo' momma the truth
And now they wanna assassinate me like they John Wilkes Booth
But umm, recognize sperm, cause yo' brain is the maternity
Conception through yo' ear, now my game lasts through
eterni-*cough*-ty *cough, cough*

"Breathe again, breathe again..
And I will never breathe again.." -> Toni Braxton (repeat 2X)

Well, I've been looking at the patient's stats
It seems as if he's lost his will to pay


Christmas Eve


painter science

link mossesfromanoldmanse Dec.20.03


It begins like this, the thinnest edge of another world appears in a humdrum street, the greater sky begins to break through, too bright for your earth-simple eyes, angels, small as bees on the wing, unnoticed by all but the mad, the old, and the very young, whiz through scenes of mundane atrocity, taking quick unarguable witness.

Radio Sonidera
Like the spontaneous music of the original Jamaican reggae DJs of the 1970s, the process of making la música sonidera is an intrinsic part of its identity. It is created by charismatic DJs, the sonideros, such as Posada's mentor, famed veteran DJ Ramón Rojo-- Sonido La Changa. The sonideros perform in Mexican cities, especially in Mexico City's teeming colonias, as peripheral neighborhoods are known, and increasingly in U.S. cities.
Posada says much of his playlist is recordings of sonideros' concerts. The DJs interact with the audience as they speak over tunes, rhyming, cracking jokes or intoning fans' names. A danceable cumbia or salsa track is mixed with other sounds, everything from electronica to rap. On-air, Posada himself plays the role of sonidero.
The concerts are often burned onto CDs as they are performed. After the show, the CDs are sold "like tortillas, except more expensive," Posada says. In turn, the recordings are copied and re-copied by fans.
The quick digital dissemination of the music, in a musical subculture that has little use for copyrights, means sonideros can even facilitate transnational communication. A DJ in Mexico will often give a "shout out" to an audience member's relative living in Los Angeles or another U.S. city. As he lays down the tracks, the DJ will sometimes say, appropriating an expression often used in a derogatory way: "This one's going out mojado-style, (wetback-style), across the border."
Macelo Ballve/ Pacific News Service Dec.19.03

EasyRGB is an inspiration.

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Happy 60th Birthday
Keith Richards
Living Proof


Kshitigarbha (Chijang), the Guardian of the Earth

Browse by type of artwork
Korean Art
LACMA protectorate

Miroku, the Bodhisasttva of the Future
MFA Boston

William Maxwell, nearing 90

Every now and then, in my waking moments, and especially when I am in the country, I stand and look hard at everything.
—lengthy excerpt and heartfelt praise at Danger Blog! Dec.16.03

Many links and justifiably so, to J. M Coetzee's Nobel Lecture


By The Road

When I moved to Montana from New York, I’d thought I was going back to some earlier and better version of America, to an Ansel Adams photograph suspended in time. Of course, Montana isn’t like that, nor (as far as I know) is anywhere else. Nowadays, the particular nuttiness of the age surges everywhere instantly, like a magnetic field. Sometimes half the drop-offs at local U-Haul rental places come from California, and whenever upheaval happens there—an earthquake, a riot—the number of refugees seems to go up. A lot of people in Montana aren’t so much living there as they are not living somewhere else.

Ian Frazier/The New Yorker Dec.15.03
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Paradise Engineering

A pretty much somewhat androgynous portrait of Jeff Bridges by I.V. Passmore who purports to be his friend.
Alexander Passmore,
sharing the same site, is an accomplished artist in his own right.
the watercolor index is long and filled with impressive works in that difficult medium

The legs are crunchy and fibrous, the head contains soft white meat and the abdomen is filled with...

VitaminQ Dec.06.03

Gelada thumbs are more opposite their fingers than in any other Old World primate - they have the most highly developed precision grip, due to their need to pluck grass for food. Researchers have theorized that early hominids were also small object feeders, similar to geladas...

Gelada Facts
Mindy's Memory Primate Sanctuary
"Although we answer the need of primates released from research facilities, the majority of our rescued monkeys are from abuse, neglect or abandonment by the private pet sector. Therefore, the sanctuary does not support the idea of exotics as pets."

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three previously unknown hymns of Sir Edward Elgar discovered by the rock musician Manfred Mann.

from Come In, Kansas City. Kansas City, Come In, Please.

...the wide rivers are so fine no one crosses them:
they unroll like sheets of Reynolds Wrap before it's slathered with apple crumb betty pie.
The good folk camp on the banks like trees
and watch the shining republic of desire...

Cal Bedient
Poetry Daily

Scudding before a Heavy Westerly Gale off the Cape, Lat. 44 deg.
Augustus Earle
Traveler's Art

Elizabeth Durack 1915 - 2000

REBECCA HOSACK: Yes. I think that she had extraordinary experiences with Aboriginal people as a young girl. I mean she used to tell me that she would sometimes the Aboriginals on the station would say, 'Come with me'. And they would go - she would go walking for three weeks not knowing when she was going to come back. I think as an older woman she - and as an artist - starting extrapolating from those experiences. And I think the persona of Eddie Burrup freed her up.

MATT PEACOCK: Did you discuss this with her at all?

REBECCA HOSACK: Oh, I mean we talked about it a lot. And I think part of the reason of doing the show we both felt that it was important to open the debate. But there should be a debate that's honest. It shouldn't be vicious. It shouldn't be rebarbative. If you are not going to be cross with her for crossing gender barriers - which no one is - you know, perhaps why should we be cross with her crossing race barriers? She did have a lot of experience, genuine experience, perhaps more than many white people I know - most white people I know - with Aboriginal people.
Australian Broadcast Company interview

The Art of Eddie Burrup

Children's lives
Beyond the Picket Fence
National Library of Australia Online Exhibitions

from a search for Ruby Lindsay

who died in the Spanish Influenza epidemic following World War 1, at the age of 22.
She came from an artistic family.


Flying Squirrel

from the somewhat scammy and unprovenanced Exotic India 'One Stop Shop for Indian Arts'
Sahasrara Chakra
Shennong, the Chinese Deity of Medicine

Fear and Trembling

Ω{I thought Amélie Nothomb was a lot more popular than she seems to be from a google search. In english I mean. She's pretty renowned in the francophone world.
Fear and Trembling is a tight little ship, like a bath toy, like something when you were alone in there you might rub yourself with, other times just float it along through the bubbles and waves, and it's like that brightness too of the bath, the intimate brightness and skin of vulnerability but the doors are closed and you're alone. It's not masturbatory but it has that inversion, that sensual turning in.
Because it takes place in Japan I wonder if that's why it reminds me of Banana Yoshimoto's novels. Or its size, it's a small thing, like Kitchen and Lizard. It has that sense of deeply maintained control too, steadiness of realization.
It's a sweet book. I read it right through quite happily.
Nothomb is also affiliated with the firmly androgynous Robert, or Princesse Robert, a French music person of great feminine beauty but seemingly masculine gender. I can't respond to his music, which I've only encountered so far on his web site, because it will only play on the two main music applications, Real and Windows, neither of which work for me.}

I am a voyager and a seaman; that is a liar and a stupid fellow, in the eyes of that class of indolent haughty writers, who in their closets reason in infinitum on the world and its inhabitants, and with an air of superiority, confine nature within the limits of their own invention

In 1774, the first Polynesian to visit London travelled to England with the crew of Captain Cook's second Pacific voyage and became an overnight sensation. Seen as a living example of the 'Noble Savage', Omai as he was known, was discussed by scientists and philosophers, celebrated in all the best circles and written about in everything from poetry to pornography. He proved a lightning rod for European anxieties regarding imperialism, civilisation and the true nature of mankind.

Cook & Omai: The Cult of the South Seas Nov. .03
National Library of Australia

Jonathon Delacour on Donald Richie’s Ozu:
The other—equally important though less obvious—characteristic of the Ozu film is its emphasis on existential choice. It’s difficult to conceive of anything more at odds with contemporary Western society’s willingness to concoct excuses for all kinds of bad behavior than the notion that you are what you do, and nothing more nor less; the sum total of your choices, your actions, is the sum total of yourself.

Those of us who agree with Richie that “there is no immutable inner reality, no inner person, no soul” could do infinitely worse than follow a morality based on an appreciation of the transient beauty of everyday life and the need to accept responsibility for both our choices and the consequences that flow from them.


Albert Morse has a bunch of early days photoportraits of underground comics guys
also SF locals including this guy who used to show up at anti-war (Viet Nam) demos and remind at least me that seriousness could be dreary and less effective than great leaps of humorous insanity and fun.

Man na obra old lady in my neighborhood blessed with a gift. It seems she can foretell the future and she’s often right. She gives advice and has ways to solve problems. They say her help ranges from issues with weight till the ones of the heart.
One day I met her by the waterside at Banda Bou (place in Curaçao). I asked her to predict if things will ever get better for Curaçao. She thought for a moment, glancing over the blue water and she answered: ”You know miss…

…your question is a bit complicated. The future is not fixed, you are the designated driver. There’s one advice I can give you today. If you want Curaçao to flourish: Work for it!

Izaline Calister

Last Day of The Marin Flea Market
8 letters is worth its nebulous and incalculable admission fee for this post alone

People are magnificent research, almost the best there is
More than half the skill of writing lies in tricking the book out of your own head.
Terry Pratchett in the Guardian UK
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online literary magazine
great poetry
especially gripping Ted Koppel interview with retired Canadian general Roméo Dallaire about his experiences in Rwanda

link from the inspiring Maud Newton


just saw My Man Godfrey
"Stand still, Godfrey, it'll all be over in a minute."


The system of Philipp Otto Runge built as a virtual colour-space

they are all human beings and governed by the same impulses

“What was your most difficult feat, the most difficult escape you ever made?” was asked.

“I think my escape from the Siberian Transport was my most difficult performance. I was placed in the great vault usually assigned to political prisoners, and when the great door was shut, I had the hardest time of my life, perhaps, in releasing myself. But nevertheless, it took me 18 minutes to walk out, and face the dazed officials.

“I think that in a year I may retire. I cannot take my money with me when I die and I wish to enjoy it, with my family, while I live. I should prefer living in Germany to any other country, though I am an American, and am loyal to my country. "
Harry Houdini (Erich Weiss)

interviewed by Edna Ferber
Appleton Public Library (WI)


from The Project Gutenberg EBook of 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue
by Captain Grose et al.

"...Fib the cove's quarron in the rumpad
for the lour in his bung..."

"The swell was flash, so I could not draw his fogle"

WIPER DRAWER. A pickpocket, one who steals handkerchiefs.
He drew a broad, narrow, cam, or specked wiper;
he picked a pocket of a broad, narrow, cambrick, or coloured

TO WIREDRAW. To lengthen out or extend any book, letter,
or discourse.

WISE. As wise as Waltham's calf, that ran nine miles to
suck a bull.

WISE MEN OF GOTHAM. Gotham is a village in Nottinghamshire;
its magistrates are said to have attempted to
hedge in a cuckow; a bush, called the cuckow's bush, is
still shewn in support of the tradition. A thousand other
ridiculous stories are told of the men of Gotham.

WISEACRE. A foolish conceited fellow.

WISEACRE'S HALL. Gresham college.

WIT. He has as much wit as three folks, two fools and a

link Barista Nov.28.03
who also links to the stunning Earth View by John Walker

from Imaginary Lines

... where touch obscured
a body's edge so brilliantly.
How casually the light declined. The roundest pearls
gave way to oval shadows. Mornings we found
it snowed all night. There was often a feeling of rest...

Kathleen Peirce/Poetry Daily


leylop shows a face of autumnal China many may find unexpectedly beautiful and almost universally familiar

"...for the sigh from a dream that is probably about you, some criticism about something you did or didn’t do for the baby, because you are in the baby’s face all day, catching the baby’s eyes with yours so you don’t get lost, so the baby never worries about being separated. It has to be a dream about you because what else can be inside the head of someone that new? You would kick the ass of anyone who gave your baby a bad dream."
Pia Z. Ehrhardt


Thomas Robinson's Historic Photo Archive
441 NE Jarrett Street
Portland OR

link gmtplus9

Tadanori Yokoo ditto




Mario Merz
January 1 1925 — November 9 2003


Two Essays In Defense of Caustic Speech

With a Link To Something Else As An Example Between Them

Ω Many times, which is to say many many times, meaning simply, and as clearly as I can put it, far too often for it to have been an accident or a random urge on the part of the accuser, I have, myself, been taken unaware and stripped of all pacific illusions as to the nature of my pretty consistently automatic reversion to a form of inverted informatizing which people whose genetic predilections and cultural instructions did not, however unconciously taken in or absorbed, at their mother's knee as it were, or an uncle even, or more deeply and ineradicably impressed, imprinted, fixed in the person by template and imitation, include a grandparent whose own accents link direct to what some did once and many after do still call the 'Auld Sod' as distinct of and by its nature from any catamitical behaviors however currently acceptable, and in like manner to their object of accusation, have had no recourse, have never had recourse, to puzzle out its working parts word by word or sentiment by locution, as for the utilizer to analyze it in the heat of its deployment is to take apart a functioning device of protective and non-ameliorative juxtapositional re-arrangement of true and valid expression, the unheartfelt display of the heart's own inner core, the "Well excuuuuse ME!" of the ancient tongue untied and somewhat more biting for the murky depth of its complexity and the stench of roasted veracity kept to the spit just that one turn past its moment, the bitter taste in the ear that is the firm denial of the very truth the page would speak like a good little rattish snitch were it given to the page to produce it verbatim sans emphases and nuance, that selfsame stripping as referred to above being the testimony mute but eloquent of her eyes being the eyes of the too clearly unmoved recipient of that self-same deployment as mentioned above, most often female in all that that would seem to import and does, and does often, that each of them, she and she alike, have said in firm confusion, unequivocally and brooking no dissuasion, rejecting what immediately upon utterance I had felt sure would be my glorious hour's time come round at last, having delivered up for inspection and gradation both heart and soul as well as chest and backbone, and other parts whose vulnerable innocence calls for protective shielding at such times, and forget us not the mind in all this haste to our conclusive statement here, that she, all of them, said, in much the same way, in much the same sentence, using often much the same words to chillingly similar effect, as opposed to that of mine on her, that flat thud of the acrobat's slip, that clang of the fused differential, that slammed door's echo and fade in the still room of unsought solitude, that "You're so fucking sarcastic!" meaning no, meaning it has not done quite what you seemed to hope it would, not here, not now, not with and/or to me.

lines written after reading Portadown News Nov.11.03

ΩThat it is a hurt beyond your therapies' soft reach that brings that bitterness to your attention is all you can know, not knowing the hurt itself or a degree like it; and your inability to hold that claw denies it's once having been a hand, as your inability to meet that eye denies the clumped and remassed skin around its gaze was once a face. Your inability, not hers not his, not mine. Yours.

'One is a Lonely Number' : on the logic of communication:

“If I were clean, the one dirty child I see would have seen only
clean children around her, and so she would have known that
she was dirty at once. But she did not. So I must be dirty, too!”

Johan van Benthem
Logic Colloquium 2002/This is NOT the page of Logic Colloquium 2002

This is

link Language Log again

Dick Tracy's Millions Awaken

We leave Skype running in the background when Matt's online in Helsinki and I'm in London. It's an easy, casual way to keep someone present when they're not. You hear the rhythms of their typing, occasional laughs or sighs or mutterings, and you can break into conversation when you feel like it. You can have conversational spurts, rather than one big download. It's casual, background conversation rather than a focused IM exchange or time-pressured telephone call.

Foe Romeo Nov.21.03

How do stories shape our culture? How much importance do we (and should we) place on our stories? hide who you are and eventually generation after generation know less and less. The fear that is in telling you release an identity that should children unwittingly tell - the penalty is death or persecution.

It was let slip she was Indian (maybe Arapohoe from Cache a la Poudre in Colorado?). My half Grand Uncle, a very old man in his late 90's in 1981, clammed up and went silent as if betraying the unutterable. He said, as if it were yesterday, "their are things you don't talk about in the land of Custer"! Later we heard the US Cavalry from Fort Collins had broken up families at Cache a la poudre and sent all the Indians back to the reserve.

At one time, I did enjoy the exhiliration of capturing deer in New Zealnd Parks, by jumping them with nets from a helicopter. Wapiti, or red deer were later sent back to Canada as docile progeny for deer farms. Ultimately. a slaughterhouse death. Certainly a detraction. However that is another story.
Paul Filteau/House of Anansi Nov.22.03


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Some other comics which deserve your attention:
comic links at PartiallyClips

Jeff Danziger

After a Long Time Away

...Plants think up fresh leaves,
even the dust on the shelves
has got a new pair of shoes,
and waxy yellow peppers jump...

Patrick Donnelly
Poetry Daily Nov.23.03


leylop, Hangzhou girl
blogging from Hangzhou, China
leylop photolog
leylop photo albums

from S/Z:
In this ideal text the networks are many and interact, without any one of them being able to surpass the rest; this text is a galaxy of signifiers, not a structure of signifieds; it has no beginning; it is reversible; we gain access to it by several entrances, none of which can be authoritatively declared to be the main one; the codes it mobilizes extend as far as the eye can reach, they are indeterminable...; the systems of meaning can take over this absolutely plural text, but their number is never closed, based as it is on the infinity of language.

Roland Barthes

A Reflection on the Performance of Treading Water
Directed by VOID:Performance

Liz Swift
The Quay Thing
Wrights and Sites
link Place and Space in Art, Art History, Design
Research on Place and Space

link path thru Parking Lot Nov.20.03



Jim Powell


Liberty Bush
Ω{I swear it was an accident, I hit C-Span on my way to bed, I'd already seen the Roseanne rerun two weeks ago, and there was E2 and PP, and lo and oh my, the Usurper. He was giving it a speech. His speech was a mention of liberty and then liberty and then liberty again, and then again liberty. The third one tipped it. I was like, hey, what's up with the liberty, Geo-man? He finished its speech, the look of relief settling on his features like dust onto a two-track after a Hummer slams by. After he sat down. But then ah ha. Right after its speech for liberty liberty liberty.
They played 'God Save The Queen'.
Right after.
Ah ha ah ha. Well you cheap little sons of bitches. We own England now too don't we? The termite king, no that makes him sound like the Pope. I dunno some insect metaphor <here>. The Republic for which he stands won't/can't get the duality, and so must hear within the melody 'Sweet Land of Liberty' 'Of Thee I Sing'. Chump company stole the National Anthem of Britain. "Land Where My Fathers Died".
How so very courageous of you boys. You champions of the downtrodden and all. You brave things you.}


...His wife is shining the flashlight
into the sky...

Parable of the Moth
Robet Cording
Poetry Daily Nov.19.03


Patrick Farley's Electric Sheep continues apace

from Novgorod {in cyrillic}

link Art of Onfim
link path thru Anton Sherwood


Dona Veva, Chichimila, 1976
Macduff Everton The Modern Maya

Kureishi Interview Reviewed
"...and who Kureishi depicts, in this pathetic state, with a little too much relish."
Moorish Girl Nov.17.03

Ω{I'm thinking it's 'whom', being the object of depiction and everything. But that well-metered phrase, and its insightful clarity laid out with perfect restraint, is why she's here.}

before and after Armegeddon


Silbo Gomero
Whistle-talkers of the Canary Island hollers.
Sarah Andrews/AP Nov.16.03
link language hat

old web references to works on Whistling Languages

'Where Does Writing Come From?'

It's as though arguing for invention and its fragile, wondrous efficacy was indelicate, wasn't quite nice. And even though arguing for it wouldn't harm or taint invention's marvels (we all know novels are made-up things; it's part of our pleasure to keep such knowledge in our minds), still I always feel queasy doing it—not like a magician who reluctantly shows a rube how to pull a nickel out of his own ear, but more like a local parish priest who upon hearing a small but humiliating confession from a friend, lets the friend off easy just to move matters on to higher ground.

Wallace Stevens wrote once that 'in an age of is for the poet to supply the satisfactions of belief in his measure and his style'. And that takes in how I feel about invention—invented characters, invented landscapes, invented breaks of the heart and their subsequent repairs.
Richard Ford
Granta 62: What Young Men Do
Ω{It's as though, or it really is, that we only get the dots, fine as can be but dots, and we put them together, the pointilism of all the senses combined still just dots, so that in fiction, in art, there doesn't have to be anything in back of it on the other side, the way the real is hidden behind the dots we see and turned into an image of the real that is the real, for us, and all we know of it, that's what art is, to make that interface real enough to fool the mind, and then play with it.
The batting cage scene in the Cooperstown section of Richard Ford's Independence Day is an evocation of paternity, at a moment in America that was exactly that, all of it, the machine the controlled environment, the man the boy the tradition and rite of passage and the move into the unknown world of the unthinkable.
Realism is by its nature accessible, and there's a mirror of blind acceptance in the rejection of anything that's realistic in art now, as though there were only the approach and retreat from the representational and the abstract.}

2003 was officially proclaimed "The Year of the Blues" by the United States Congress in February.

If it had not been for that extra hand...


hard to love


Play is the engine that drives true learning

Created in the early 19th century by German educator Frederick Froebel, the 'gifts' were intended to teach kindergarten children about the principles of geometry and the discipline of design.
American architect Frank Lloyd Wright often noted the profound effect the ten exercises or 'gifts' had upon his development as an architect.

link Froebel Web

"If you cannot already perceive in the individual the totality and unity, in the sprouting seed the blossom the fruit the plant, then you must have faith in the seed, the soil, the gardener and the whole, the harmony of life.:
natural heroFriedrich Froebel

Women took Kindergarten around the World
Margarethe Meyer Schurz
Elizabeth Peabody at Virginia Commonwealth University

Froebel philosophy at Froebel Foundation USA

Froebel Gifts

at Infed, the encyclopedia of informal education

link path from a mention of Elizabeth Peabody at LMBoyd

Glenfillan Sheepdog Trials

the distance, adjusting
the angle, black-and-white
verb to the flock's blackfooted
milling. How long after these canids
willingly approached our fires
did it take for some magus
to train one up to these workaday
marathons, this serious play
that involves everything from
pick-up-sticks to a log-roller's
quickstep over the backs
of Charolais built like a herd
of tractors?

Brendan Galvin
Poetry Daily Nov.13.03


the scribbler

Martin 'Yellow Dog' Amis:
But it all comes under the heading of — and this is what I’ve always been writing about — masculinity and what a paradoxical state it is. It’s a constant trade-off, and not with the conscious mind. The real paradox about masculinity is that it rests on potency and the ability to have an erection, and now that that’s chemically available, and — though no one’s whispered a word of it yet — what that will do to masculinity is truly revolutionary.
In what way?
Well it should take away the main cause of male insecurity. As someone says, "There will be no more wars."
Philip Higgs—Martin Amis/Nerve

Ω{Years back I was a militant anti-smoker. As a teenager. It was a boot camp for the unpopular truth-holder. You're nuts. Shut up. Cars too. Shut up. Years back. Years and years. Lots of stuff. Not that it gives me that automatic scissor-clearance, but, you know.
I don't care about offshore Viagara or whether my Johnson's mammoth enough, that isn't the issue. It's the aftermath that concerns me.
A long time ago I said prostitution was a bad thing. Not because of the sex, but because it sanctifies money. Men with money can breed on, or, its functional equivalent, have sex with, women that without the money they couldn't, or women representing those women. Ipso facto, money makes the difference. Ipso facto, because breeding is a paramount feature of biological presence, money is sacred. To those men.
Amis is right about the dynamic but wrong about the terms. Masculinity, like feminity, like humanity, is a fluid category, it's just that the flow is so long-term and slow it seems static. It is not static. A sudden shift in reproductive fortune and the essential qualities of maleness, femaleness, human-ness, will have changed substantively.
The bower-bird carries this principle home to us, the bull-frog, the baboon, the octopus bring it as well. These mating gestures, these dances, evolved. They weren't there, then they were. Things change.
It is a truism that humanity's characteristics are locked in some inalterable template. Certain kinds of men benefit from that truism's acceptance. Certain kinds of men will benefit from chemically-enhanced erectile function. Others won't. The ones who choose not to will be marginalized to the edge of extinction.
Once again we get shoved into the crossroads at rush hour, nothing but traffic as far as the eye can see, forced into a binary dilemma whose terms are equally repellent. This is the same bogus 'progress' that has greased our way to the edge of full-species extinction.
Is it just collateral damage that the compensatory technologies employed to give the handicapped an equal footing tend to handicap the able?
There's still this sense of nobility and purity around Olympic athletes representing the best of human grace and ability, and consequent sanctions against performance-enhancing chemistry. But back in the real world anything goes. Which one's more important, in the long run?

There's an Escherian quality to this road we're on that's fascinating.}

your own phenakistiscope


Art Carney

heart heart heart heart heart heart heart

...dropping through the nothing both
a major urban metroplex and a sesame seed are, under the rings
of their atoms. In a comic strip today, the phone starts shrilling;
the dog goes “Ruff Ruff Ruff”; the phone stops; and the dog thinks
“See? If you bark long enough, that thing shuts up.” Yes, funny;
and pathetic. In one lovely 18th-century engraving,
the corpse’s muscles from shoulder to butt are opened outward
like the petals of a rose: and we hold tightly to the ladder of ribs...

albert goldbarth/Beloit Poetry Journal Vol. 53, No. 4

link path thru Parking Lot:Opening Space Nov.08.03



Walt Whitman: first response to Anne Gilchrist's offer of her hand in marriage

...My book is my best letter, my response, my truest explanation of all. In it I have put my body & spirit. You understand this better & fuller & clearer than any one else. And I too fully & clearly understand the loving & womanly letter it has evoked. Enough that there surely exists between us so beautiful & delicate a relation, accepted by both of us with joy.
Article by Steve King at the nicely-interfaced, Today in Literature.
CROW: So ya' wanna be a rocker. Study the moves. Jerry Lee Lewis. Buy some blue suede shoes. Move yer head like Rod Stewart. Put yer ass in a grind. Talkin' sock it to it, get the image in line. Get the image in line boy. The fantasy rhyme. It's all over the streets and you can't buy the time. You can't buy the bebop. You can't buy the slide. Got the fantasy blues and no place to hide.

HOSS: O.K., this time I stay solid. You ain't suckin' me into jive rhythms. I got my own. I got my patterns. Original. I'm my own man....
Sam Shephard's Tooth of Crime
Steve King again.


New Age Spiritual Wanna-be Gets World-View Validated By African Alkaloid
At one point, I heard him scream out, "No! No! No!" He saw a possible future for himself if he didn't kick heroin - becoming a dishwasher, sinking into dissolute old age with a bad back and a paunch. He asked what he could do to help save the world. He was told: "Clean up your room!"
Daniel Pinchbeck/Guardian UK


Bob Marley Hello Kitty France


For myself, I cannot live without my art.
But I have never placed it above everything.
If, on the other hand, I need it, it is because it cannot be separated from my fellow men, and it allows me to live, such as I am, on one level with them. It is a means of stirring the greatest number of people by offering them a privileged picture of common joys and sufferings. It obliges the artist not to keep himself apart; it subjects him to the most humble and the most universal truth. And often he who has chosen the fate of the artist because he felt himself to be different soon realizes that he can maintain neither his art nor his difference unless he admits that he is like the others. The artist forges himself to the others, midway between the beauty he cannot do without and the community he cannot tear himself away from. That is why true artists scorn nothing: they are obliged to understand rather than to judge.

Albert Camus
speech at the Nobel Banquet, Stockholm, December 10, 1957 (translated)
Nobel Foundation
link :::wood s lot:::

...the sharp little waves dusted with snow,
fish in their tin armor.

That's what I like about disappointment:
the way it slows you down...

...She played the flute, he played the fiddle
and the moon came up over the barn...

Tony Hoagland
from What Narcissism Means to Me
Poetry Daily 11.07.03


The boss doesn't like him.

...Not because you love my voice...

Yellow From a Distance
Karen Whalley
Verse Daily 11.06.03

Animal Housing Projectile
'Thus began the reign of the self-satisfied preppie, which turned out no better than the reign of the self-satisfied hippie. These boys had been presented with a platinum credit line of forgiveness even before their consciences had dropped. And they put it to use.'
Ray Davis is the Count of Monte Christo with a Tek-9

W.S. Merwin

Q: So many of your poems describe the place that you’re in, but also what you’re feeling about it. How do those poems come about?

A: Robert Louis Stevenson said a writer should always have two little books: one to read and one to write in. I have had a little notebook ever since I was in college. So I take notes. Sometimes, out of them, something comes. I really don’t know how poems happen. I know they begin by hearing something in language.

Q: Some of your poems talk about living in the moment, not trying to live so far in the future. We all struggle to do that, don’t we?

A: I think that we have to do it all the time. One of the things about the human mind is the imagination which is the source of everything wonderful and the source of being able to put ourselves into other people’s situations and to recognize that suffering is universal and to recognize that other people’s joys and sorrows are not so very different from our own. But it’s also something that insinuates itself between us and what is immediately around us. Even in moments of great joy and pleasure, we find ourselves thinking about something else or imagining something else. We live with both of these things. I don’t think that you can undo that, but you can become aware that it’s so. That makes that scrim between you and the world around you become a little bit more transparent. So that you can live a little bit more in the present. But I think you have to keep reminding yourself.

Johnette Rodriguez/Providence Phoenix 10.24-30.03

Rock and Roll Heaven

Tina Manley is everywhere
even Iran

link Sprezzatura

little girl
big boy


Edwina White
She has just exhibited “Skin Tight’- a series of portraits of missing persons tattooed on suede and is currently working a series based on a New York Times crossword (July 25, 2003).

She mentors a student whose name roughly translates as Sweet mother of god.

Edwina will exit Brooklyn for a month come late September to exhibit new works at the Magma Clerkenwell Bookstore, London, to catch the last days of the Art of Chess show at Somerset House- and visit a vampire club somewhere in Berlin.

Edwina White at Kate Larkworthy

google for Edwina White led to a list of m-c's favorite illustrators

and thence to Love Letter To The Land: the slugs are resting in the earth now
by Katherine Dunn
fly fishing


Ω{I don't know what you, personally, see here. Probably most people see a black man and a white woman, both of them sexually charged. I don't know Lilli Christine's bloodlines but it's obvious she had more than northern european ancestry. Howlin Wolf is one of those figures that confound straight people everywhere. He was as much an 'Indian' as he was a black man. People run that 'one-drop' con on themselves and then get upset at anyone who doesn't go along with it, or doesn't fit into the rigid standards of classification it requires. The shorter version is neither of these people are what we're told to see them as. And the animal strength they both radiate is what caught my eye the first go-round. Primate power.}

autothaumaturgist: person pretending to be mystical or mysterious


76 blowjobs
from Jason Salavon

They forage at night from the bottom of streams and ponds. Platypus automatically close their eyes and ears in water. To locate prey, the platypus use their bill. The platypus bill has hundreds of tiny receptors which respond to touch and tiny electro-currents produced when invertebrates move in water.
Biological Diversity
Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana

Vachel Lindsay and Charlotte Mew enter the mop-bucket of eternity

Mediocrity is never passive; it avenges itself for its deprivation.
...the painter no longer in touch with people who don't look at pictures begins to die as a painter. The actor whose life has moved from the marketplace to the studio acts falsely. The novelist grown remote from people who don't read, becomes untrue to people who do read. The thinker who loses contact with people who don't think at all, no longer thinks justly. As the critic whose only wellspring is the work of other men at last gets to know all there is to know about literature. Except how to enjoy it...
Nelson Algren

in Michael Ventura's Letters at 3 AM
Austin Chronicle 10.31.03

link path thru languagehat via commonbeauty

Bark roofs adjoin a pathway through a mountain village
Yao cun
Chinese Rural Architecture
Olivier Laude
Atlas Magazine 6

Redhead watching television with father
Doll face holding onto stick
Jean-Pierre Khazem
link cipango

Swift On A Broomstick

the green life of change

...The present marred with reason gone,
And past and present both as one

the silent and impartial stream of time, where the periodicals of fashion will have done with stilted praise

The gypsy knocks his hands and tucks them up,
And seeks his squalid camp, half hid in snow,

The pigs sleep in the sty; the bookman comes—

19th century English poet John Clare

Humanities Web

Ready to Go eBooks
Univ. Toronto Representative Poetry Online
Old Poetry


"pro-social" message
There is another, less-often discussed aspect to the Wiggles' success, and it has something to do with the Blue Wiggle, Anthony Field (once named Australian Bachelor of the Year, and who has kept many mums entertained while their children watched Dorothy the Dinosaur). But Anthony is married now...
Caroline Overington/Sydney Morning Herald 11.03.03


"If you want your children to be brilliant, tell them fairy tales. If you want them to be very brilliant, tell them even more fairy tales."

— Albert Einstein.
at the Daily Bleed

I Am Not A Star

She changed her name to Luc Dominique and recorded the controversial Glory Be To God For The Golden Pill.

She left the church in 1967 to pursue a professional singing career, but her songs grew more and more political through the years. Then she and her partner, Annie Pescher, founded a school for autistic children. Her world came toppling down in the '80s, when the Belgian government billed her for $60,000 in back taxes on her earnings as Soeur Sourire, even though all of the money had been donated to her convent. Facing bankruptcy, the singing nun killed herself in a suicide pact with Pescher (who was rumored to be her lover) - an ending you would never see in an MGM musical.
The Singing Nun (1966), MGM's highly fictionalized story of the real-life nun who rose to the top of the pop charts
on TCM:Tuesday 11/18/2003 01:00 PM

Moscow in Motion
Bee Flowers


Pascal Blanché

Jack Fitch

Fitch lost touch with his relatives. He never married and lived quietly and alone in a small flat on Minna Street in San Francisco. He had no other education after leaving Minnesota, but took a few WPA art classes while in the Bay Area. He set up his easel in his apartment and filled it with canvasses, which often were painted on both sides. He painted memories, families, mothers and children, gardens, mountain meadows and forest landscapes, things he considered "pleasant matters." He kept all his paint-ings in his apartment and could not be convinced to share them.
Ames Gallery

link path thru gmtplus9


London 1753

"mediocre efforts masterminded by marketing men"
Paul Weller's apt description of record companies starts with an 's'
Ananova 07.03.03

Medicine Man The Forgotten Museum of Henry Wellcome
with The Phantom Museum, a film by the Brothers Quay
at The British Museum

link from the lovely and whimsical Sophie Blackall



...quantum physics versus the convenience stores. “Nothing is absolute. Comfortably real, our world is constructed from overlapping possibilites. Added together we perceive a seamless reality in a discontinuous world.”
Alice and Martina Mrongovius
Noise (AU)

Orange Alert
Kirsten Ulve

Heavy Backpack

Camille Rose Garcia

Fafi links list


Me And Jesus The Pimp In A '79 Granada Last Night

...Ain't got no close potnahs, socially I cain't function
From the pen he would scribe, on how to survive:
"Don't be Microsoft, be Macintosh with a Hard Drive"
Used to tell me all the time to keep a bitch broke
Did I mention that my momma was his number one hoe?
Clunked the 40 on the flo' and placed his palm on the dash
and wheezed out, "C'mon man, make this motherfucker mash!"
Ain't gon' mash too fast, cause my tags ain't right
Me and Jesus the Pimp in a '79 Granada last night

Chorus: *sung* (2X)

Oakland do you wanna ride?
I can't hear you! Oakland do you wanna ride tonight?

City lights from far way can make you drop yo' jaw
Sparklin' like sequins on a transvestite at Mardi Gras
There's beauty in the cracks of the cement
When I was five I hopped over them wherever we went to prevent
whatever it was that could break my momma's back
Little did I know that it would roll up in a Cadillac
And matta-fact, she couldn't see him like a cataract
And on the track, she went from beautiful to battleaxe
And back at home, she would cry into her pillow
Vomit in the commode, I was six years old
I would crawl onto her lap and we would hug and hold
She asked me what I thought of Jesus when he broke off some bread
I said, "He missin' a arm, and he seem like a pee-pee head"
She said, "Don't cuss," and my teeth to go brush
And get ready for bed, and the toilet to flush
With tears in my momma's eyes, I was her everything
Before she went out on the stroll
She'd tuck me into bed and sing:

You're much too beautiful for words (4X)

The Coup

9 years ago
Genocide and Juice

"Well, if you're blind as Helen Keller
you can see I'm David Rockefeller
So much cash, up in my bathroom there's a Ready Teller"

"Don't let me get my flex on
Do some gangsta shit
Make the army go to war for Exxon
Long as the money flow, I'll be makin' dough
Welcome to my little pimp school
How you gonna beat me at this game?
I made the rules"

'Why don't you rap for us?'
'No, no, no, no'
'Come on boy I did mine'
'It's so... tribal'
'Well, very well'
'Oh, goodie'
'But hold my martini...
I have to do those hand gestures.'

"Just say no to drugs
But say yes to what?"

The Coup/

Flown from the generation of WATER

...night drenched and steaming, a moonless night

on the street of the militia,
the book of hell lay in the gutter,

the pages oozing, the black print blurred
back into pulpy weight;

I wrapped it in my coat and carried it to my room...

Susan Stewart/ Poetry Daily 10.26.03

the trial of Warren Hastings
"Those who could not raise the money were most cruelly tortured: cords were drawn tight round their fingers, till the flesh of the four on each hand was actually incorporated, and became one solid mass: the fingers were then separated again by wedges of iron and wood driven between them. Others were tied two and two by the feet, and thrown across a wooden bar, upon which they hung, with their feet uppermost; they were then beat on the soles of the feet, till their toenails droped off. They were afterwards beat about the head till the blood gushed out at the mouth, nose and ear; they were also flogged upon the naked body with bamboo canes, and prickly bushes, and, above all, with some poisonous weeds, which were of a most caustic nature, and burnt at every touch."
Morbid Fact Du Jour 10.13.03

Ω{So I was debating whether or not and how to put up the biography of Jane Austen I've been reading, last night in fact, trying to marshall the perspicuity to do it justice, it's a warm, loving, and agile book, like being at an Aunt's house you know well and know she loves you and she loves the things she sets before you out of love for you and for the things themselves.
So then there was this. Hastings was the cuckolder of Austen's uncle, almost certainly the father of her cousin by her father's (married to another) sister. It's important to Austen's life story because it elevates the cousin, Hastings being a man of considerable wealth and position, and the cousin a close member of the extended Austen family.
My own biography is such that my sympathies for Austen, which Claire Tomalin has secured in perpetuity, in this context seem connected to or excusing of the cuckoldry and 'poisonous weeds' of Hastings. But truth to tell the author of 'Sense and Sensibility' had no direct connection to that colonial backwash, other than being alive, and in her social place by birth in contemporary England. One of her closest non-relative friends seems to have been a servant, Anne Sharpe. And her work has achieved more lasting gain in the awakening to, and restructuring of, an inequitable social contract, than many more directly confrontational authors'.
Tomalin's prose lilts:

'They would still be writing to one another, the sort of cheerful informative letters their mother wrote to her friends and relations; but the significant adventure of their lives—the brief, high moment which set a young woman at the centre of the stage and saw her determine her future by her actions—would have been accomplished long since and passed into history.'

In addition, Ms. Tomalin supplies a reference to Robert Bage's Hermsprong; or, Man As He Is Not, which can be found online, entire, free as the library ever was.
'If human nature be always the same, it cannot have changed much since Mr. Addison's time; and there may still be readers who will peruse a book with more satisfaction, when they know something of its author. The question now, perhaps, would not be so much, whether he is tall or short, round faced or long; as, How does he dress? Is he a person of any fashion? What his rank? What his condition? But before I reply to these interrogatories, I must answer another species of curiosity, which may, especially after perusal, arise in the minds of some readers: Why did he write at all?'

Hermsprong VOL. 1, chap. 1


talking like a pirate
way back in May
page 2 bottom


Tim: Which button do I press to make the blocks explode?
EGM: Sorry, they don't explode.
Becky: This is boring.
Relevant History 10.22.03

"everyone who made this game is dead by now."
Alexey Pajitnov wanted to produce more computer games, but he felt that the Soviet Union did not have a large enough consumer base to support such a market. He moved to the United States in 1991 after visiting in 1990. Pajitnov ended up working for Microsoft's gaming division.

Pajitnov likes puzzle games the best. He is not a fan of shooters. He is currently working on a second version of Pandora's Box.
tech TV


Her Way
Asking my husband to help me write a song would be like asking him to salt my food to his taste. I wouldn't do it. We're not perfectly compatible in our imaginations. It's almost like coming from different countries, being from Texas and New York.
E. Brickell/NYTimes

A Handy Guide


Happy Birthday Tom Petty

Here are disc jockeys with hands tied by corporate owners, cynical executives getting rich off disposable pop stars, and a singer performing for wine-sipping poseurs while his real fans look on, disheartened, from the cheap seats.

Is this a career suicide note from an act only seven months removed from induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Keep listening.

The concept album, THE LAST DJ, is actually a broad indictment of American culture using the music business as a metaphor. It ends on a hopeful note, arguing that marketers and moneymen can't bottle what's in the heart.

'I really have dedicated my entire life to this music — not that I didn't want to, or even have a choice,' said the 51-year-old Petty. 'It overcame me at an early age in a big way. I care about it, and I don't want to see it reduced to a silly caricature.'
David Bauder AP 10.10.02

TPHB home

pictures of the relatives
Stella Aquilina

Dog Women
Paula Rego

link the astonishing cipango

cipango is astonishing



Lisa Yuskavage


a primer on urban painting

Suzi's Wonderland


"Done on several visits at a high-risk location, 1991-92. The first application was a splash of light green thrown from about four yards away."

John Howard

also brok

le club

linkpath gmtplus9

Rui Amaral/Graffiti/450Postes

link gmtplus9


The Surrey
"...I saw them coming, huge butterflys and birds and sailing ships hovering ten feet off the ground. Phil, dressed in a Kaiser Wilhelm outfit, spiked helmet and high polished boots, led the way, marking the beat with a drum major's baton. Behind him the pranksters in their garish garbs pushed long bamboo poles in front of them, kites of all descriptions tied to the tips of the poles. Behind them came the bus, George at the wheel, pranksters hanging out the windows, perched on top; tootling whistles, banging drums, clanging bells.

Bringing up the rear was Kesey, in his red white and blue top hat, white vest covered with blue stars. Red and white striped pants tucked into cowboy boots. He was riding in a one person surrey, pulled by a brown and white cow..."

Capn Skyp/Skypilotclub 10.16.03


Shelley Jackson on Tove Jansson

"... like a Gregor Samsa action figure (morphs into a giant beetle!) or a Waiting for Godot snow globe..."

"...the little dog Sorry-oo, who wants to run with the wolves, realizes they regard him as dinner, and being a pet suddenly doesn't look so bad..."

"When I realized Jansson wrote this the year her own mother died, all the hair on my arms stood up..."

"This is all the comfort we are offered, and it is a stern comfort, but a real one: What we love is taken away, and we may never get it back; but spring returns."

Shelley Jackson/LA Weekly 04.03-09.02

Shelley Jackson's Ineradicable Stain




The Last Cricket in Ohio Sings a Song of Wilderness

"...Shivers in the trees, a stirring
of birds. The crickets chant

their names until..."

David Citino/Verse Daily 10.13.03

"...demonstrating that a happy slave is an extinct man!"
Frederick Douglas

what the internet was like back in 1992.
ibiblio: the public's library and digital archive

Also at ibiblio:
McGuinn, since November '95.
8 years of the folk tradition online, as free as it came to him.


L'oiseau privé, dit Le couple et l'oiseau envolé
Louis-Léopold Boilly 1761—1845

Mystic River
"This movie is a historic achievement: Clint Eastwood, an icon of violence, has made us loathe violence as an obscenity. “Mystic River” hurts the way sad stories always hurt, but the craft and love with which it has been made transfigure pain into a moviegoer’s rapture."
David Denby/New Yorker 10.12.03

Ω{an historic achievement}

A Hundred Won Dalmatians
Stewards and Leapers
Patricia Vigderman


Bill Barminski

They Were Not
Alyson Souza

Robert Berman Gallery


The American Skin

Something about how dirty it was. How forgotten everyone seemed.

Tyler Ondine

the art of david ho

more david ho

Opera No.2
Simonetta Martini


Ω{Typepad is selling itself for $60 a year; and it seems to have been born afflicted with that highly contagious albinism that's hit so many of the elect lately.
In my lonesome search for identity and community, I must confess, I surrendered a time or two to dreams of acceptance and the right to wear the light-skinned badge of the chosen.
Not that now I think there's anything intrinsically wrong with lots of white space and light green highlights.
I do, though, think it's long past time for the truly democratic potential of the online world to be defended, and the people walking away from the front lines of that defense as fast as they can should not be allowed to do so with impunity.
In this context technical sophistication is like intellectual prowess, and both in turn are like great wealth, an equivalent responsibility attends their reward.}

Milk and Honey

Dan Bellm/Poetry Daily 09. .03

Wednesday, May 14 1:31 a.m.
Two turgid grease drums leaked distilled bodily roilings of food animals into the alley behind a Plaza hotel. To that slickened scenario, add a doddering drunk name of John Doe whose wallet had been retained by a nearby bartender. The grease and drunk were absorbed by separate forces
Arcata Police Log/Arcata Eye 06.09.03


Rose Macaulay
As a young woman novelist living near Grantchester, Macaulay got to know her father's pupil, Rupert Brooke. She published a novel in 1911 in which a tortured young man remembers a childhood sanctuary in the country as a place of bees and honey. "And will there be honey for tea?" he asks. A year later, Brooke wrote "The Sentimental Exile", his first version of "The Old Vicarage, Grantchester", with his most famous line: "And is there honey still for tea?" LeFanu suggests that Brooke stole this from Macaulay; if so, it would be typical of the way her writing, and her story, have been overshadowed by her more famous contemporaries.
—review of Rose Macaulay a biography by Sarah LeFanu
Hermione Lee/Guardian UK 06.14.03

Suicide on the wire
Helga Weissova-Hoskova
death camp art
crimes and punishment (fifth panel)
Apocatastasis (age filter 18 or older)


Harold & Dorothy

Allesandra Sanguinetti
Page 4, Càida Libre: Imagen de Argentina
The Salt Mine an online magazine about photography

Attempts were also being made to get Mano released on bail, he said.
Times of India 09.06.03

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