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The area where this is located, is infested with drug dealers and tranvestite prostitutes.

Looking On
poem at Verse Daily by Jasmine Lamb


Project Gutenberg's anabasis
There are lots of pretend eBook operations, but none of them produce all of their eBooks themselves, or have 10,000 of their own eBooks that can be read by virtually any text reader and word processor

The next big step, after we have reached a million eBooks, will be to translate each of them into as many as 100 languages, thus making them available to an even larger audience.

Regarding the number of titles in the public domain, during the 20th Century, there were many years in which over 50,000 books were published and the rate has been increasing throughout. Certainly there were a million titles published before 1923 that we can get our hands on, not to mention

non-book items such as newspapers, magazines, brochures and advertisements, court records and other government documents, unpublished manuscripts and diaries, music, film, photographs, audio, and other art forms.
-Michael Hart interviewed by Sam Vaknin/UPI Jan.07.04

The Building of the Tower of Babel (detail)
by the Master of the Duke of Bedford
British Library

at the Virtual Babel Encyclopedia's extensively attributed, linked, and annotated Babel Art resources

Other illuminated manuscripts at the British Library include
St. Matthew in His Study
Alexander The Great Consulting His Astrologers After An Eclipse Of The Sun After The Battle of Arbela

A Genealogical Tree of the Kings of Aragon
The Crucifixion of St. Andrew
Augustus and The Triburtine Sybil
Fortune Appearing To Boccaccio
and of course, The Lindisfarne Gospels
further online images from The Lindisfarne Gospels

also the entomologically precise Lauds in The Hours of The Virgin

The Tree of Jesse
("Keyword" Hours, check "Image descriptions only")
The Digital Catalog of Illuminated Manuscripts
British Library

Natalie Jeremijenko
Cool Artist of the Month at Found Objects
Jeremijenko project hubs at Yale
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"After the breakfast I walkd around and found a beautiful Tea shop. An gentleman came and hosted and showed me around the shops and told me about their history when we are drinking tea as a taste. He is a Chinese and speak to me in Japanese and English and speak to the shop people in Chinese.Very nice man and sophisticated. I never have time for shopping so I decided to buy all suvenior for my family and friends here, Tea and tea set etc.
He choosed me which was nicefor my parent. He said they don't accept the credit cards but it OK to pay in Japanese money , so I paid him Japanes yen10,000. He said he will pay me the chanege in Japanes yen and went to get them. A half hour later one of the shop girl s asked me how I want to pay. I told them I already paid the money to him and I am waiting for the change. Then we learned I thought he was the owner of this shop and they thought he was my tour guide. Of course he never came back and disappieared with my money!"

Audrey Kimura, of Benten Records, on a trip to Beijing to be with Hang On The Box
She stayed at this hotel on her last night there.


Patient makes the last half-a-dozen strokes of the drawing while running back and forth across the room.


people whose birthdays have been called to my attention lately who if I knew them personally I would have sent congratulations to:
Patti Smith
Country Joe McDonald
Christie Turlington

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