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It's true what it says here, that "The picture is of his trailer home where he lives with his mother", although it's not as precise as saying "where he lives with his mother who is dying". And she has since died, on August 9.
3 weeks later I was nearing some kind of adjustment to the grief and turning toward the demands of my life now, recovering from the intensity of her dying, which I was the only caregiver for, up until literally the last hours.
I've now broken my leg, the fibula down by the ankle. It's a serious fracture requiring surgery.
I have no insurance, no job, so that means trusting to the absolute bottom care available. And endless hours in waiting rooms.
Tomorrow I go in for the surgery. When I get out, on Monday, my ability to walk and run is going to depend entirely on the healing I'm able to do, while I try to put together something to pay the rent and put food in the kitchen.
So posting will be light for a while.

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