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Dick Latham of Iron Mountain, Wyo.,
returning home from the plains
with the antelope he has slain


Boothill Graveyard:

??, ??, d. 1882, "Found in abandoned mine", Row 1, He was found at the bottom of the Minute Mine, well dressed, indicating he was probably not a miner

??, Dutch Annie, d. 1883, Row 7, Also known as the Queen of the Red Light District
??, Margarita, "Stabbed by Gold Dollar", Row 2, Was one of two dance halls girls who lost a battle over a man
??, Two Chinese, "Died of leprosy", Row 11
??, Two Cowboys, "Drowned", Row 3
Alexander, Wm., d. 1880, Row 5, Old prospector, killed in a blast

Bennett, Al, d. 1883, Fronteras, Mexico, Row 5, A teamster, ambushed by indians

Bill, Indian, Row 7

Bowles, Frank, d. 1880, Row 2, Was thrown from his horse, which caused his gun to go off, and hit him in the leg, but he did not seek medical attention soon enough
Bradshaw, E.L., Former boyfriend of Blond Mollie. Believed to be shot by Frank Leslie, who began seeing Mollie

Brady, Brother, d. 1883, age 11 yrs, Row 9, Drowned in the San Pedro River, when one brother tried to save the other
Brady, Brother, d. 1883, age 12 yrs, Row 9, Drowned in the San Pedro River, when one brother tried to save the other

Brodines, Ernest, b. Germany, d. Jun 1882, "Murdered", Row 3, A miner, was found dead in his cabin with bullet wounds
Brown, R.L. Mrs., d. 1882, Row 3, Hotel proprietor, died of natural causes

Campbell, R.B. Mrs., d. 1882, Row 4, Wife of restaurant owner, suspected poisoning
Campion, Rose, d. 1882, Location unknown. Died during a stillborn birth
Cantrell, Alfred, d. 1881, "Shot", Row 6, Shot by a man named Brown
Carpenter, Wm., d. 1881, Row 6, Belived to be the first Baptist minister of Tombstone, died of nephritis

Claibourne, William, d. 14 Nov 1882, "Shot by Frank Leslie", Row 2, Also known as Arizona's Billy the Kid
Clanton, Billy, d. 26 Oct 1881, Row 2, Killed in the gunfight at the O.K. Corral
Clanton, Newman Haynes (Old Man), Row 2, Killed by Mexicans while driving a herd of stolen cattle. Originally buried in the Animas Valley in New Mexico, but later reinterred at Boothill

Constantine, Simon, d. 1882, "Killed", Row 6, Blown up from a blast

Cruz, Florentino, d. 1882, "Murdered", Row 1, Allegedly shot by Wyatt Earp while looking for Indian Charlie and Pete Spencer
Curry, Harry, d. 1882, "Killed by indians", Row 6, Killed with Seymour Dye

Dernitt, J.D., d. 1881, Location unknown. Fell into a mine shaft
Deron, "Shot by Slaughter", Row 5, Shot while resisting arrest for train robbery

Dunlap, Jesse (Three Fingered Jack), d. 1897?, "Shot by Jeff Milton", Row 7, Train robber, member of the High Five Gang

Fat, Wong, b. Oct 1809, China, d. 27 Sep 1908, age 98 yrs

Foos, Freddie, d. 1878, age 7 yrs, died of diphtheria, among the first of the burials in Boothill

Fuss, Freddie, d. 1882, Row 3, Small boy died from drinking bad water

Gardiner, J., Shot by a man named Kellog
George, Albert, d. 31 Dec 1882, Black Diamond Spring, Killed by Apaches
Gibbons, John, d. 1880, Suicide, with lover Malvina Lopez
Gibson, John, d. 1881, Row 4, Employed by Nadeau, fell off a wagon and the wheel crushed his head

Grounds, Wm., d. 1882, "Died of wounds", Row 5, Shot by Bill Breakenridge in the Chandler's Ranch shootout

Hancock, d. 1879, "Shot", Row 8, Shot by John Ringo

Heath, John, b. Texas, d. 22 Feb 1884, age 32 yrs, Row 3, Leader of the Bisbee Massacre, and hanged by a lynch mob
Helm, Charles, d. 1882, "Shot", Row 1, Killed by Wm. McCauley over a dispute about how to drive cattle.

Hicks, John, b. 1 Aug 1849, Halletsville, TN, d. 10 Jul 1879, Row 2, Shot by Jeremiah McCormick in a bar brawl. Son of Aretus William Hicks, and brother of Boyce and Robert

Hickson, Hilly, d. 1882, Row 4, Injured his back after falling from stilts and died the next day

Holly, John, d. 1880, Location unknown. Keeper of the Rural Dining Hall

Jim, Six-Shooter, d. 1885, "Shot by Burt Alvord", Row 7
Johnson, Geo., "Hanged by mistake", Row 5, Bought a stolen horse, and was assumed to be the theif

Kee, Foo, Row 9, Operated a grocery store, accidentally stabbed by a friend

Kid, Kansas, Row 6, Cowboy, killed in a stampede
Killeen, Mike, d. 22 Jun 1880, "Shot by Frank Leslie", Row 7, Leslie shot Killeen, and married his widow
King, Cowboy Bill, "Shot by Burt Alvord", Row 7
King, Jack, "Shot by Cherokee Hall", Row 8
King, John, d. 1881, "Suicide", Row 3, from strychnine

Lilly, Douglas, d. 1881, "Killed", Row 6, Driver for the Sycamore Water Co., was thrown from the wagon, tramped by the horse, and head crushed by the wheels.
Lindley, Judge Chas., d. Sep 1882, Row 3, Member of the California Bar
Lizard, Stinging, "Shot by Cherokee Hall", Row 6
Lopez, Malvina, d. 1880, Row 6, Suicide, with lover John Gibbons

McAllister, M., d. 1882, Row 6, Also known as Happy Jack, died of complications stemming from a shot in the lung
McBride, Archie, d. May 1882, Row 9, Proprietor of the Grand Hotel

McLaury, Robert Findley (Frank), d. 26 Oct 1881, Row 2, Killed in the gunfight at the O.K. Corral.
McLaury, Thomas Clark (Tom), d. 26 Oct 1881, Row 2, Killed in the gunfight at the O.K. Corral

Mead, d. 1881, "Sudden Death", Row 5, Blacksmith, found dead in a coach

Moore, Lester, "Here lies Lester Moore, Four slugs from a .44, No Les, no more", Row 6, A Wells Fargo agent at Naco, disputed with a man over a package

Noonan, Mike, b. Ireland, Sulphur Springs Valley, "Killed by indians", Row 10, A lone rancher, was shot when he went out to chop wood

Packrel, Alfred, d. 1882, age 24 yrs, Row 5, Young english miner died from bowel inflammation
Padden, J., d. 2 Aug 1884, Fell down a mine shaft

Pring, Mrs., d. 1881, "Suicide", Row 9, Died from chloral hydrate
Renacco, G., d. 1882, "Killed", Row 8, Fell off a cliff
Ridgeway, C.O., d. 1882, Row 4, Found lying dead in a wagon outside of town

Robles, Guadalupe, d. 1888, Row 8, Shot by officers who came looking for Guadalupe's brother Manuel
Rook, "Shot by a Chinaman", Row 3

Scott, Ben, d. 1883, Row 5, A teamster, shot by his own rifle when it fell over and discharged. Buried with Al Bennett
Serroux, Frank, Row 4, Shot over a mining claim
Slaughter, John Swain, b. Jun 1845, Texas, d. 8 Feb 1945, Row 11, Settled in Tombstone in 1879, a former slave who took the name of his master, John Slaughter

Stewart, Mrs., d. 1880, Location unknown. Said to be first burial in Boothill
Storms, Charley, d. 25 Feb 1881, "Shot by Luke Short", Row 6, Died in a duel
Stumpf, Mrs., d. 1884, Row 4, Died in childbirth after being given chloroform

Sweeney, Martin A., d. 28 Jun 1878, Murdered by Oliver Boyer in a drunken quarrel

Thomas, Joseph, d. 1881, "Shot", Row 7, A teamster, believed to be shot by Indian Jim

Tulley, James, d. 1881, "Killed", Row 7, A miner with the Grand Central Mining Co., fell 250 ft. in a shaft
Van Houten, d. 1879, "Murdered", Row 1, Beaten in the face with a rock until he died, due to a dispute over a mining claim

Waters, Eva, age 3 mos, Row 1, Died of scarlet fever, believed by some to be the first burial in Boothill
Waters, Tom, d. 24 Jul 1880, "Shot", Row 1, Father of Eva Waters, and believed to be T.J. Waters, who was killed because of the color of his shirt.
Wetsell, Jos., d. 1882, "Killed", Row 2, Stoned to death by indians

Wickstrum, John, d. 1882, Row 7, A swede who died after a well he was digging caved in

Williams, Delilah, d. 1881, "Suicide", Row 5, Proprietress of a lodging house, died from arsenic

Yen, Too, d. Jul 1887, Bitten by a hog
The Angel of Tombstone
John Wilson "Texas Jack" Vermillion
John Heath hanging from the telegraph pole


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