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"Thank You"

...The balloon is released. The leash slips away
As soon as real desire passes by. Gratitude

Is the arc of a branch above the unpicked fruit.
The tomb's gaping mouth. Our ancestors tumbling back
To their tawny womb, dried apricots, figs, and dates

Fastened to their textiled wrists. Cherried earth. Spiraling fruit.
Magnificent bird...

Michelle Detorie
Verse Daily


Give Me Back My Wig mp3
Hound Dog Taylor
Unlike the otherwise impeccably responsible Ray Davis, we here at db are making this mp3 available for a limited time, and actually doing so.
updated to reflect the more than responsible willingness of Mr. Ray vis. the issue of db's firewall settings vis. this issue. Solved and resolved.

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Hip Hopto(detail)

Thomas Mathey

An Overrated Virtue

...The exposed eyes
staring out of that wood startled me.
In the hot sun, my father
painted those eyes shut—paint
streaking out from under the brush—drying
in the August heat. It took several coats
to cover the gaze. To shield us from
what I now knew was always there.
Meanwhile, each blade of grass...

Michelle Detorie
Verse Daily


Pops Staples

The Na'ima al-Misriyya Project
link Al-Ahram 28 October - 3 November 2004

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