these are the timesdirty beloved



Poetry Daily: Today's Poem Zbig Herbert

FADA: The North Point Gallery more early CA impressionists

Welcome to FADA Online gallery centrex dealerwise calif impressionist marine off a Thomas McGlynn search I think.. it was a while back....

Trotter Galleries: Mary DeNeale Morgan vitamin D in the light she paints

William A. Karges Fine Art great and extensive early CA and Amer. impressionists etc. alpha indexa

Bingham Gallery: Charles Reiffel why I do this may not be plain and clear to you but I think the fault of that is in your eye

William A. Karges Fine Art early california artists

Joan Irvine Smith Fine Arts - Historic California Impressionists extensive, elegant, tip-top


christine marie shearer - digital art - tile design drawings good artist nice person openhearted site (Lucia Matthews search....) - For the Love of Fine Art well and some money too maybe. oddball collection of diverse images multo extensive calif 19th cen.

Maureen Murphy Fine Arts - Recent Aquisitions extensive calif artists turn of the last cent. gallery

A Legacy of Early California Paintings: The Shumate Collection -- Exhibitions -- Oakland Museum of California maynard dixon search off a Jim Harrison mention


Ineluctable Modality: The IMAGESgood stuff. illustrations for Ulysses. 18 artists. John Christie search

fotoTAPETA polish art magazine? photography only? in polish

Tadeusz Rolke polish photographer. scary tank in 1944. Joseph Beuys in 78.

[ @ ® k z ! n ] croatian art site in croatian

d a d a - (fox) great stuff austrian dada site in austrian


Studio KRuM's AniManga Review: BLAME!-real good nippon comix art

Astronomy Picture of the Day dark matter revealed


this is Greg Hollingshead from the short story
_The Death of Brule_ (with that diacritical mark over the 'e')
in the book _The Roaring Girl_
published by Harcourt Brace 1997:
"...and I wondered if this was still another flaw in my strategy: when
you know you are not who you pretend to be you are
vulnerable to the craziest charges, if they are sincere."

The whole story is pitched at that level,consistent
and perfect
evocation of lower-middle class childhood in the fifties.






chip lord's Art Links

Surrealist-Related Websites

Mary Reynolds Collection--Works of Art

richter gerhard
find these paintings:
Table (1962)
4096 Colors (1974)
Joseph (1980) (in honor of Beuys)
18 October 1977 (1988)

artist reviewed bbc

Tomoko Takahashi bbc


TBR: Do you believe that art can change the world, especially the art of literature and the sharing of one's personal history?

KH: I think art is what makes life bearable, both as an audience and as a writer.

TBR: What one sentence of advice would you give to aspiring writers?

KH: Revise.

Kathryn Harrison


ZoneZero photografica

Larry Fink is a great photographer
at Bill Charles
Steven Shore at Bill Charles(Bill Charles site is good
frank gohlke at gund



howard pyle


wondrous Russian Photographer Library of Congress

1920 of 2641 stopped at browsing here on 10/28 '01


Howard Pyle's grief

teeny skimpy pre-rafaelite thumbs but the best Burne-jones/rosettis I've seen
at Delaware
delaware art museum artist index


hunter museum (watermarked. and to what end? will there be more money in the artist's hands because of it?)


Lydia Dona
search revealed artretran (poly apfelbaum
Norman Saunders

sqart?? (petah coyne search


Mystudio index of women artists (mystudio has the best setup of all so far
Mystudios Manet listing! (comprehensive clear and byuilt with love of the art,not the self

glackens at mystudio (worth more depth and time

evl (no'i') cool cool links and follow

real fine bio-digital unfolding at telemeres/siggraph 2001


stopped here


Library of Congress Ukiyo-e exhibit

great russian dissident site

corvallis dude dada site


francis picabia

seventh museum (georgina starr search">ArtsConnectEd
Lewis Hine intro


geoMETry artist list way to go!

interesting and odd intro to entry to new brunswick museum of art


Hans Hofmann!!!!!!!!!! ( AskArt
Hans Hofmann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (at GeoMetRy
Hans Hofmann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (at Berkeley,Berkeley Thank You Thank You Berkeley Thank You
Berekeley also has this......list

interesting site euroweb big zoom


boucher girl

really cool setup old masters site

I like this picture but don't know why

Boston MFA Egypt via the amazing Berger foundation site

All along the Nile, the first sources of life must be sought in the kingdom of the dead.
Jacques-Edouard Berger
archeology and love of life
Berger Foundation(what a find!)rococo architecture
list of artists very extensive
Charles Gleyretoo risque for school eh?

totally cool french multimedia encyclopedia that I have to figure out how to register for (in french no less)

french painting site?art site?flash art search


Phoenix Art Museum (difficult sparse but great what's there

list of Mexico City museums (unchecked as yet,Frida Kahlo search

dubious art history site loggia (velasquez search,trying to find the spinners/arachne

the heartbreaking perfection of learning

Christ Church gallery cool durer and more

diana savage's art links and gatherings


cool art links italiano from whence came Betta Frigieri
and this guy came from there via

another cool Italian site Galeria BETTA FRIGIERI Luis Rabbia search


japanese demons and Tengu (remember Tengu)from Cornell lost demon search(refound)


perspective in I think Czech or possibly polish or hungarian (actually it's Estonian)


#1 great chinese site ghirlandaio search

western art these are superb images

Merritt Chase at above

berger foundation? ghirlandaio search


giotto magdalen

magdalen at haverford luini search

Luini, Bernardino

domestic life of the rainbow Patrick Hughes


parmigianino madonna and child with clouds

leslie williams cain at

davidson galleries


William Louis Sonntag

Cannaletto at artonline

all different now
and Italian
boucher at above

robin urto is a sweet and talented personart links urto
frida Kahlo what the water gave me search
her work

Frida Kahlo
what the water gave me

find a good one

Lilian Westcott Hale
Nancy and The Map of Europe
for the title
man I love that title


Tom Thompson at BertC

Pissarro(little image)

English 1723-1792
Miss Susanna Gale
oil on canvas
210.0 x 118.8 cm
Felton Bequest 1934

Susanna Gale (1749-1823), daughter of a Jamaican plantation owner,
was about fourteen when Reynolds painted this portrait. By the 1760s
Reynolds usually painted his female sitters in classical drapery, but the
young Miss Gale is dressed in contemporary clothes, although she is
placed like a sculpture on a stone plinth in front of a classical column.

The painting was trimmed on the right edge in the eighteenth century,
the result of seawater damage after a ship captained by Susanna's husband
ran aground on the northwest coast of America.



venice biennale ernesto neto!!!
multo images and all
library of congress photos

art forum links

yes milano woodman search

rena brantsen gallery (again)

bernardtoale gallery

boggleminding gallery index from ADAA(why am I so itchy today?)

ADAA online!!!

Lara Solt photo 13 yr old autistic girl

francesca woodman


Grace Grace Grace O'Connor I want to be with a girl like that

New British Artists index


restart finnish art search HERE

Wardi, Rafael

same hit finnish galleries museums
international collection

Westerholm, Victor

Stigzelius-de Cock, Julia

Schjerfbeck, Helene

Juho Risanen


biennale Venice 2001

Hammershoi Index poor reproductions but still....

mother lode of scandinavian art INDEX

Danish Golden Age Index

Norwegian Landscapes

dirty picture or fine art?

Kroyer danish site

hammershoi search great find

hammershoi search great find


finnish art source national museums deep and wide



cool gallery keogh-riehlman

jack beal
william h beard

can't get it to link very tired friday aug 30 2001

pedro cervantes

rosetti(purports to be complete works)


Cafe Guerbois

cool swiss art history site

musee des augustins

Buerhle the perfect art site

something called faded brushstrokes Courbet search

Thayer and others at Shannon Auction

Young British Artists from the Saatchi Collection -part2 1997


blindspot I forgot how good they were

dutch erotic site (richard prince search...


art images for college teaching

for some reason heartbreaking russian museum site

great russian art site I just went thru

tretyakov gallery(only Cyrillic)....of which I know some history

Russian fairytale index of illustrations

HUGE porn-style Russian art index

Mageda. German auction site with intricate site intro portal thing
from here: Van Ham auction site art links

Eisendieck Leda

dia subsite euro 19th cent nude and portal to more

interesting swiss? collection of art/artists links global

slightly cheesy swiss? aboriginal(aus) site
with great stuff

Vatican Cosmos Map
sunsite vatican site

Ivan Bilibingreat and amazing costume/set designer

18th cent Russia with a cool slide thingy gif
yaroshenko girl student

the Wanderers

Scandihoovian heroes:
Anna Ancher
Bjorn Ahlgrensson
Harald Sohlberg
Prins Eugen
Halfdan Egedius
Thorarinn Thorlakssson
Asgrimur Jonsson
Eugene Jansson
Bruno Liljefors
Peder Kroyer
Christian Krohg
Kitty Kielland
Eero Jarnefelt
Vilhelm Hammershoi***
Pekka Halonen
Akseli Gallen-Kallela
Richard Bergh

Vasnetsov (A&V)
Aleksei Saurusov (rye)
Repin(Evening gathering,Golgotha)
Kramskoy of course


faery pictures

really bad repro's really good artists

do a Nancy Graves search quick

Jesse wilcox smith
from nesbitt from Pitt

Pitt connect Pyle Rackam Shepherd and.......
Pitt Internet connect
that came from here

back door Delaware

like the man said,an AMAZING Howard Pyle full text and illustration fairy tale book online
written with his wife,yes?
The Wonder Clock

Duke has stuff too

Howard Pyle at .......Delaware(john sloan search

dorothy we're not in venezuela anymore

bunch of cool photo links from smithsonian

Robert Bechtle's Rambler


the hermit of Russian Hill
(this site is amazing!!!!)

great and amazing inside the archives california/sf history

Japanese relocation from Salinas
Sunsite history archive

ditto may have it

hampshire college image online linkage

Herbert Johnson?

Education waiting to be taken up

john sloan and others in blackandwhite

important reference page

artsforge Wreck of the Hope etc.


George Frederick Watts

Irving Ramsey Wiles

Jules Olitski


Natalia Goncharova

Mona K. Lalim

artaround amazing responsible forward moving scandinaavian art site gallery links and.....

cool as yet unexplored site Natalia Goncharova search Marlene Dumas find

Risa Sato Risa Sato

The Life Foundation swedish contemporary artist list (annee olofsson search

beth herzaft
holly wilder
joe santarromona
john bache

terrestrial being Rachel Mason


fred green carpenter winter landscape st louis

deleon white gallery Great big!!!! small index of artists much art

cyborg manifesto (alan rath amy myer tony oursler....

Alan Rath on sculptural soul infusion:
MT: The pieces are very playful, but they're also meticulously hand crafted.
You custom design all your circuits and hand solder the connections.
Why go to that trouble?

AR: Often there's not a single optimal solution, so things like the
selection of an electronic part are open to interpretation. I'm picking
components based on what they look like. To me, transformers can
be attractive or ugly. The pieces are made in a certain meditative state.
A lot of emotion goes into the building, and I hope they somehow contain
that. You know, the Mars lander is a beautiful piece of sculpture. The people
who built it identified with it, so it has a lot of soul. I want power from art at
that level of commitment and mastery. screensavers (holzer finley and more

Jacques Abelman's architectural push
and a well-reasoned rap on same

Houston Contemporary Art museum

Oscar Bluemner's Dance of Factory Life

Jason Rhoades
Katy Schimert
and Katy S again
Marcel Dzama
Jockum Nordstrom

david zwirner exhibition archive (the best or one of the quite closest,galleria)

welsh museum links

limited edition graphics good and fine artist index

Ceri Richards

Scandikunst museum index

norwegian kunstweb in norwegian(backer search)
links from above


james lahey can draw waves and clouds like the genius he is
but when it comes to the human course of evolution......



Harriet Backer


not so good repros but russian art for sure

art unframed for a commercial site,great reproductions,extensive index

malek the art freak (repeat)


weak repro but great Russian artist list tho it's not extensive in work

james aylward

jackson auction


Manchester city gallery of....doi,art something a little...odd....about this link. Simpering sabotage!

polenov at olga's


george eastman house in rochester NY photographs

brandeis(univ) rose art museum great use of technology

Patty and I
Joan Semmel
20th c. Americ
So Help Me Hannah
H. Wilke

Sad,beautiful,brief. Celebration of memory and friendship,homage to the gone.

Carollee Schneemann

part of UCLA terminals

Mierle Laderman Ukeles

Masami Teraoka!!!!

fantastic and very welldone french cave site paleolithic creativity and home


Wolverines wolverines GOOOOOOO Wolverines!!!!
Earth and Space Science Browser!!!
testbed for image retrieval systems
this is exactly diametrically opposite to the
lurking greed behind accusations of "image theft"
bring the people to the light!!
as opposed to putting a meter on grace
and charging for salvation



guggenheim online

Beuys’s public discussions—lectures on politics, aesthetics, metaphysics, and social relations that often served as catalysts for other work—exemplify his role as artist, teacher, and activist. One such discussion was held in Vienna on April 4, 1979, at the Galerie Nächst St. Stephan, where Beuys had been invited to speak in the context of a debate surrounding the use of Vienna’s Palais Lichtenstein as a museum for modern art. Earlier that same year, the gallery had given Beuys the opportunity to create an installation entitled Basic Room–Wet Laundry, a manifestation of his provocative contention that the baroque palace was as useful for hanging wet laundry as it was for displaying art. The April 4 discussion grew directly from that project. During the discussion, Beuys referred to a chalk drawing on a blackboard that showed the chemical formula for making soap. Using the soap-making process as a metaphor for social relations and its colloidal character as an analogy for the stages of fetal development, he then spoke of the cyclical nature of feminine cleansing, associating virginity and motherhood with cleanliness and impurity respectively. The lecture also related back to the notion of washing as “the traditional domain of women” presented in Basic Room–Wet Laundry. These themes were further brought to bear upon the machinations and politics of the art world, which the artist viewed with contempt. The installation Virgin, April 4, 1979, is a kind of “representation” of that lecture, and utilized the essential elements that comprised this cycle of works—soap, blackboard, a table and chair, and the single light bulb,

Ðåïèí, Èëüÿ
Ilya Repin in Russian,eh?
well it doesn't make it thru the edit function does it?

carlos el vato and his classic art collection

Russian index (Serebryakova

winston smith

big list of women artists with old links some good


Zinaida Serebryokova

Nicholas Roerich Museum one of the most astonishing finds I ever made

Roerich Nicholas

russian image archive Repin search(akhmatova photo first up!)


great Russian painters. Thanx 2 Max and Veronica for the Repin explanation and more...


Korean art site with quality repro's(kandinsky search)

lucas cranachlucretia (stifled by the crowded room)

Macedonian joke:
Ðåøèë Öèãàíîò äà ¼à åáå Öèãàíêàòà, ïà âåëè:
-Ìèëåâî, äî¼äè âàìó ñàêàì äà òå åáàì è äà òè ñâðøàì âî óâî.
-Íåìî¼ áðå Öèãî, êå îãëóâàì.
-Ìà íåìî¼, à çîøòî â÷åðà íå îíåìå

Russian Art gallery

shining Russia

K.Bogayevsky. Ships.
Irkutsk Museum great art easy navigation

State Museum of Russia slow to load but filled with wonderful Russian Art

Russian Art b4 1917
russian art from the Hermitage (small repro but clear)

Ivan (Hovhannes) Aivazovsky

artstudio (ivan shishkin search)Circle of the Itinerants

art unframedgreat european Russian paintings
George Mitrevski thank you thank you

Russian Venus!!!



amazing Wm. Blake

Balla Giacomo

Alaux Jean Pierre
Alfredson Hawk Duszek

more canadien investigations (emily carr)

Canadien Virtual Museum yes!

Miguel Covarrubias (1904 - 1957)
Una tarde en Xochimilco (An Afternoon in Xochimilco

Vikky Alexander

like finding out it was your birthday when you thought it was just another schoolday

T Finkelpearl Gwengju Knockout punch One-Two

finnish art house architecture of visible search(Ahtila search...)

Maiden Export of Blast Furnace
Kim Sung-keun/KIm Young-joon

African art links


tiepolo!!! in italian!!!

baltic light (from canada) johan dahl

robert kipniss

Phyllis Seltzer

shepard craige

aline feldman at marsha mateyka gallery(oliveira search)
kitty klaidman

Time flies


Carleton, Anne
Chapin, Lucy Grosvenor

.umich art by women

Sir Muirhead Bone



Yasu Eguchi



denise marika

Sam Messer !?!?!

Jane Smaldone

Sungjoon Joh

Bonnie Porter

Jon Imber


Picture-Booklots of graphic artists/illustrators
some great i.e. Barb Cousins

this guy is exactly right. perfect. as an illustrator. Dean Morrissey color and form dovetail dreams and the light of time,victorian innocence and the exact colors of machine honor


museumspot great centrality(searching for the captive's painter DeSousa?....


Maria Muller

Dean Morrissey

Maryjane Begin

Jane SmaldoneThe Polka-Dot Dress

Laura AndersonOut of Shadows #2,198 Kocol, View from the Old Porch


Tigertail !!!!!!!!!(tooker search!!!! !!!!!!

stopped here Brian Mahieu
Sherry McGraw


odd french site (henry bacon search


Tom Mostyn

http://www.rehsgalleries.GREAT SETUP!! Vivid images clear detail fine art dealers association

bIgBIgBig index in artscenecal
Leslie Sacks

early california impressionism and....(helena dunlap search


Karin Apollonia Mueller

gabriel Basilico

Mabel Alvarez

Ringling Museum

The Seavest Collection
of Contemporary American Realism

Fine Art Online dead American Artists

Resource Library!!!!

Robert Schwartz
Mary Snowden
Glass works

Franz Bischoff
Clarence Hinkle
Elanor Colburn
Nicholas Brigante
Elmer Bishoff!!
Paul Wonner
John Register
Bill Viola
Lori Precious

great list of artists small tho from Orange county museum

Mabel Alvarez poor copies in big but sweet and fine reduced

Gwen John

brief section of what might have beent he best site I've seen.
good art great art well-presented with repect for the work
and importantly,the viewer.
Pomona CSU women 1900-1940

Grey Art Gallery New York Univ


Margaret Burne-Jones by himself get it

Tower of Babel (1986) at the Bushnami Sculpture Garden near Houston

Alice Aycock!!

Ida Applebroog

17.7.01 links

Antje Majewski

David Zirner Gallery

neo rauch!! at david zwirner


yuji takeoka at white cube

william eggleston at artthing

german art links(large scale)

SUNY Albany crossing the threshold

SUNY Albany!!! big well organized collection cool presentation except artist names disappear

joni mitchell art site


Finnish Art Links

Helsinki City Art museum Links

Turku Art Museum Edelfelt In Paris!!!

Finnish National Museum

it's their name not a description Smart Museum Chicagothere's stuff here
I just can't get to it

Ok. The Goethe Institute in...That's Right! Tokyo!
Bridgit Meyer

I think is is a dormroom project from some art students in a place called valand?
I haven't figured out where that is yet

Annika Westerling

Goeteborg Art Museum!!

der halmstad group

Norge netmuseum links and...
Mona Huss Walin

Helene Scherfbeck

Edvard Munch The Dance Of Life repro but valuable
norsk art index Kunst and Handverk
Faeroe Island Art Great Blue Wonders!!!
Samuel Mikines

Edelfelt!!!!! Finnish master of true emotion!!!

northern lights index of norsk and dane and those viking bastard heroes
(harriet Backer search...

Marie Bashkirtseff
Harriet Backer
John Andreas Savio

Marie Bashkirtseff
Oda Krohg


UofWisconsin 700 women artists!!!!!

Marie-Annick Brown

Sylvie Germain-Covey

embajada argentina HUGE good other-american index bigandgoodbigandgood

this is why we like Joseph Beuys

cool project. Tim Rollins and K.O.S. do
a Promethean investigation. It's not the answers
it's the quest



MAJOR IMAGE SOURCE Tigertail Virtual Museum(george tooker.....

Ft Lauderdale Museum of Art

austintexas something resource library with a well setup list of art articles and images

german art links

lighthouse German experimental art site(sarah sze...

oboro online projects with cool anti-slick aesthetic

oboro french wild artists exhibit site(pippilotti rist


remahortmannfoundation how I want to live and die

salomon huerta
sarah sze

kim frohsin @Campell-Thiebaud

"koshares of Taos"
Gwen John

tanning et al. study plan

kooky art chick website w/images of gathered in art heroines/heroes

leonor fini

dorothea tanning" target=_blank>" target=_blank>

weird art chick index" target=_blank>
leonor fini" target=_blank>" target=_blank>


really cool smithsonian place



Charles Sheeler

Margaret Sargent bears further investigation

Berry-Hill Galleries extensive,well thought-out web page,good reproductions and a very pleasant tone

David Hammons higher goals,bottom of page

check out the photo of her studio Mari Andrews

nice swiss gallery with a sam francis

Jim Shaw at Metro Pictures

Oh god it's that sherman girl again

artnet keep close

Saskia resource for art history,lots of goodgood but only thumbnail size

Internet Art Resources good,and had GDowSimpson's phone and email

art unframed (signac,good repro....

moellerart gallery about to be(impressionist and other masterworks

Great seascapes and other stuff but WAAAAYY huge images

National musuem of western art(japanese,tiny images but extensive collection)

huge mega meta index list of art links

Marianne Boesky gallery(not yet)

Agnes Pelton, American, 1881-1961
Nurture, 1940

Agnes Pelton, American, 1881-1961
Nurture, 1940

Henrietta Shore!!!!

Henrietta Shore!!!!

Henrietta Shore!!!!

Henrietta Shore!!!!

Henrietta Shore!!!!

Alexis Smith (1947- )
Holy Road, 1988

huffypuffy website of gallery from one of my old hometowns

Audrey Flack

Self-Pillorying, Jacek Zielinski


eyestorm discussion blog? thing that Ididn't know about

weird cogent rap about Chet Baker with an oblique
reference to Annee Olofsson
who is sort of captivating the periphery of my somewhat
exhausted attention at the moment

colette styledesignartfood

Starn Twins
Blot Out the Sun #6

Mall Punk art pimples and needles Art links contemporary right now

Sandroni.rey gallery (Jacqueline Cooper,Dauder,and....

Gallery D'Amelio Terras (Polly Apfelbaum and...

Sherry Markovitz dangerous woman

Greg Kucera Gallery Big list(Kiki Smith)

Lennon, Weinberg Gallery

Per Cent For Art NYC artist index


Joanna Boyce

Angelica Kauffmann

Socalled Hell USA

BIGGER kandinsky images


Yvonne Force?


Tom Uttech


Blog Archive


db annex larger,longer image-heavy posts