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"... with my boots on..."
Hoggart's aunt gave him elocution lessons because he couldn't pronounce his Rs or Ls. When he arrived he was quickly taken up by Professor Bonamy Dobree, then a young lecturer and fringe member of the Woolf and Lawrence literary circles...

Profile of Richard Hoggart at the Guardian UK Feb.07.04


ilhan Akidil's MP3 page of Old Tatar Songs
22. Kara Orman
and again

Valentine's Day Lore and Traditions

Hazel Dickens

Hazel and Alice

It took so long to remember just what happened.
I was so young and vestal then,
you know it hurt me,
but I'm breathing so I guess I'm still alive
even if signs seem to tell me otherwise.
I've got my hands bound,
my head down...

Prison Sex
maynard james keenan


The jugglers leave town

Honoré Daumier

"O Deutschland, bleiche Mutter!"

Die Ankläger des imperialistischen Deutschlands

Lea Grundig-Langer

Hans Grundig
In German it's "Herbst". Autumn.
There were gas stations when I was younger called "Terrible Herbst". It was cheap gas, the ancestor service of today's mini-market no-frills. Terrible Autumn gasoline.


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