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unidentified woman (detail)
unidentified woman (detail)

Matthew Brady

Research: Man's Best Friend

Dogs, as they are physiologically similar to humans, are also often used to help scientists understand certain human behaviors. The Russian scientist, Ivan Pavlov, based his theory of classical conditioning on work with dogs. He rang a bell every time he was going to feed the dogs and noted that, in response to this, the dogs learnt that food was coming every time the bell rang. As the dogs' reactions to eating were to salivate, the bell alone was able to induce salivation. This principle relates to humans in many instances. Advertisements jingles or songs for different types of foods may make you hungry or desire the product advertised subconsciously.
Pavlov "worked with" dogs by feeding them. That's nice, a nice image of a nice man learning about things that help us by being nice to dogs. Because every kid knows dogs like to be fed.
I was liking the Tree of Life until I came to this. It's in the kids' section. Describing what's been going on with science and the experimental animal population as "are also often used to help scientists understand" isn't going to cover it.
Taking a stand without actually standing up. Because you don't want the children to actually see what's happening there, because you can't defend it and you can't explain it to them in a way that will keep their respect. What it will do, if they see it for what it is is change them irrevocably and terribly, sort of like the pictures from Abu Ghraib did to the more naive adults who saw them.


...never on the Ground
Mammalia (1879-1882) by Edward R. Alston
58 digitized volumes of the Biologia Centrali-Americana
Smithsonian Institution Digital Library

Lion Hunt
Laurie Hogin
Littlejohn Contemporary

Sympathy for the devilfish
Ceratioidei: Devilfishes, seadevils, deep-sea anglerfishes
dreamers, blackdevils, footballfishes,wonderfishes etc
Life on Earth
Tree of Life Web Project

Unidentified man, about 40 years of age and a somewhat younger woman, both in Oriental costume, full-length portraits, both seated on a carpet on the floor, the man, on the left, cross-legged, turned three-quarters to the right, holding a string of beads; the woman turned slightly to the left, wearing a beaded cap; between them is a hookah, the stem of which both are holding (detail)

Mathew Brady between 1850 and 1860
America's First Look into the Camera
Today in History May 15


Whistler's grandmother

Nobody never cares for Art...
The effervescent ecstasy, Whose baby are you? by Mark E. Swan

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