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One does what one can.

Alexander Graham Bell and others at ground breaking for the Volta Bureau building in Washington, D.C. (detail):

among those present are, in the front row from left: Elsie May Bell, Annie Sullivan, Helen Keller, and Marion "Daisy" Bell
Another view:
Why Some Deaf People Hold AGB in Contempt

Ward Hill Lamon

He often slept on the floor
outside Lincoln's bedroom door,
wrapped in a blanket and armed to the teeth.


Elijah Cox

Portraits of African American ex-slaves
from the U.S. Works Progress Administration,
Federal Writers' Project slave narratives collections
Library of Congress
Betty Powers, ex-slave, Ft. Worth Texas September 14, 1937
Patsy Moses, ex-slave, Waco Texas November 15, 1937
also here
Ellen Polk, ex-slave
Virginia Newman, ex-slave, Beaumont Texas June 11, 1937
previous citation here, here

The "B" may well be for Boynton, for all we know

then nothing for more than 100 pages then

then, in Nochecita, in the scene with Reef and the schoolmarm Linnet Dawes
plagal (first misremembered as pagil)
there are two typographical errors, symmetrically positioned, on facing pages, so that they meet in the closed book, somewhere in the first 40 pages of the hard-cover US Penguin edition; another, an instance of word redundancy, around p.200 - but that low an incidental frequency is outside our present scope of interest.
Favorite phrase in the book so far:

flesh-eating sheep sailed over the fence between dreams and the day


Time was, I'd've identified with the naked man; nowadays though, it's the 'gator.

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