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Rehearsal for Red Square parade, Sport Club Plamia ( Flame), 1930's
Nikolai Kubeev
Soviet Russian Photography
Howard Schickler Fine Art

Howard Schickler Fine Art


The Ohio River Bridge at Owensboro

Joe Survant

Verse Daily Feb.27.04


Beech Trees in Kerduel

Portrait of the Artist Aged Eighteen

Christ (Green)

Maurice Denis
Musée d'Orsay

The Gust of Wind
(artcyclopedia recommendation)

The Pig-Killers

Autumn Landscape with a Flock of Turkeys

Retreat from the Storm

and Winter

Jean-Francois Millet

"My father, Kichinosuke, lived among the mountains following his heart."
The Storytellers of Mt. Hakusan

Mt Hakusan and The Nestling Village of Mountain Folk

Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan

Femme Versant a Boire

A Bord de la Mare

Julien Dupré
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Copper and money tanks
Money and steel prows
Beat scum,
The stocks of brambles raise.
Currents of the moor,
And immense ruts of the backward flow,
Slip by circularly towards the east,
Towards the pillars of the forest,
Towards the barrels of the pier,
Whose angle is run up against by swirls of light.

Arthur Rimbaud
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Gyp, Comtesse de Mirabeau Martel
Olivier de Brabois

Ressourcessur le dix-neuvième siècle
(extensive, huge, meta-site for 19th century France)
sites consacrés aux auteurs du XIXe siècle
et especially Iconographie et beaux-arts from whence the Musée Rodin, below

The Siege of Paris Collection
The Siege and Commune of Paris, 1870-1871
Charles Deering McCormick Library of Special Collections
Northwestern University Library

Rodin in a top hat
Charles Aubry
Musée Rodin

Abduction of Souls
Charlie Kogvik
Northern Rock: Contemporary Inuit Stone Sculpture
McMichael Gallery
McMichael Canadian Art Collection


The Changing Bear

...and all
the evening swallows follow her sky down...

Annie Finch
Verse Daily Feb.23.04

The Secret of Authority

...I empty my house of newspapers,
radio, television, all these
feeble striptease shows of social disgrace.
I don't lift a finger
against the hands that slap our intelligence,
I don't say a word
against the tramping that deafens the beat of the heart.
I see clearly, or so I imagine,
what's done in the inner sanctum, the placard faces
with nothing behind them...

Meir Wieseltier
Translated from the Hebrew
by Shirley Kaufman, with the Author
Poetry Daily Feb.23.04


...from the love I thought had to taste like love; from the love I thought I had to love like love. 5. Out of the totality of: I came from a family full of women; I came from a family full of believers; I came from a pack of witches - I'm just waiting to conjure my powers; I came from a legacy of lovers - I'm just waiting to seduce my seducer; I came from a pride of proud women, and we take good care of our young. 6. As being other or another than: He couldn't tell me from his mother; he couldn't tell me from his sister; he couldn't tell me from the last woman he had before me, and why should he - we're all the same woman...

A. Van Jordan
Poetry Daily Feb.22.04

"Our faith in the present dies out long before our faith in the future."

Benedict's work continues to hold its value as the strengths of her anthropological approach are appreciated by those professionals who share her concern with the impact on data of the researcher's position in her home society as well as with the impact on an audience of reported facts.

Ruth Fulton Benedict
Susan K. Hochman
Women's Intellectual Contributions to the Study of Mind and Society
Webster University

The Ruth Benedict Prize is presented each year at the American Anthropological Association's annual meetings in acknowledgment of excellence in a book written from an anthropological perspective about a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered topic.
Two best-selling books by Ruth Benedict:
Patterns of Culture
The Chrysanthemum and the Sword

A celebration of women writers
Digital Library Projects
University of Pennsylvania


The Coquette 2 1925

German Bride 1962


Hannah Hoch

The Freak Child of Tettnang 1516

Aristotle and Phyllis

Hans Burgkmair the Elder

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