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A cow and 2 frogs
"Since you have caught cold." Miss Mousey said,
mmmmmmHeigho, says Rowley!
"I'll sing you a song that I have just made,"
mmmmmmWith a rowley-powley, gammon and spinach,
mmmmmmmmmHeigho, says
Anthony Rowley!
A Group of Children
out for a Ride with Their Teachers
on the Swan Boats on Frog Pond
Willie Holy Frog, Knas-ka-wakan
Holy Frog(left) and Big Turnips
Little Old Man of The Woods
Gradation de la tá́ete de grenouille jusqu'au profil D'Apollon
Frog's Head Rock
Kabuki Frogs
Mammalian egg compared with eggs of such lower animals as a lizard, a frog, and crab
"Since you have caught cold..."
Optical illusion disc with man and frog

Legs of dissected frogs, and various
metallic apparatus used
to measure what was thought to be
electricity flowing in animals (detail)

Tripwire is a site-specific installation responding to the unique relationship between the Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport and downtown San Jose, CA. Custom-built sensors hidden inside coconuts are hung from trees at several public locations to monitor noise produced by overflying aircraft. Detection of excessive aircraft noise triggers automated telephone calls to the airport's complaint line on behalf of the city's residents and wildlife. Documentation of noise incidents is archived for later analysis.

The arsonist of Black Rock City speaks


[Many things about the story are puzzling.]

...we need light

the body.

Her necklace is sparkling, see?
See the sparkle lines?

Wood into gold, "this diamond, this
Kate Greenstreet
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