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Q. What is it about eyeglasses that makes people who wear them get higher IQ scores?

A. It's not the glasses. Studies show nearsighted do better on IQ tests also before they start to wear glasses. The linkage remains unexplained.


And to a stranger seated in the wrong place: "I believe you're occupewing my pie. May I sew you to another sheet?"

Mooner, the span. at Albinism in Popular Culture

There is a great deal of nonsense that has been written about the Mayan long count. It has been claimed (most egregiously, in a Discovery Channel TV series) that it will 'come to an end' in the near future, and along with it will arrive a Mayan apocalypse, a pole shift, earth change, cosmic convergence, whatever. Given the completely cyclic nature of the long count, this is an idiotic characterization. Once any given cycle ends, another begins, endlessly. The full long count is currently only at baktun 12; there are still 8 baktuns (or about three thousand years) before it turns over. The current Katun will increment about ten years from now ( will be on December 21st, 2012). However, there is no reason that date should be any more cosmologically significant than the end of the common era millenium was!

Mayan Calendar at Sacred Texts


There, too, Giselle provided one of his outstanding roles, and he played Albrecht more often than any of the other leading dancers. He also added several other classics to his repertoire, including The Sleeping Beauty, in which he not only took turns to play Prince Florimund but relished the chance to partner Margot Fonteyn in the Rose Adagio.

Alexander Bennett July 27, 1929 - February 15, 2003


APOD-european sunset (digital)


Yair Dalal, born in Iraq, raised in Israel

"What you do with it will be your own responsibility."

Beatriz Pichi Malen

Washington State Univ. world civ. online resources and course materials

John Sumsion

First registrar of the system that pays authors when their books are borrowed from public libraries

THE battle for the Public Lending Right was a particularly bitter one, but thanks not least to the parliamentary expertise of Michael Foot and Hugh Jenkins (Lord Jenkins of Putney), it was placed on the statute book in 1979, with many MPs who should have known better trying to sabotage it.

rights management? intellectual property? timely, in an ex-bellum way, obituary in the Times Online March 22, 2003

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