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"If Joan Didion went crazy, what are the chances for the rest of us? Not so good, except that we have her example to instruct us and sentences we can almost sing."
John Leonard/NYREV-
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The most well-recognized piece of music in the western world may be Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. The opening notes are as instantly recognized as Coca-Cola. But consider the diminutive white-breasted wood wren. Though unknown to most of the human race, its song is delightfully familiar. How comes it that Beethoven and the wood wren are singing the same song? Since the deaf composer presumably did not instruct the shy bird, perhaps the bird influenced him? Or maybe the similarity is proof that birds do in fact sing? Perhaps, but it's necessary sometimes to step back a bit, not presume that we undertand what music is, indeed to let go of the word "music" altogether. From this vantage point, the most obvious fact is that we and wood wren share the same world.
Kieran Suckling/NRDC Action Fund




Not me, not now, but the night I broke my leg I had a goodly bit of wine in, not quite a bottle of, not enough to be causative, but a contributing factor possibly, that and the rotten floor and the bandana tied round my leg to keep the cuffs out of the bike chain that I neglected to remove when I laid down to nap.
Got up to go, went down the hall, made the turn to the bathroom - and there you are.

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