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Mark di Suvero

Chijang, the Guardian of the Earth
Ksitigarbha. Earth-Store Boddhisattva
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Xumishan Caves in Guyuan, Ningxia
Silk Road

(LACMA has withdrawn their online collections for the nonce)

Arts of Asia
Minneapolis Institute of Arts (artsmia)

Buddhist Art of China, Huntington Archive
College of The Arts, Ohio State University

# 1 Labor Personnel Relations.mp3 with Robert Young, Ivan Dixon
# 2 A Good Man's Anger.mp3 with Robert Young, J. Carroll Naish
# 3 Who Is My Neighbor.mp3 with J. Carroll Naish
# 4 Love Children.mp3 with J. Carroll Naish
# 5 Laugh And The World Laughs With You.mp3 with Alan Young, Leon Ames
# 6 A Friend In Need.mp3 with Joseph Cotten
# 7 The Purpose To Live.mp3 with Gene Raymond, Jane Meadows
# 8 Apart From.mp3 with Rosemary DeCamp, Leon Ames
# 9 Farm Couple Adopts.mp3 with Rosemary DeCamp, J. Carroll Naish
#10 Mixed Race.mp3 with Virginia Gregg, Ivan Dixon
#11 Good Samaritan Of The Highway.mp3 with Robert Young, Marvin Miller
#12 Blend Ethnic Background.mp3 with J. Carroll Naish
#13 Boy's Mother Dies.mp3 with Leon Ames
#14 Child Abused.mp3 with Joseph Cotton, Rosemary DeCamp
#15 Kindness And Understanding.mp3 with Alan Young, Marvin Miller
#16 Parents And Juvenile Deliquency.mp3 with J. Carroll Naish

Radio Memories
CHARLIE CHAN starring J Carroll Naish
King of Alcatraz
Dracula vs. Frankenstein


Hibari Misora

Tatami can be fitted in different ways in a room, but number and layout of tatami can bring good or bad fortune. Tatami should not be laid in grid patterns, for example, as this will bring bad luck. The only time this layout can be used is during mourning. Many Japanese shops are designed to be the size of five and half tatami, as this will ensure good fortune, whatever the kind of business it is.

Tatami are very effective at absorbing heat. And they absorb a lot of water from the air. If the atmosphere is dry, the water will evaporate again.

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Hōïchi, unaware that the people around him know the tale all too well from their own experience, starts to recite the story of the battle of Dan-no-ura:

Then Hōïchi lifted up his voice, and chanted the chant of the fight on the bitter sea - wonderfully making his biwa to sound like the straining of the oars and the rushing of ships, the whirr and the hissing of arrows, the shouting and trampling of men, the crashing of steel upon helmets, the plunging of slain in the flood. And to the left and right of him, in the pauses of his playing, he could hear voices murmuring praise: “How marvelous an artist!” - “Never in our province was playing heard like this!” - “Not in all the empire is there another singer like Hōïchi!” Then fresh courage came to him, and he played and sang better than before; and a hush of wonder deepened about him. But when at last he came to tell the fate of the fair and helpless - the piteous perishing of the women and children - and the death-leap of Nii-no-Ama, with the imperial infant in her arms - then all the listeners uttered together one long, long shuddering cry of anguish; and thereafter they wept and wailed so loudly and so wildy that the blind man was frightened by the violence of the grief that he had made.

Biwa page at Things Japanese
part of David van Ooijen's web presence

Avalokiteshvara is the Bodhisattva of the Great Compassion, excepted by all Buddhist traditions and famously known as Kuan Yin [a feminine form] by the Chinese. His vast vows is to deliver all sentient beings from falling into evil states and lead them towards salvation or enlightenment. He is mostly represented by the seed mantra OM MANI PADME HUM ["Hail the jewel in the lotus!"].

Moving in all realms of existence, he tirelessly relieving beings from suffering. In Jewel Casket Array Sutra [Karandavyuha], he descended into the dark hells of Lord Yama and emits jets of magical water from the fingers of his thousands arms, to wipe out the burning flames of molten iron and with His great compassion, elevate beings into higher states of existence, like the human and devas worlds.

Horim Museum
Metal Art Gallery

Mandala of the Benefactor
Protective Deities
Mirrors of The Heart-Mind
Online Exhibitions of the Huntington Archive, Ohio State University

Avalokitésvara (Guanyin), the Bodhisattva of Mercy

The Picket Fence
George Bellows
Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester


the search engine at the Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester is a darn good one

Jim Dine
Rainbow Faucet

Smithsonian American Art Museum

July 2003 Object of the Month
Science Museum of Minnesota


GLOW -- Rendova Island, Solomon Islands
GLOWWORM -- Piaanu Pass, Truk, Caroline Islands
GLYPTIC -- Premier Joseph Stalin
GNATS -- Sibutu Passage, P.I.
GNOSTIC -- Daril Creek, New Guinea
GOALPOST -- Port Lyautey, French Morocco
GOBLET -- Operations against Crotone Area, Italy
GOCART -- Asiet, New Guinea
GOGMAGOG -- Waigeo Island, New Guinea
GOLD -- D-Day Beaches (Europe)
GOLDBERG -- Mt. Langla, New Britain
GOLDBRICK -- Mt. Talawe, New Britain
GOLDEN -- Pucio Point, Panay Island, P.I.
GOLDENBOUGH -- Sorong, New Guinea

Glossary of U.S. Naval Code Words


Untitled (House)
Kimura Shigeru

Hara Shobo Japanese Prints
selections from Yoshitoshi's Tsuki hyakushi (One hundred phases of the moon)
esp. Kinuta no tsuki (Cloth-pounding moon)

Nijubashi in the Morning

Kawase Hasui
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Japanese Art
LACMA shogunate

Their nest disappears unexpectedly,
because a trunk is snapped off under the weight of snow.
Still it keeps on snowing.
Winter season in HOKKAIDO is long.
As the hardness of nature, they live hard with their little bodies.
I want to yell with a loud voice

Lying in Wait

attributed to Ogasawara Issai
LACMA Collections Online

Demon Queller

Sesson Muromachi period
Kyoto National Museum


It was Dorothy Parker who, referring to one of Katharine Hepburn's stage performances, made the notorious witticism about her running "the gamut of emotions from A to B".

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Katharine Hepburn was one of the glories of the American cinema. Even if, in her final performances, her taut skin and famously high cheekbones had started to lend her facial features the appearance of a death's-head (she would have made a wonderfully convincing Karen Blixen), and the Parkinson's-like tremors with which she was afflicted had become increasingly visible, there remained about her presence what one can only describe as a "sheen". No one who saw her in her heyday will ever forget that potent fusion of droll, spoilt-child petulance with incomparably glamorous pose and self-assurance.

Gilbert Adair Independent UK 01 July 2003

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