these are the timesdirty beloved


One is driven near frantic with all to do that must needs be done and then a moment's pause amidst the field of wires, yes and apple trees, fencing tool in hand and glove, resting what now seems a young man's arm upon the accomplished task. Though then the age I was seemed central and precisely there, neither young nor old.
So much was hidden still yet to be made clear, including life in other forms and beings with other names and places where dragons' heads - really - were carted in to await processing and set design, and fences built to keep Bambi away from the Ewoks.
All true, and all vanished into a quarter century of steady-as-we-go.
And here to this now I put these more or less more experienced fingers and hands onto these far more cunning wires, to say, dear Boynton, I too as well was once caught by the camera in a moment's leisure in the midst of who knows what, but there it is.
70 acres of smooth-wire trellising, down rows and rows of dwarf-apple trees, the style of wire imported from New Zealand, and very popular in Australia we were given to understand.

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