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Photochromatic glimpses into the 19th century at db annex.
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Quixotic victory

"Blogging is fun again. With powerful privacy controls that give you control over who views your words, photos, videos, and audio, you'll never have to worry about who's reading your blog. And with Vox's hundreds of beautiful designs that can be enabled with just a few clicks, you can spend less time working on your site and more time keeping up with the people you care about. Better still, Vox gives you seemless access to the popular web services you already use, such as Amazon, YouTube, Flickr, Photobucket, and iFilm. The bottom line: Vox makes sharing your life with friends and family easy, entertaining, and safe."


Hello Google
"Google Custom Search Engine"
Google Custom Search Engine
also this promising addition to the Google news search engine:
archive search
with a timeline


My Name

...the great distances open above me, and wondered
what I would become and where I would find myself,
and though I barely existed, I felt...

Mark Strand
Poetry Daily 23.Oct.06

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