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I'm very slow at this, but compulsive once I start.

Download all nine of Beethoven's symphonies here for the week after they are broadcast. All the symphonies are performed by BBC Philharmonic, conducted by Gianandrea Noseda.
Symphonies 1 & 3 will be broadcast on Monday 6th June, and available to download from Tuesday 7th June to Monday 13th June.
Symphony 9 will be broadcast on Thursday 30th June, and available to download from Friday 1st July to Thursday 7th July.
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Todo Cambia

...Cambia el clima con los años
cambia el pastor su rebaño
y así como todo cambia
que yo cambie no es extraño

Cambia el mas fino brillante
de mano en mano su brillo
cambia el nido el pajarillo
cambia el sentir un amante

Cambia el rumbo el caminante
aunque esto le cause daño
y así como todo cambia
que yo cambie no extraño

Cambia todo cambia
Cambia todo cambia
Cambia todo cambia
Cambia todo cambia...

Mercedes Sosa
Carolina Vigna-Maru


Anna Swan and Martin Van Buren Bates, her husband

“Stand tall, lass, and be proud of your highland ancestry.”

At 15 years old, Anna stood well over seven feet. She moved to an aunt’s home on Willow Street in Truro to attend the Normal School, which later became the Teacher’s College. Unfortunately, she was not happy in Truro. The townspeople would follow her around in the streets, she did not feel comfortable at her aunt’s house, and she missed her family. Out of frustration, Anna went back home to New Annan within a few months, but she did find a way to further her education...

Anna Swan “The Tallest Woman in the World”

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"And everyday, this: A word to make you serve, and one to make you grateful for it. There is a label out there just for you. This will make you easier to catergorize, and sell to. There is a word for the man next to you that makes you comfortable with the fact that you have so much more than he does. There is a word for you that tells you what to settle for.

There are the voiceless, who cannot speak for themselves. These are the easiest ones to shrink down. There are words for the non-conformers, simple words that can be quickly acknowledged by those that buy in. Crazy. Faggot. Gang. Rich. One is sinful, one is lazy, one is violent by nature and one is always, always good enough.

It’s such a precious thing that no one wants you to have it. You can’t be trusted with it. It’s such a delicate thing that it turns to something different in different hands. They might bury it but you can dig it up. You are strong enough for the Truth."
excerpt from Chris Mars
Artist Statement at Copro Nason - Radiant Dreams
An Appeal For Self Defense
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Olan Mills Revisited
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