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The Nomoi

...I came to my own door. I found my way
from room to room in darkness,
drawing the bolts as they existed
in my mind, triangulating the threshold
from the distance between my hands.

I found my love asleep
and now I lie beside her, touching her hair
cautiously, explaining...
D. Nurkse
Poetry Daily
"through the roots of the great chords"
A thrilling poem, astonishing.


If You Should Care For Me

mmmmmmmmmm...mix a brew of horse
manure, of menstrual blood and soil dug from
a dead love's grave.
mmmmmmmmm The moths flew from their mouths.
We heard them say you too shall one day be
like us.
Lacy Schutz
Verse Daily


The Library of Congress Digital Catalog search engine is down, or missing, or broken or something, so I have no idea what, or when, this is.
Mr. E.H. Maxwell, inventor, displaying his lynx-eyed fire ferret, a fire extinguisher, at the National Safety Congress, in the Stevens Hotel, Chicago, Illinois


He wasn't Egypt's most powerful or important king, but his staggering treasures, rumors of a mysterious curse that plagued Carter and his team — debunked by experts long ago...
Those would be "experts" in mysterious curses. Busy guys these days.

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