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"The simplest case of a mistake was one I heard on the radio recently by an artist who had been brought into one of a series of programmes on numbers. In the one on the Golden Section he went on to describe the spiral in the Golden Section rectangle. This is not an easy thing to do on the radio."
The Myth Of The Nautilus Shell
Spirals and the Golden Section
John Sharp
Nexus Network Journal


December Night

The cold slope is standing in darkness
But the south of the trees is dry to the touch

The heavy limbs climb into the moonlight bearing feathers
I came to watch these
White plants older at night
The oldest
Come first to the ruins

And I hear magpies kept awake by the moon
The water flows through its
Own fingers without end

Tonight once more
I find a single prayer and it is not for men

~W.S. Merwin

laureate of the Golden Crown of the Struga Poetry Evenings
poem at terrapoetica
The Creation of the Moon
Anonymous Caxinua, Amazon
translated by W.S. Merwin
Merwin at the Academy of American Poets

Bruce McCandless II

APOD/Astronomy Picture of the Day
LHEA at NASA/GSFC & Michigan Tech.U.


"Staged in three acts, Car Folk involves a series of interventions at traffic intersections of exclusive neighborhoods in Johannesburg, South Africa. Dressed in a light blue uniform, wearing large brooms as shoes, and prosthetic teeth, she solicits reactions from people passing by and engages in a series of three acts..."
Car Folk Series
"Over the course of two months, complimentary manicures and pedicures are offered to interested participants in Joubert Park. A wide variety of participants accept the services and include the unemployed, the underemployed, the homeless, park photographers and various workers from the neighborhood."
In The Service Of Her Hands And Feet
Mara Verna

Big Birdto(detail)

Eliza Griffiths
Eliza Griffiths
at Katherine Mulherin

Someone in the world is the least mutant human of all.
Armand Leroi
The answer is better science, better reporting about science, and bravery.
James J. O'Donnell, ibid.
A Talk with Armand Leroi

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