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Pentateuch of Printing with a Chapter on Judges
William Blades

Old Books
"Scanned images and text from antiquarian books; pictures of castles, and some odd texts; various dictionaries; texts about some Mediaeval prices."
Liam Quin

hispanic universe estimates


"... air that laughs..."

Wislawa Szymborska

Literature of Poverty

PovertyNet Home
World Bank Group

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All favela links space and culture

Tio Souza says that living in legitimate—if crumbling (the water system for his apartment block hasn’t worked for twenty years)—housing is an improvement over the favelas: "[In Padre Miguel] we have rights—we are real people."

Favela Faces
the stories behind the faces of four people living in or around the favelas of Rio de Janeiro

One of our most successful and requested tours is the "Favela Rocinha Tour", a 3-hour tour through the largest slum in South America. It is a perfectly safe tour and the community welcomes visitors. Other exciting programs are: hang-gliding from 1500ft cliff, ultralight flights, paragliding, sailing trips, and diving. And for those who might be interested, we also have a voodoo tour.
exotic tours, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Favela Rocinha Tourism Workshop

Favela Chic
with bounce

Fábio Sombra

Favela Tour

Urban freeflow

Barcelona: What I´ve Learned So Far

1.Everyone smokes in Barcelona - the chefs smoke as they deliver food to the front counter, the waiters smoke as they serve the food up onto plates for you, customers light up while they wait in delis, babies puff on cubans in their prams. You wake to the hacking coughs of birds.

Invisible Shoebox

space and culture

"My soul's in there."


She puts the tip of her finger in between the bars of the cage. Arnold pokes at it with his beak. "Inside that little yellow body. When Arnold flutters his wings, my stomach grows unsettled. He contains my essence."

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