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"We say that there is no reason to use --pedantic; it is just there to satisfy pedants who would otherwise say, "This isn't really an ANSI C compiler!"
Some GNU utilities such as df and du do not follow the POSIX spec unless you set the environment variable POSIXLY_CORRECT. Normally GNU df and du print disk space figures in units of k. POSIX says to print disk space figures in units of 512 bytes. If you set POSIXLY_CORRECT, GNU df and du do that. (My original plan was to name it POSIX_ME_HARDER.)"

Richard Stallman

interviewed by Federico Biancuzzi
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You Are Worth Many Sparrows

...even Jesus believed
they were meaningless—

and how they clawed at my fingers,
beating their half-finished wings....

Philip Memmer
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...who pulls the rag
between his fingers as Bernadette
did her hair, such gentleness and grace
in the scoop and swish and America —

Claudia Keelan
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Illustration to Milton's
'On the Morning of Christ's Nativity' (1757)to(detail)

William Blake
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...the restless hand as porter's broom,
the Nile of touch as postcard of the sea...

Anne Rouse
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An experiment!
In Music!
password: banger

Elvis Costello/Jimmy Cliff - SevenDayWeekend
George Michael - RoundHere
Sleater-Kinney - All_Hands_On_The_Bad_One
John Fahey - Gaucho
Sleepy John Estes - Floating Bridge
Sabotage would be so easy I don't think it will appeal to any but the most childish and warped, in which case it's so public ...well... you might want to imagine yourself doing whatever you're doing with an audience - a big one.
So here's some mp3's which came from places I'll dig up the links to any minute now.

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