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I haven't figured out why Flickr bothers me. It doesn't bother me a lot, but enough I don't think about using it, or rather, when I do think about using it I don't.
So the default here, which is the somewhat lossy transfer of images into the great archival womb of Google.
I never use Photoshop.
The histogram function and once in a while the rotate-image function, almost always in Photofiltre. The majority of manipulation is cropping and that gets done in Xnview.
These are photos I took yesterday.
I take a lot of photos. Except for the flag and pyramid ones that show up at Informant38 I don't do anything with them. Which has created a carbuncle of hermetic guilt this is an attempt to relieve.
These four images are religious because I took three of them at the Spanish-Californiano mission here, and one on the way into downtown, where the mission is, at an other much-photographed church.
I was an altar boy at the mission when I was very young. It's changed dramatically and subtly in a lot of ways, though the basic architecture hasn't. Certainly the liturgy from what I know of it has been altered past immediate recognition.
If I had gone to the local university instead and spent an hour taking pictures there the images would have reflected that, being of books in the library stacks and the students, almost all of them children of Los Angeles, probably.

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