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Troy Dalton -- Painting & Drawing
{California responds to Odd Nerdrum with one of our own}

Hannah Hunter - At the Edge of Words

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Robert Pengelly
{the rare envy of my life to be able to do this. the technical ability alone is a career for most artists, add then the complexity of vision and wit.....

Robert Else - Painting “Part of the function of landscape artists is to provide an historical, visual record of their times. I believe this should be done without sentimentality but positively and enthusiastically, recognizing the continuing marvel of nature and at the same time understanding if not accepting the threats to its survival.” -- Robert Else

Sheldon Greenberg

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–k�ÖŠÙ Hokusai. (the wave). he did a lot more than that. this is a museum devoted to his work. in Japanese

Portrait of Thomas Craven Stanton McDonald-Wright's main man

Vanguard Records What's New
An all-star line-up of artists including John Fogerty, Nick Lowe, Richard Thompson, Linda Ronstadt, David Johansen, Linda Thompson, Rodney Crowell, Maria McKee, and Patty Griffin pay homage to Cajun culture, singing entirely in French, on this Vanguard compilation. Produced by Ann Savoy, a musician, author and folklorist for Cajun music.


Tellnes i 50 år På grunn av utviklingen i samfunnet generelt er mange gårder blitt nedlagt. Det er ikke lenger lønnsomt, eller nødvendig med gårdsdrift


T h e R e d T e l e p h o n e | b i o "You either play music because you want to move people, or you play music because you want to move units," adds Pat. "About the time we knew that things were going down the shitter with Warner, we all perked up and went, 'Wait a minute - this doesn't matter!' Going through all that stuff helped us realize who we really are, and I think CELLAR SONGS will give people a good taste of what The Red Telephone really is."

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