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Red Cloud
Tatanka Ptieela (Short Bull)
June 20 1900
The Temple of Heaven where the Emperor worships at the solstices
Suffragettes, 6/2/20
Mobility keynotes modern warfare
Eric Sevareid (left) receives flowers from Italian peasant as fellow journalist, Newbold Noyes, looks on.
June 20, 1944

Love on rose-colored wings
Rosa Ponselle


America Adventure (Western Scene)
Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park 2005
Chinese Amusement Parks
Misty Keasler


To the song of two New Zealand birds is opposed "the abyss", with its pedal-notes for the trombones and the resonance of tam-tams. To the cries of the Brazilian Araponga is opposed "the coloured ecstasy" of pedal points. The work ending no differently from the way it began, but turning on itself like a rose-window of flamboyant and invisible colours.
Oliver Messiaen

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