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It begins like this, the thinnest edge of another world appears in a humdrum street, the greater sky begins to break through, too bright for your earth-simple eyes, angels, small as bees on the wing, unnoticed by all but the mad, the old, and the very young, whiz through scenes of mundane atrocity, taking quick unarguable witness.

Radio Sonidera
Like the spontaneous music of the original Jamaican reggae DJs of the 1970s, the process of making la música sonidera is an intrinsic part of its identity. It is created by charismatic DJs, the sonideros, such as Posada's mentor, famed veteran DJ Ramón Rojo-- Sonido La Changa. The sonideros perform in Mexican cities, especially in Mexico City's teeming colonias, as peripheral neighborhoods are known, and increasingly in U.S. cities.
Posada says much of his playlist is recordings of sonideros' concerts. The DJs interact with the audience as they speak over tunes, rhyming, cracking jokes or intoning fans' names. A danceable cumbia or salsa track is mixed with other sounds, everything from electronica to rap. On-air, Posada himself plays the role of sonidero.
The concerts are often burned onto CDs as they are performed. After the show, the CDs are sold "like tortillas, except more expensive," Posada says. In turn, the recordings are copied and re-copied by fans.
The quick digital dissemination of the music, in a musical subculture that has little use for copyrights, means sonideros can even facilitate transnational communication. A DJ in Mexico will often give a "shout out" to an audience member's relative living in Los Angeles or another U.S. city. As he lays down the tracks, the DJ will sometimes say, appropriating an expression often used in a derogatory way: "This one's going out mojado-style, (wetback-style), across the border."
Macelo Ballve/ Pacific News Service Dec.19.03

EasyRGB is an inspiration.

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Happy 60th Birthday
Keith Richards
Living Proof


Kshitigarbha (Chijang), the Guardian of the Earth

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Miroku, the Bodhisasttva of the Future
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William Maxwell, nearing 90

Every now and then, in my waking moments, and especially when I am in the country, I stand and look hard at everything.
—lengthy excerpt and heartfelt praise at Danger Blog! Dec.16.03

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By The Road

When I moved to Montana from New York, I’d thought I was going back to some earlier and better version of America, to an Ansel Adams photograph suspended in time. Of course, Montana isn’t like that, nor (as far as I know) is anywhere else. Nowadays, the particular nuttiness of the age surges everywhere instantly, like a magnetic field. Sometimes half the drop-offs at local U-Haul rental places come from California, and whenever upheaval happens there—an earthquake, a riot—the number of refugees seems to go up. A lot of people in Montana aren’t so much living there as they are not living somewhere else.

Ian Frazier/The New Yorker Dec.15.03
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Paradise Engineering

A pretty much somewhat androgynous portrait of Jeff Bridges by I.V. Passmore who purports to be his friend.
Alexander Passmore,
sharing the same site, is an accomplished artist in his own right.
the watercolor index is long and filled with impressive works in that difficult medium

The legs are crunchy and fibrous, the head contains soft white meat and the abdomen is filled with...

VitaminQ Dec.06.03

Gelada thumbs are more opposite their fingers than in any other Old World primate - they have the most highly developed precision grip, due to their need to pluck grass for food. Researchers have theorized that early hominids were also small object feeders, similar to geladas...

Gelada Facts
Mindy's Memory Primate Sanctuary
"Although we answer the need of primates released from research facilities, the majority of our rescued monkeys are from abuse, neglect or abandonment by the private pet sector. Therefore, the sanctuary does not support the idea of exotics as pets."

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three previously unknown hymns of Sir Edward Elgar discovered by the rock musician Manfred Mann.

from Come In, Kansas City. Kansas City, Come In, Please.

...the wide rivers are so fine no one crosses them:
they unroll like sheets of Reynolds Wrap before it's slathered with apple crumb betty pie.
The good folk camp on the banks like trees
and watch the shining republic of desire...

Cal Bedient
Poetry Daily

Scudding before a Heavy Westerly Gale off the Cape, Lat. 44 deg.
Augustus Earle
Traveler's Art

Elizabeth Durack 1915 - 2000

REBECCA HOSACK: Yes. I think that she had extraordinary experiences with Aboriginal people as a young girl. I mean she used to tell me that she would sometimes the Aboriginals on the station would say, 'Come with me'. And they would go - she would go walking for three weeks not knowing when she was going to come back. I think as an older woman she - and as an artist - starting extrapolating from those experiences. And I think the persona of Eddie Burrup freed her up.

MATT PEACOCK: Did you discuss this with her at all?

REBECCA HOSACK: Oh, I mean we talked about it a lot. And I think part of the reason of doing the show we both felt that it was important to open the debate. But there should be a debate that's honest. It shouldn't be vicious. It shouldn't be rebarbative. If you are not going to be cross with her for crossing gender barriers - which no one is - you know, perhaps why should we be cross with her crossing race barriers? She did have a lot of experience, genuine experience, perhaps more than many white people I know - most white people I know - with Aboriginal people.
Australian Broadcast Company interview

The Art of Eddie Burrup

Children's lives
Beyond the Picket Fence
National Library of Australia Online Exhibitions

from a search for Ruby Lindsay

who died in the Spanish Influenza epidemic following World War 1, at the age of 22.
She came from an artistic family.

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