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I travel in your head

Let us consider Daniil Kharms, the Russian writer often described as an absurdist, largely unpublished in his lifetime except for his children’s books, who starved to death in the psychiatric ward of a Soviet hospital during the siege of Leningrad, having been put there by the Stalinist government for, among other reasons, his general strangeness.
Daniil Karms via George Saunders and the NYT


When virtue's path his sons refuse.

Eye Contact

...which, unlike bees,

watch over us with their swan-like
necks and open their eyes at the right time
What's so great about the way the papers
blow through alleyways in the evening
like deflated rats? As if pride...
Craig Morgan Teicher
Verse Daily


Zhang Lin Hai
Schoeni Art Gallery
via la maine gauche

Straight Life The Movie
hand-made movie by Art Pepper's wife Laurie

The Willard Suitcase Exhibit Online


"...lamps, clothing, a bone-china teacup and saucer, hundreds of photos, her nursing diploma, citizenship papers and a pair of ice skates. Suffering from TB herself, and stressed over a series of illnesses and deaths among her loved ones, she was brought to Willard in 1941 without ever having seen a psychiatrist on the basis of complaints that she 'annoys people' and felt persecuted. On her way to the ward Margaret, 48, said she felt 'like a fly in a spider web.' She died there 32 years later."
Tales from the attic at the Willard Psychiatric Center in Romulus, N.Y. in the NYT

6.12.07’s a soundproof booth, and the inside of it is kind of this sacred space. When you go inside, you close the door. You’re in Grand Central terminal, and it’s completely silent. The lights are low. And you sit across from, say, your grandmother for forty minutes, and you talk. And most people ask the big life questions, like “What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life?” or “How do you want to be remembered?” “What did your mom sing to you when you were a kid?”

And then, at the end of forty minutes, two CDs have been burned. One goes home with you, and the other stays with us and goes to the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress to become part of an oral history of America.
StoryCorps at Democracy Now!


Blasphemers, using, in both instances, bears:

originating path link McLemee/CT


Tread-softly (Cnidoscolus stimulosus)

...I can't swim,
So I'll just walk: bramble, spike,
And blame, without a single quenching

Drop of dew. Not a field — a ravine —
I mean a raving: You.
Sarah Hannah
Verse Daily


"All of the believers are shown to be cruel, horrible men who do things such as kidnap children and murder people," McCaffrey said. "They perform torture on a mass scale - all to keep everybody oppressed and under this fake God."
CNSNews article on Catholic boycott of Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass, in which Pullman's quoted out of context in order to make him appear basically Satanic, basically.
Philip Pullman's website:

His Dark Materials seems to be against organised religion. Do you believe in God?
I don't know whether there's a God or not. Nobody does, no matter what they say. I think it's perfectly possible to explain how the universe came about without bringing God into it, but I don't know everything, and there may well be a God somewhere, hiding away.

Actually, if he is keeping out of sight, it's because he's ashamed of his followers and all the cruelty and ignorance they're responsible for promoting in his name. If I were him, I'd want nothing to do with them.


Here's Jason Kottke's putrid little "Shorpy" writ black against the night, and all the greed contained therein large and contrasted in proof.
And I'd like to say "fuck you all" in all sincerity, seriously and completely. Scammy worthless assholes.

The whole realm of staged (to whatever extent), yet true photography, which commonly is perceived as "pictures from the real", is manipulated to some extent even without the extensive use of Photoshop: think of Justine Kurland, Taryn Simon, Jeff Wall, Gregory Crewdson, most of all view camera portraiture and so on. Even composing an image from various photographs taken in different locations is not really new – although it has become easier with digital tools. Coming back to US orthodoxy, maybe, for example, Robert Frank and Garry Winogrand were perceived as being not so manipulative. But how does that orthodoxy work with, say, Richard Avedon, or Duane Michals?

Having said this, I think this is a hollow debate. Whereas I myself prefer to work in the realm of "straight" photography – meaning not to photograph or manipulate digitally – I think it doesn't really matter if you do it or not. As long as the final image is good and not self-indulging the technical process ("how the hell is it done?"), I think the new tools just add to the possibilities of photography as a medium.
A Conversation with Kai-Olaf Hesse
Jörg Colberg/Conscientious


Chipmunk Squirrel Costume Party
Jason Bredle
Verse Daily

Because ultra high energy cosmic rays are so rare and because their extrapolated directions are so imprecise, no progenitor objects have ever been unambiguously implied. New results from Auger, however, indicate


The Nomoi

...I came to my own door. I found my way
from room to room in darkness,
drawing the bolts as they existed
in my mind, triangulating the threshold
from the distance between my hands.

I found my love asleep
and now I lie beside her, touching her hair
cautiously, explaining...
D. Nurkse
Poetry Daily
"through the roots of the great chords"
A thrilling poem, astonishing.


If You Should Care For Me

mmmmmmmmmm...mix a brew of horse
manure, of menstrual blood and soil dug from
a dead love's grave.
mmmmmmmmm The moths flew from their mouths.
We heard them say you too shall one day be
like us.
Lacy Schutz
Verse Daily


The Library of Congress Digital Catalog search engine is down, or missing, or broken or something, so I have no idea what, or when, this is.
Mr. E.H. Maxwell, inventor, displaying his lynx-eyed fire ferret, a fire extinguisher, at the National Safety Congress, in the Stevens Hotel, Chicago, Illinois


He wasn't Egypt's most powerful or important king, but his staggering treasures, rumors of a mysterious curse that plagued Carter and his team — debunked by experts long ago...
Those would be "experts" in mysterious curses. Busy guys these days.



Dolly Parton wrote "I Will Always Love You" for Porter Wagoner.
Porter Wagoner wrote "A Satisfied Mind" and "Albert Erving", among many other fine songs.
Mr. Wagoner riled country traditionalists in 1979 by inviting James Brown, the ”Godfather of Soul,” to the Opry.


Record of longings forgotten

Although the Iraqi Muslim scientist Ibn al-Haitham was the first to experiment with camera obscura, Shen Kuo was the first to apply geometrical and quantitative attributes to the camera obscura, just several decades after Ibn al-Haitham's death. Using a fitting metaphor, Shen compared optical image inversion to an oarlock and waisted drum.

The winter is not too sad, say it


I first saw Kitaj's "Where The Railroad Leaves The Sea" in 1976 and it knocked my socks off.
via wood s lot


red iron sun


...of an ancient lordly time, deposited
under the bleachers like leftover lumber and puzzling
for all of these years at the alien rituals of crush and cheer
and of treasure beyond any hieroglyphic...
Albert Goldbarth at Poetry Daily



Most Popular Baby Boy Name this century:
This biblical boys name comes from Genesis 25. Abraham had a son Isaac. Isaac and his wife rebekah had twins. They named the first baby boy Esau and the second baby boy was named Jacob. He was to go on an become the father of the Jewish nation. Not unusual but still a good name!
Names in religious thought

Names are attributed added significance in traditional Jewish sources.

Biblical names

In the Old Testament, we find that names of individuals are meaningful. Adam is named after the "earth" (Adama) from which he was created. (Genesis 2)
A change of name indicates a change of status. For example, the patriarch "Abram" is renamed "Abraham" before he is blessed with children. His wife, "Sarai" is similarly renamed "Sarah." (Genesis 17)

Talmudic attitudes

The Babylonian Talmud maintains that names exert an influence over their bearers:
From where do we know that a name has a causal effect ("shama garim"). Says Rabbi Elazar: the verse says, (Psalms 46:9) "Go see the works of God, who puts desolation (shamot) in the earth." Read not "desolation" but "names" (shemot).

The Unusual Baby Boy Names Site
Unique, Unusual and Biblical Baby Names

link via boynton

desiree dolron


a royal flush
Lessing's The Grandmothers was a great comfort in a trying time


Paste Magazine has it all including for now
a stream of Lee Ann Rimes' powerful new record, Family

Johnathan Rice - Further North Press Conference

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Carole King has accepted an invitation to testify before the U.S. House of Representatives Natural Resources Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands at a hearing on the Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act (NREPA) H.R.1975 in Washington, DC October 18, 2007.


Isolated Building Studies
via things

Bryan Finoki on Glenn Weynant, Anta Project barrier-cellist.

The Anta Project
an enhanced sound collage compiled from covert performances utilizing modified chop sticks and a cello bow to play the steel wall, barbed wire fences and assorted ephemera that separates the United States from Mexico in the Sonoran Desert.

Agent Orange:

American veterans sued seven of the producing firms (a.o. Dow Chemicals), and the parties finally agreed on a compensation payment of 180 million $ US (of which 100 million went to the lawyers).
Jan Banning


"Dad's Gonna Kill Me"
Richard Thompson bows to the Amazon gods, then sings a most aptly driven contemporary topical song with a pointedly barbed and meaningful title.
RT on Huffington in February 07

"...described the living space as little more than 'an area with stuff in it.'"



scientific equipment and peculiar substances

Another amazing hole at Damn Interesting



Marcel Marceau had the only speaking part in Mel Brooks' "Silent Movie", the single word "Non".

in the quiet Dilkusha area of Lucknow

their small, still relative.


Stag Beetle

...hatch and sip
sweet juices of rotting oak,
willow, apple, and cherry...
Karen Harryman
Verse Daily



sacred and profane beauty:

Cyrine Abdelnour - Law Bas Fe Aini
Myriam Fares - Nadini

Tarantella Calabrese-youtube
somehow followed from Ditty Bops-you tube
which followed directly from SmudgeofAshenFluff



New Garden

Walk away, he said, and do not scream.
And I was twenty, home in the spring,

when I saw my first,
coiled by the tiger lilies...
Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers
Poetry Daily


"It's a nice story but there's nothing underneath it. I don't want to be bothered with stuff where there's nothing underneath."
Madeleine L'Engle, who has just died at the age of 88, on Harry Potter.

Res Est Sacra Miser


Ma Jun
via Vitro Nasu

floordrobe n. A pile of discarded clothes on the floor of a person's room.

"If I admitted that those stories were true, people would say, 'There's the greatest scoundrel unhung,' and if I denied 'em they'd say, 'There's the greatest liar on earth," so I just say nothing"
Frank James
Jesse James (III)
The Ballad Index

"Cigarettes and food was all you thought about."
Prisoners of War: A Story of Four American Soldiers
Vermont Folklife Center Radio
Vermont Folklife Center


Film production crew with large fans producing windstorm scene on the set of "The Grape of Wrath"[sic] 1939 or 1940 (detail)

Meanwhile, back in the jungle

"As one of the first dissection animals experienced in comparative anatomy laboratory, fetal or embryonic pigs are very well studied because their development and organ systems reasonably parallel human development."

...out of a potato and some beans...


"...bequeathed to me when they went back to Japan" says Momus

“Soy un amigo de Allen Ginsberg”


A climbing move which looks like a small child climbing up to the kitchen counter. Hand(s) are on ledge, one foot comes up, as you rock over one hand with your elbow locked.
Upwardly mobile
Climbing trees, and reading about them, is back in fashion.


A cow and 2 frogs
"Since you have caught cold." Miss Mousey said,
mmmmmmHeigho, says Rowley!
"I'll sing you a song that I have just made,"
mmmmmmWith a rowley-powley, gammon and spinach,
mmmmmmmmmHeigho, says
Anthony Rowley!
A Group of Children
out for a Ride with Their Teachers
on the Swan Boats on Frog Pond
Willie Holy Frog, Knas-ka-wakan
Holy Frog(left) and Big Turnips
Little Old Man of The Woods
Gradation de la tá́ete de grenouille jusqu'au profil D'Apollon
Frog's Head Rock
Kabuki Frogs
Mammalian egg compared with eggs of such lower animals as a lizard, a frog, and crab
"Since you have caught cold..."
Optical illusion disc with man and frog

Legs of dissected frogs, and various
metallic apparatus used
to measure what was thought to be
electricity flowing in animals (detail)

Tripwire is a site-specific installation responding to the unique relationship between the Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport and downtown San Jose, CA. Custom-built sensors hidden inside coconuts are hung from trees at several public locations to monitor noise produced by overflying aircraft. Detection of excessive aircraft noise triggers automated telephone calls to the airport's complaint line on behalf of the city's residents and wildlife. Documentation of noise incidents is archived for later analysis.

The arsonist of Black Rock City speaks


[Many things about the story are puzzling.]

...we need light

the body.

Her necklace is sparkling, see?
See the sparkle lines?

Wood into gold, "this diamond, this
Kate Greenstreet
Verse Daily


Ajax13 Web2.0
via Stan Schroeder at frantic industries




...and score the slips, on book, flash-lit, within
the quiet pitch of the wings. Your speeches all
are memorized. All things are not just things...
Michael Quattrone
Verse Daily


road 55
arja katariina hyytiainen
via conscientious

into that unmapped country:

It is much more true, however partial and unsatisfactory, to say that the book concerns a hybrid experience of time
from Luc Sante's warm friendly and respectful January 11, 2007 review of Against The Day in the NYRB


Max Roach links:

Darcy James Argue's Secret Society: Dr. Free-Zee
» Blog Archive » “YOU CAN’T WRITE THE SAME BOOK TWICE”: Max Roach (1924-2007)
The Rawking Refuses To Stop! :: When I said I wanted to be your blog
Locust St.
ANABlog: RIP, Max
DO THE MATH: Max Roach (1924-2007)
Darcy James Argue's Secret Society: RIP Max Roach
exhumed ephemera

links fixed:

Jake Baddeley
via Ten Dreams, whose gallery pages don't link out
The Creatrix
Mark Ryden at Beinart

"You are here to fix the price of the marriage bed!" roared Associate Defense Attorney John Graham, in a speech so packed with quotations from Othello, Judaic history and Roman law that it lasted two days and later appeared as a book.
quoted in bio of Teresa Bagioli at Wikipedia
via bio of Daniel Sickles, ibid.
via bio of Antonio Bagioli, ibid.


World Clock
All jenen, denen die Welt morgens noch nicht grau und triest genug erscheint kann ich nur wärmstens World Clock emphelen.
via Schienriese



...ambitious robin keeps his shrewd ear low,
and hears the dew

vanish, the shade
steal, the cat
mouse, the grass
cover the worm.
The crow hears lies, lies, lies, and cries
out curses. Nighthawk hears the crow's
lyrical soul.
The mockingbird hears comedy
in all this.
The dove hears pain...
Jenny Mueller
Verse Daily


Princess Rajah performs an "Oriental" or belly dance, and a balancing chair act in her teeth like that often found in folk performances in various cultures from Northern Africa to Greece.
Neil Young busking at Glasgow Central Railway Station, Scotland, 1976.


2048 songs of protest as of this moment at
Living With War Today


Laurie Simmons:

The Music of Regret (Meryl)
The Music of Regret IV
at Sperone Westwater
Momus has a cleanly rendered anti-HelmutNewton piece up
Part 1 in a series on suicide by me


Bo Diddley, mp3s
and a transcendant video clip from the Ed Sullivan show in 1955
at the hard-working boogie-woogie flu


Nothing in the Times would even suggest, naturally, that Theresa Duncan had been, or felt she had been, and testified to having been, testified that she had been harassed and intimidated by a dangerous and very powerful man who was conscienceless. There's nothing to suggest anything other than the superficial story as delivered in the news available - she left a note, he left a note, they're gone.
But in loyalty to what she was and did here, in this big after-school hang-out where we knew each other as similar creatures, it needs to be brought forward.
She was funny and cute and harsh and intimidating in a big-city way. Now she's gone.
This was for her.

boogeyman not so bad > people to avoid in san francisco > World Famous Bushman > Christian Cyclists of America > Creation Museum > Ave Maria



7 Means of Movement at Locust St.
music, explication, images, anecdotes, erudite, ongoing

Bob Dylan has 86934 friends

mmmThe world belongs to those who take it
Anna Elizabeth Dickinson
As a result of her extraordinary efforts she was nicknamed the "Joan of Arc" of the Union cause and honored with having been the only woman up to that time to be invited to speak before Congress where President and Mrs. Lincoln were in attendance.
After the Civil War she fought for voting rights, but unlike Elizabeth Stanton and Susan B. Anthony who devoted their energies in support of women’s rights, Anna sided with suffrage for African American men. At the height of her lecturing career she made as much as $20,000 a year, more than Mark Twain was getting at the time.
After she was ridiculed for her appearance as Hamlet, Dickinson retired from the stage.
In 1888, at the invitation of the Republican National Committee she returned to the platform, but her rhetorical gifts had diminished and she proved an embarrassment. Rumors of mental illness followed and as her behavior grew more erratic her sister pushed to have her committed to an insane asylum in Danville, PA.
Anna Dickinson at

Isle of Graia Gulf of Akabah Arabia Petraea Feby 27th 1839 / David Roberts, R.A. (det)

The Tiger Lilies - My Dear Alphonso

Stuart (the male Patti) in the new 1492

Dick...In The Flesh!


St. Paul's Cathedral (the incoming tide)
J. Alphege Brewer

Harry and Beatrice Houdini with Sarah Bernhardt 1917
Houdini had just finished escaping from a strait-jacket while hanging by his feet sixty feet in the air.

Alex Gross at Merry Karnowsky
The Art of Alex Gross

2 billion Chinese mice

Origen's full name was apparently Ōrigenēs Adamantios (Ὠριγενης Ἀδαμαντιος), with Adamantios, his nickname, meaning 'untameable' (the word ἀδαμας, adamas, means 'that cannot be tamed').


...on her own she managed to retrieve his head from its pole on London Bridge

I could have done this, I suppose I could still be doing it. Except I have a thing that pesters me when I do duplicitous stuff, and seems to be related to the creative impulse, denying access when I come toward it with venal airs.
This egregious site is called Picture History, and it's another bullshit strip-mining enterprise masquerading as a compendium of hard-found proprietary images kept and shared by custodially responsible collectors. As opposed to a little festering clot of greed-crazed chancers.
First check was American Indian Woman Leading Donkeys
by Theodor Horydczak
Query LoC for "Theodor Horydczak indian"
and there you go.
P. History says:

If you would like an image at a higher resolution, please email us your request at (be sure to include item number). Custom requests may take up to two weeks to be fulfilled and require an additional charge.
The semi-literate presentation seems right out of Shorpyland.
I'm not sure what the outrage is, except that it's connected to the warm love and admiration running around in the LoC's P&P image files has created in me. It's a violation of where that love originates, the work involved in getting the images there and keeping them available.
It's pimpish, thuggish in a mercantile way, and its long-term effects are toxic though that's hard to pinpoint in the short run and after foundering on the blasé attitude of most everyone else I hesitate to even mention it. But like misused apostrophes, only more so, it bothers me.

“I believe somebody has to die,” said Juan Dies, an ethnomusicologist


The High Rollers Extravaganza Co.
Courier Litho 1899
Theatrical Poster Collection
Commencing Chorus Girls at the Library of Congress, an ongoing feature


vvvvvvvvvvvvLand ends
with miles of aloe along the Great Highway.
Surfers strip off their suits, half-naked
to the naked sea...


A woman monarch who called herself a pharaoh, dressed like a man and also wore a false beard, Hatshepsut ruled more than 3,000 years ago, wielding more power than two other women of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra and Nefertiti. The mummy identified as Hatshepsut shows an obese woman, who died in her 50s, and probably had diabetes and liver cancer, Dr Hawass said. Her left hand is positioned against her chest, a sign of royalty in ancient Egypt.
via Wikipedia

June 26:
David Byrne's currently observing "National Day of Silence"
to protest net radio royalty fee hike.


Red Cloud
Tatanka Ptieela (Short Bull)
June 20 1900
The Temple of Heaven where the Emperor worships at the solstices
Suffragettes, 6/2/20
Mobility keynotes modern warfare
Eric Sevareid (left) receives flowers from Italian peasant as fellow journalist, Newbold Noyes, looks on.
June 20, 1944

Love on rose-colored wings
Rosa Ponselle


America Adventure (Western Scene)
Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park 2005
Chinese Amusement Parks
Misty Keasler


To the song of two New Zealand birds is opposed "the abyss", with its pedal-notes for the trombones and the resonance of tam-tams. To the cries of the Brazilian Araponga is opposed "the coloured ecstasy" of pedal points. The work ending no differently from the way it began, but turning on itself like a rose-window of flamboyant and invisible colours.
Oliver Messiaen


...the war elephant army of Basalawarmi, a Yuan Dynasty loyalist and the Prince of Liang, was, according to myth, defeated by ten thousand mice...


APOD is 12


recaptcha digitizes books guards against spambots saves the world or portions thereof

a series on weird psychology at PsyBlog


vvvvConstantinople, ca. 1200.


Immigrant's home, Argentina (detail)

This date in medieval history
June 7
1099:Siege of Jerusalem begins
In this climax of the First Crusade, the Christian army encamped before the city and began the siege that was to result in the capture of the city more than a month later.
1494:Treaty of Tordesillas signed
The Treaty determined the longitudinal dividing line between all future territories acquired by the explorers of Spain and Portugal
1329:Robert the Bruce

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