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From Colditz Castle and Grounds:

1. French Lieutenant Alain Le Ray escaped April 11, 1941. He hid in a terrace house in a park during a game of soccer. First successful Colditz escapee and first to reach neutral Switzerland.
2. French Lieutenant René Collin escaped May 31, 1941. He climbed into the rafters of a pavilion during exercise, hid there until dark and slipped away. Made it back to France.
3. French Lieutenant Pierre Mairesse Lebrun escaped July 2, 1941. He was captured trying Collin's method. Later vaulted over a wire in the park with the help of an associate. He reached Switzerland in eight days on a stolen bicycle.
4. Dutch Lieutenant Francis Steinmetz escaped August 15, 1941. He hid under a manhole cover in the exercise enclosure, emerged after nightfall, took a train to Gottmadingen, and reached Switzerland in three days.
5. Dutch Lieutenant E. Hans Larive also escaped August 15, 1941 with Steinmetz
6. Dutch Major C. Giebel escaped September 20, 1941 using the same method as Steinmetz.
7. Dutch Lieutenant O. L. Drjiber escaped September 20, 1941 with Giebel.
8. British Lieutenant Airey M. S. Neave escaped January 5, 1942. Crawled through a hole in a camp theater (after a prisoner performance) to a guardhouse and marched out dressed as a German officer. He reached Switzerland two days later. Neave later joined MI9.
9. Dutch Lieutenant Anthony P. Luteyn escaped January 5, 1942 with Neave.
10. British Lieutenant H. N. Fowler escaped September 9, 1942. Slipped with four others through a guard office and a storeroom dressed as German officers and Polish orderlies. Only he and van Doorninck reached Switzerland.

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