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Washing Day

"When my country takes her place among the nations of the earth,
then, and not til then, let my epitaph be written."
—Robert Emmet
Robert Emmet's Speech From The Dock
On September 8, 1803, Irish patriot Robert Emmet, age 25, wrote a letter from his cell in Kilmainham jail, Dublin. He addressed it to "Miss Sarah Curran, the Priory, Rathfarnham" and handed it to a prison warden, George Dunn, whom he trusted to deliver it. Dunn betrayed him and gave the letter to the government authorities, an action that nearly cost Sarah her life.

The Struggle Is My Life
Nelson Mandela

rotten gentry of China

I get the sense at times there's an adamantly critical mind or set of minds looking for a narrative here, as much because everything they were raised on had a narrative as because they have that kind of protected paranoia that sees a narrative in everything.
There is no narrative here. No theme. Not even the random pattern of someone's interests catalogued. Just bits and pieces. I look at a lot more than what I link to here, and if there is any kind of organization within that it's the joy of seeing, and a desire to share that joy, the way it's shared elsewhere.

The tomb of President James Garfield

Devils Slide is the name of this geological feature in southern Utah, photographed by Timothy O'Sullivan just after the Civil War. Though what it really looks like is the door to the world, or, as Jean-Désiré-Gustave Courbet named it, The Origin of The World.
There's a rock formation along the Columbia river east of Portland Oregon, called "Rooster Rock". Children who've only seen live chickens in petting zoos or on Animal Planet recognize immediately that it looks nothing like a rooster. It does look a great deal like something else, of course. Really a lot. Plus it rhymes that way. And that was its original name. "Cock Rock"
What this communicates to children who lack parents wise enough to explain that the entire society in which they are being raised is mentally ill and has been for some time, especially about sex, is precisely that sickness. It is a communicable disease, an infection, a communication of infection, the transmission of a contagious disease along the generations.
Those children whose parents are wise enough to explain clearly why and how this sickness is transmitted will have lots of problems besides seemingly silly things like "naughty" landmarks. It's precisely this sexual pathology which burned homosexuals alive 100 years ago, and imprisoned black men for having "relations" with white women just decades ago.
Sickness, passed along from sick parent to innocent child. Like the need for circumcision. There's no evidence for it, just the fact that it was done to everyone who came before, and that thinking about not doing it is vaguely frightening.

Rose Cowan (Rosa Rolanda Covarrubias) by Arnold Genthe


Rosa RolandaCovarrubias by Edward Weston


Rosa Rolanda by her husband, Miguel Covarrubias

portrait by Carl Van Vechten
by Man Ray

Sala Rosa Rolanda
Museo Virtual de la Sala Porfirio Díaz
Biblioteca Universidad de las Américas, Puebla

el problema de los angeles es que se olvidan de volar
Claudia Bernardi
Works in Homage to Leopoldo Méndez
Art Museum Arizona State University
Barely A Small Closed Hand
Claudia Bernardi
Gallery, Center for Latin American Studies, Berkeley

El ovillo
Angeles Garduño
Patrimonio Artístico de la Procuraduría General de la República

Jesusito sera un Santo
David Siqueiros
Adani Gallery

Arrieros Somos
Guillermo Meza
Arthur Ross Gallery Univ. Pennsylvania

Centro de Transporte Sustentable de la Ciudad de México


Transit of Venus June 8
unavailable in the western hemisphere

The six-hour event will be watched - on projected screens, or via television and internet - by hundreds of millions. No human alive has ever seen a transit of Venus; the last was in 1881.
Tim Radford Guardian UK

"Americans' great and secret fear is that America may turn out to be a phenomenon rather than a civilization."
—Shirley Hazzard
author of The Transit of Venus, a novel
(a novel highly recommended to fans of Elizabeth Bowen and/or Robertson Davies)

Vectors 2.0: More Aphorisms and Ten-Second Essays

5. Birds of prey don't sing.

24. I'm difficult to annoy, but the few who get the knack never seem to lose it.

43. When all agree, so does the Devil.

James Richardson
Poetry Daily


See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Etc.
(Homage to Kunisada) Version # 3

Paul Cadmus

Paul Cadmus at Arthur Roger Gallery

twoLa niña del taco

Niña de la muñeca
(with Frida Kahlo doll)

Rosa Rolanda(autorretrato)

Museo Andres Blaisten

Message from an ex-Black Panther
Willie Birch
Arthur Roger Gallery


Oyster Shard, inside, it has born its fate
in dream layered on dream...

Sarah M. Brownsberger
Verse Daily Jun.01.04


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