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Atlantic and Pacific herring create high-frequency sounds by releasing air from their anuses
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The Tree That Owns Itself

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"Gutsy Radish"
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...and Truth said Death,
looking up from licking
the caviar of moments
from Death's hand.
So here are the bones...

Chase Twichell
Verse Daily


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"...more precious than sperm"

...mirrors, transparent wires, scaffolding and, above all, tremendous physical stamina that allow him to create his extravagant performances

"The study of their dust"
dust houses
Maria Lopez

Martian horizon at APOD

The Sleep of Wood in The Houses of Wrens

...when it looked like there wouldn't be
enough water for people to drink in town.
Even the drunks, singing harsh,
took their whiskey straight, sacrifice
an angel that grapples with us

beside many rivers, even forgotten ones
that have gone to dust. Can we
expect wrens to live in graying wood and sing,
or a woman with gray wood
budding in her heart...

George Looney
Verse Daily

R.D. Laing:"The major scale for instance, we talked before about this, the major scale, I don't believe in this absolute consistency of definite sort of intervals. The major scale was banned in churches until the late Middle Ages. It was called the modus lacivicus, it was supposed to be inciting to lasciviousness. We don't really think of that now, I mean "I'm Dreaming of White Christmas" doesn't really incite people to have orgies under the Xmas tree at all.

Van Morrison: When did they think that, the Middle Ages?

RDL: I'd have to check it ... twelfth or thirteenth century.

VM: What I find very interesting when exploring the Renaissance period, Dowland wrote primarily about grief, that was the main thing he wrote about. You know this 'down in the dumps', you know where that expression comes from? Well they actually called music pieces a dompe, they called something like, Lady Fanshawe's dompe [My Ladye Careys Dompe] there was a piece of music called that. That's where the expression 'down in the dumps' comes from. They were into moods of despair and all sorts of things. You don't find that in songs hardly at all now. You find the sentimental folk thing, but you never actually find songs about despair or death. Dowland wrote some stuff about death as well. There must have been a completely different society at that stage, if that was the popular music at that time. "
Van Morrison In Conversation With R. D. Laing


Other mysteries are less well-documented

Veiled Prophets Will Appear:

The first meeting of the organization was held on the 10th day of September, 1889, and it was named for the leader [Leroy Fairchild], the "Fairchild Deviltry Committee." It was decided at this first meeting that the membership of the organization should be confined to Master Masons in good standing.
The idea of the Order proved immediately attractive. Many distinguished Masons entered the Enchanted Realm and returned pleased and charmed by its brilliancy. The Order could no longer be confined to any one locality and in response to imperative requests that were not to be denied, on the 13th of June 1890, the "F.D.C." duly founded and established the Supreme Council of the Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm.


The Juggler of Worlds:

La Reunion was a communist community formed in 1855 by French, Belgian, and Swiss colonists approximately three miles west of the present Reunion Arena and Reunion Tower in downtown Dallas, and near the three forks of the Trinity River in Texas, USA.
The community was led by the French philosopher Francois Marie Charles Fourier whose followers and associates established over 40 similar colonies in various parts of the United States of America during the 1800s.
Reunion Arena in Dallas was named for the colony, as was Reverchon Park.
Gil Glover's Dallas View
"If your sciences dictated by wisdom have served only to perpetuate poverty and strife, give us rather sciences dictated by folly, provided that they quiet furies and relieve the miseries of peoples."
Théorie des Quatres Mouvements et des Destinées Générales
-Charles Fourier
"Si donc Psyché et Narcisse se livrent à 20 personnes passionnées pour chacun d'eux, ils peuvent contribuer au progrès de la sagesse et de la vertu. Il faut que cette union soit sacrée aux yeux du corps social, qu'elle opère sous les formes les plus nobles et les plus opposées aux orgies crapuleuses des civilisés."
Charles Fourier links and quotes
Christian Ronse
Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg

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