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Sv. Nikolai Mirlikiiskii ostanavlivaet nepravuiu kazn'
[St Nikolai Mirlikiiskii (Saint Nicholas,Santa Claus) stops an unjust execution]

Ilya Repin
Russian Visual Arts
(under the umbrella of the University of Exeter, the British Library, or the Humanities Research Institute Online Press, though none of them lead to it)
The people of Myra were suffering under the burden of heavy taxes. They begged Bishop Nicholas to ask the emperor to relieve them of the high taxes which caused such hardship. Nicholas went to Constantine to plead the cause of his people. The emperor heard Nicholas' pleas and granted a large cut. Nicholas received a written copy of the order. He immediately took the copy and went down to the sea where he threw the parchment out into the water. Soon afterwards it was fished out of the water near Myra and taken to the proper authorities. It was put into immediate effect and taxes were lowered substantially.
St. Nicholas Center


THE TRANSLATION: In 1959, the Greek archaeologist Sotirios Dakaris discovered the site of the Oracle of the Dead, the Nekyomanteion, where Odysseus spoke with the ghost of Tiresias. Now it seems possible that every proof of this discovery could also be proof of a well fortified farmhouse. The vaulted underground chamber could have been a cistern; the hallucinogenic lupine seeds could have been converted to a dietary staple by boiling them in water; any prosperous household might have kept such clay images of Persephone.

By Amy England
Illustrated by Mary Olson
Beard of Bees

Rae Armantrout
7 Poems
Beard of Bees Publications By Rae Armantrout

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The Rules

The second: we obeyed them.
The worst rule was that rules changed
unpredictably if he was losing.

There was a rule that split us into teams.
A rule about no starting over.
According to the rules, our mother,
forced to choose, always chose him...

Patrick Phillips
Verse Daily


It is the brutal egoists that survive

But this is one of the results: that all people who try to write become anxious, timid, contracted, become perfectionists, so terribly afraid that they may put something down that is not as good as Shakespeare.

And so no wonder you don't write and put it off month after month, decade after decade. For when you write, if it is to be any good at all, you must feel free, - free and not anxious.

Yes, I hate orthodox criticism. The usual small niggling, fussy-mussy criticism, which thinks it can improve people by telling them where they are wrong, and results only in putting them in straightjackets of hesitancy and self-consciousness, and weazening all vision and bravery.

- Brenda Ueland
at whiskey river

It seems fortuitous that this came up 1-2-3 today with this magazine:


followed by these words from The Happy Tutor:
...we are already there. The net is made up mostly, the blog world is, of symbolic analysts. We are in the control room, writing the speeches, doing the technology, doing the customer research, doing the opinion polls, coming up with the ads, jingles and jingoistic slogans. We are working in philanthropy, or churches, or journalism. We are there. We are serving the drinks in our red monkey jackets, moving around the room at Davos serving the canapes. What the f? We do know the story, because we write the story or overhear it being spun.

What we need to do is pool our inside personal knowledge. Piece it together, and create a more accurate "mind map" than those being proffered by the Master and Mistress who remind us constantly that we are Free, and should just go shopping since they have it all under control.

You will notice when you do this, that silence is your constant companion. We are speaking the unspeakkable. Saying what cannot be said. Shunned. Ostracised. Because the truth cannot be engaged publicy, not when it lives and walks like a live thing. You can a write dull book, but to make the drama come alive is to put yourself beyond the pale...

Wealth Bondage 01.Sep.04


"But our hats want to..."

tophoto Paul J. Richards/AFP


"New! The AMICO Library is now available for the first time to individual subscribers world-wide. Students, artists, art enthusiasts, independent scholars or art historians can be Individual Subscribers. Free Preview"


You can't see Giacomo Favretto's Ragazza alla finestra at AMICO/, unless you give them money. Monthly subscription rates are $15. Yearly subscription rates are $150.
Not open source. Not something available to someone on a limited budget.
You can view Giacomo Favretto's Ragazza alla finestra in much larger format by clicking the image above left. Or you can see it online in zoomable form ("Select monitor size to zoom this image:") at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.


Ewer with Wild Man Finial
The Cloisters Collection
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Standing Monk (The Summer)

Giovenale Boetto, 1634
Mattia Jona master drawings and prints

The secret pride: Fool and fabulous creature with head and shoulders of a woman and the body of a bear,todetail
Johann Christoph Hafner
Bildarchiv der Kunst und Architektur

Schützenfest, Glückstadt, vor 1940todetail

Hildegard Heise
Bildarchiv der Kunst und Architektur
(Schnellsuche: "Heise +Hildegard")

The Artist's Familytodetail

Wilhelm Herbig, 1824
Bildarchiv der Kunst und Architektur
(Schnellsuche: "Herbig")

...VEB Industriedruck, Freude bereiten, heißt gut einkaufen Ihre Wünsche Erfüllen Die Vielen Spezialverkaufsstellen Der Stalinallee...

The caption for this image, translated at 8 of the online translation applications recommended by Artcyclopedia. (IBM wouldn't load) - "...Prepare VEB industry pressure, joy, is named shop well your wishes fulfilling the many special outlets of the Stalinallee......"

InterTran -"...VEB Industriedruck , joy prepare , hoist possession shopping her wishes fill the many Spezialverkaufsstellen the Stalinallee...."

Google (whole page trans.) - "...VEB industrial pressure, joy well buy its desires fulfilling the many special sales offices of the Stalinallee prepare, are called..."

AltaVista Babel Fish - "...Well buy its desires fulfilling the many special sales offices of the Stalinallee prepare, are called VEB industrial pressure, joy..."

Systran (which is what's under - "...Well buy its desires fulfilling the many special sales offices of the Stalinallee prepare, are called joy..."

Worldlingo - "...VEB industrial pressure, Joy prepare, well buys your desires fulfilling is called the many special salesoffices of the Stalinallee..."

Promt - "...Industrial pressure VEB, joy prepare, is called well your wishes buy fulfilling many special sales places of the Stalin's avenue..."

Reverso - "...Industrial pressure VEB, joy prepare, is called well your wishes fulfilling buy a lot of special sales offices of Stalinallee..."

The purpose here not to amuse but compare. It's not a good sample to use, just the one I had to hand; and in this instance it seems the first one, from, fits the sense best.

An Assignment for Student Playwrights and now, like whether to go on
With this, this whatever-it-was they couldn't
Think of a name for. They kept looking
This way and that way...

David Wagoner
Poetry Daily


Ray Caesar
link The Cartoonist
via Carolina Vigna-Marú

tophoto AFP

Alina Kabaeva, Athens

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