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Omaha Indian Music
American Folklife Center
Collections and Special Presentations Available Online
Library of Congress

Lửa trại trên Cao Nguyên
campfire in the highlands of Viet Nam
People of Viet Nam
Viet Nam Picture Archives

Gledhill Collection

Ch'i Yeh Fu. Portrait of the ex-emperor's brother
Images of China's Imperial Palaces
Osvald Siren

A one-horse power water wheel on the bank of the Euphrates River
Views of Iraq

The Sacred Ganges and the Baths, Benares stereo view
anagyph(3D- red/green lenses req.) view
Images from India

Keystone-Mast Collection

Nina Ferova

George Faitzer-Feroff
California Museum of Photography
UC Riverside

Beer Vessel
House in Raatuse Street
Woman on a motorcycle
Gatekeepers from Koguva village
Sorting seed potatoes in Tartu
house at 4 Näituse Street
Photographic Collection

Jacket worn by an Estonian punk in the years 1982-1985

People from Vormsi island at a dance

Estonian National Museum

Exploring Image Collections on the Internet:
Resources at MIT and Beyond

just what it says

The Fox-Woman Kuzunoha Leaving Her Child

Max Klinger

Galleria dell'Incisione

Åsa Ericsdotter

Sometimes it's work, sometimes it isn't, ettore sottsass, in the archives. (hit reload)



E. S. Hopper driving a Ford automobile, Dorrance, Kansas May 30, 1913
automobile photographs
L.W. Halbe
Transcripts and documents currently available online
Kansas State Historical Society

excerpt from The Red Hourglass by Gordon Grice
at boldtype
The Music Issue

Xpace and the Ego
Roberto Matta

Centre Pompidou
link path thru insecula, who find it necessary to paste their name on the art itself,
so that, while doing the service of providing the image, at the same time they take it away.

Invitation au Vol
Victor Brauner

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Paintings, photographs on display at UJ activity hall
Art enthusiasts have until Thursday to visit an exhibition of paintings and photographs at the University of Jordan activity hall.
The art works were painted by a group of young students, and members of the Jordan Photographic Society (JPS) took the photos.
Thirty students from various faculties are exhibiting their work for the first time, as part of the university's artistic activities and joint exhibitions with associations in various fields of art.

Jordan Times Mar.02.04
Trying to keep the big perspective here, in contrast with this in the Guardian UK Mar.03.04

The Deadly Poppy Field petals on roads of poplars
with syrup-sky for pale distance, as milkmaids'
pollen skirts among the clover. Cropper & tilled,
spent sap of the body's best memory...

Amy Beeder

Poetry Daily



Homeopathic Hospitals in England

Lost Sound
The Minden Duo
"A relentless pursuit of the sonic possibilities of urban junk and children's toys inspires their creations."
Containing within its delightful pages a tribute to none other than Thomas Jefferson Scribner, wobblie, sawyer, and inspiration.

Maurice Denis

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