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Isolated Building Studies
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Bryan Finoki on Glenn Weynant, Anta Project barrier-cellist.

The Anta Project
an enhanced sound collage compiled from covert performances utilizing modified chop sticks and a cello bow to play the steel wall, barbed wire fences and assorted ephemera that separates the United States from Mexico in the Sonoran Desert.

Agent Orange:

American veterans sued seven of the producing firms (a.o. Dow Chemicals), and the parties finally agreed on a compensation payment of 180 million $ US (of which 100 million went to the lawyers).
Jan Banning


"Dad's Gonna Kill Me"
Richard Thompson bows to the Amazon gods, then sings a most aptly driven contemporary topical song with a pointedly barbed and meaningful title.
RT on Huffington in February 07

"...described the living space as little more than 'an area with stuff in it.'"



scientific equipment and peculiar substances

Another amazing hole at Damn Interesting

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