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As if the landscape isn’t alien enough, an entire island of giant cacti pops out in the middle of nowhere


Mashan County is in desperate lack of natural resources, Wangmo Guizhou province My 24, 2008.

Alejandro Olivares photo essay Living Perifiria 
 Burn Magazine

12 shemales on the scene, 14 years roaming, of stripper on stripper, for vacant corners of big avenues, for full population mud huts, for unknown hamlets on the official map, raising and lowering leaky tents, living in boxes that look like sandwich cars; a little and a little gypsy circus, bending songs of elderly Latinos, a whistle before going on stage, a moron in charge of sound, as Olga Tanon Maxim; Thiare Salome, Ashly and Kasandra as the trio Pandora, wearing sequined second selection, using makeup craft fairs, sporting lush crepe paper boas, pants tucked into the crack, plastic wigs, hair in the armpit; poster peaks, peaks of gum magic trick in the crotch, a pregnant lesbian transvestite; lovers, a hoarse voice and Choriza scares the curtains; quilters eating chicken bones, Don Ramon on the wall; tongue kisses, a man who looks like Madonna, a transvestite in a wheelchair; Fabiola Taylor; queen show, the regent of gossip, the Broadway Circus bitch
Broadway Backstage
Alejandro Olivares

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