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"Although early GT40s raced in the Prototype class, a total of 50 Mark I street cars were ultimately built to homologate them for production sports car racing."

Carroll Shelby's 1966 Ford GT40
Carroll Shelby: A Life in the Fast Lane
Petersen Automotive Museum


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Benjamin Verdonck

Benjamin Verdonck

Benjamin Verdonck

Benjamin Verdonck


How easily the world is filled with mouths
when one wants to eat. How few there are
at singing time. So, when the pearls
revealed themselves, or were revealed,
we were ashamed at having pried the shells
and said they had been found as thoughts
inside the brains of fish...

Kathleen Peirce
Verse Daily


A Poem Written for the Aviary
at a Time of Its Possible Closing the hold of light,
They nest upon girders or wade
Through the waters of pools

Cloud-banked with shadows.
We find them choiring in branches,
in rookeries and dovecotes

Of the upturned ark of glass.

Robert Gibb
Verse Daily

Missoula Crater on Mars
APOD May.04.04


Night Falling Early

...full of gruff
gratitude for the lights that one by one
rise up in welcome; glad of what he's done,
but gladder still it's done with...

Rhina P. Espaillat
Verse Daily


Giants and Girls

Giant Girls
Geisha asobi

First and foremost, I wanted comics to be taken seriously.
Neil Gaiman

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