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Black Milk
Curated by Monica Espinel
"young contemporary artists whose work touches on issues related to suicide"

Marvelli Gallery

Karel duJardin
Dutch 17th Century

Cladogram of the Ornithischians
Edward Hitchcock, pioneer of North American dinosaur footprint studies
Tectonics of Rifting and Drifting: Pangea Breakup
[Pangea the super-continent, all the land all clustered together on one side of the world. But isn't there a super-ocean to go with that, on the other side? Why don't they ever talk about that? Or was it that? It's hard to believe all the land was on one side and all the water on the other.]
Large Igneous Provinces

Pump (Island)
Robert Olsen
Stefanie Schneider

Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects

Looking at some antique maps, where the particulars of a particular place might be accurately drawn but then stuck on to a guess, or a large expanse of blank space, and it's like that now isn't it? Even with the pinpoint accuracy of Cassini and the Hubble, the larger picture's filled with blanks and guesses. The immediate reaction is to think I mean two-dimensional mapping like the maps were but I don't. Space is 3-D. And our 3-D view is like a competent 16th century navigator's. Honest and accurate as far as it goes, but the overall shape and pattern has yet to be drawn.


Night of the Hunter and Big Fish
Now there's a double bill just waiting to happen.

Colorcell Livingspace
link Interconnected

The Sienna Wall
Robert Motherwell
American Painting and Sculpture
I Am Monkeys
Charline von Heyl

Denise Pelletier
(Born 1954, Hartford, CT, lives and works in Norwich, CT) is exploring the "sick cup," a spouted Victorian invention for feeding liquids to the ill and infirm. These objects are intrinsically tied to an aura of compassion, a potent and affirming connection.
Garth Clark Gallery

Poro Society Anti-Witchcraft Mask
Zana Soro
Cote D'Ivoire
Krannert Art Museum
School of Art & Design University of Illinois

Gakkigaku Shiryôkan (Collection for Organology), Kunitachi College of Music

Hawaiian Pahu
Swiss Laute
Uzbek Dutar
Turkish Kasik
Greek Lyra
Indian Gopi Yantra
Yugoslavian Darbuk
New Guinean Bull Roarer
African Aoko
Colombian Saxophone
German Viola d'Amore
Japanese Toy Piano
USA [indigenous] Kettle Drum
Italian Chitarra Battente
Welsh Cwrth
English Guitar[!]
Jordanian Rababa
Tibetan Rkang-gling
Chinese Liuqin
Most images are horribly watermarked, to prevent their theft one assumes. And isn't the world a better place for these images not being stolen and used in unimaginably horrible ways. Pirates of aesthetic distinction! Masking their greed as antique stringed instruments! Off the starboard bow!
Still it's a trove, over 2000 images and descriptions of musical implements from literally everywhere on earth.
Discovered on a delve into Gui Zhou
after looking at Gui Zhou Pictures
at leylop, who just got back from there
leylop has a brilliant eye


Shut Up He Explained
The Memoir of a Blacklisted Kid

“Kate Lardner is funny, my favorite kind of funny. Dry, aching, sad, surprising funny. Her writing is delicious. During his time, McCarthy may have been able to silence great writers like Ring Lardner, but he couldn’t control the illuminating insights, originality, and irony of his daughter. Thank God! A wonderful memoir of a dark, disturbing time in America that could easily be right around the corner.”
—EVE ENSLER, author of The Vagina Monologues

Blogger Known Issues
A small shift in the template and I'm Chicken Little all over the place.
Calm. Trust. Patience. Reserve.
The interface is glary. The old one was muted, the default view as html
was tight and quick. This one's busy, jumpy. And it translates code
funny. And it makes the Preview window redundant without helping the
process. It's less intuitive in some ways, more in others. It
definitely has a problem with line breaks that wasn't there before.
It keeps changing fonts when I edit posts that have already been published.
Things I've learned in the last 12 hours about the newest iteration of blogger:
  • the compose window is molto fast once you get how it does.
  • keyboard shortcuts are indeed the way to go.
  • the multiplicity of font options is empowering.
  • but
  • going back and forth from published posts to edit/re-edit, at least in Mozilla, garbles the html all to heck.
  • Or did.

Eternal Spirit of the chainless Mind!
Brightest in dungeons, Liberty, thou art,—
For there thy habitation is the heart—
The heart which love of Thee alone can bind;

And when thy sons to fetters are consign’d,
To fetters, and the damp vault’s dayless gloom,
Their country conquers with their martyrdom,
And Freedom’s fame finds wings on every wind

On the Castle of Chillon
George Gordon, Lord Byron
The Prisoner of Chillon

The Prisoner of Chillon
Andrea Gastaldi
Nasjonal Galleriet Norway

embedded glass-fibers!

In 2001 the Hungarian architect Áron Losonczi invented LiTraCon© - the first light-transmitting concrete.
Mass-produced LiTraCon© products are expected to be on the market at the end of 2004.
link Undertoad at cellar Jul.15.04

Bottle Rockets


Tim O'Brien's illustration keeps going and going and going...
link Exclamation Mark

The Dead were on 60 Minutes tonight. It was a trip. The overall healthiness, in posture and affect, of the band members was a comfort. Phil Lesh was moving when he responded to the interviewer's comments on Garcia's heroin addiction and death.
Robert Hunter wasn't mentioned. Which could be because he didn't want to be, or because Rick Rubin decided he didn't need to be. But it was primarily a verbal piece. There was music to be sure, but it was mostly talking. And along with Garcia's idiosyncratic genius musicianship, Hunter's words were and are what a lot of us feel put the the band solidly in the American Pantheon. A mention would have been appropriate.

Japanese products posters
Vintage Chinese Posters
link obliterated

John Martyn
First Foot
Jack Bruce
got Vernon Reid on his new record
Vernon Reid | Version 2.0


DB: In a way then, the acquisition of good syntax and varied ways of saying something is almost as important as the image.

Merwin: Well, it's a tool. It's like trying to be a fine carpenter when your only hammer is a six-pound sledge and you have a cold chisel. You're going to have a hell of a time, you're handicapped. I think this is related to the matter of the life of the language coming out of colloquial speech. In real vernacular, in real colloquial speech, there's always the energy of the language and we know of contemporaries, critics, and writers, who insist that one must have the colloquial and not the formal or that one must have the control of the form that the colloquial line is put in. I think these are poles which make the tension in which the language operates and the literature can be written. You can't let go of either one without the tension just all disappearing, one must honor them both, absolute energy of colloquial speech, as long as it has not been totally debased by debasing uses of it, such as advertising, communal abstractions, committee English, and things of that kind, and on the other hand, the honoring of the tradition of the language itself and its formal possibilities. They're both assumptions of the life of the language, into the life of what we can write in the language.

Don Boes
Artful Dodger Interviews

Un caffè e una chiacchierata: incontro con Pippo Delbono

ophoto Boris Horvat/AFP

Festival d'Avignon 2004


Monet and Japan
International art

National Gallery of Australia


Former foster child as a drummer in the Coldstream Guards

Photographer unknown, taken from Our Waifs and Strays Magazine, December 1900, page 409
Into the World
Hidden Lives Revealed
The Children's Society, UK
British "Home Children"
Harsh testimony on the Church of England Society for Providing Homes for Waifs and Strays
The Wilds of London


She is fluent in Irish Gaelic and French and lives on a houseboat on the Thames

The record closes with Mr. Orren's imitation of five dogs in an argument.

Fred and Adele Astair

The Bill
Bob Hope and American Variety
American Memory Collection: The American Variety Stage
Library of Congress

Martial Arts Styles
Atlanta Martial Arts Directory

some basic knowledge about Bat Hawk

When hunting the Bat Hawk either quarters or circles over its chosen area, usually at great speed, looking above, below, and on both sides of it (unlike most birds of prey, which look downwards). It catches bats, swallows and swiftlets in flight, some other small birds and perhaps insects as well, and swallows them whole in the air.

Okinawa Jiten:

"Giichi-san, my dog is dead!":
After that, every time I went to Okinawa, I went out drinking with Kinjoo, and we talked until after midnight. He was strongly built, but when he smiled, he looked like a child. I'm sure he was the first to come up with the idea of Ultraman, a popular TV program.
Nikolay A. Nevskiy was a Russian scholar of the Orient (1892-1937). On the basis of the theory of the ancient language and customs of Japan had survived on the margins of Japan, he studied the Oshira religion of northeastern Japan, the Ainu language in the north, the language, culture, and traditional songs of Miyako in Okinawa in the south, and reported his valuable findings to the academic world.
In October, 1937, eight years after his return to Russia and four years after his family joined him, he was arrested by the Soviet secret police (KGB) during the Great Purge. Iso was also arrested. They were executed in November. The reason is yet to be disclosed. In 1962, he was awarded the Lenin Prize, and his honor was once again restored.
Tuu nu yuu kara Yamatu nu yuu
From the Chinese world to the Japanese world
Yamatu nu yuu kara Amerika yuu
From the Japanese world to the American world

Sung in the husky voice of Rinshoo Kadekaru, its feeling resonated very deeply.
Route 1

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