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Gallery of the Fine Art Nudes Kyoto molto molto galleries of fine art nudes

shedworks - uncommon scenes shedworks Fotografen:

artist This sculpture embodies my impulse to protect this vulnerable, human-engineered creation. But it also reveals the folly of protection in its heavy reliance on technology.

// / rand / Describe the Web as an online magazine, or an undeveloped global marketplace, or the latest trend, and you've missed its essence. The word web sprouts from the same Indo-European root as weave -- to connect.

Gallerie 1 A grim place, the old Fish Auction Hall in Hamburg. It looks like the inside of a whale: not only dead but petrified, a rigid echoing belly. The hollow amoniak smellof old urine; smeary light through the arched windows; the tangle of breached electrical conduits

The Infinite Matrix | Bruce Sterling | Schism Matrix Week 8 My neighborhood is noted for bizarre lawn displays in the holiday season. For Christmas 2001, this mysterious reindeer centaur appeared in my own front yard.


Going Overboard In Style In Overboard, you rarely show the eyes—the hats are pulled down low.

Cigarro & Cerveja: Links

Margaret Shulock (Tuesdays): As a kid, when she wasn't drawing, Margaret was usually hanging out in the barn, wondering what the chickens were really talking about. Now she lives in the wilds of New York State, still drawing and still wondering about her neighbors. How do porcupines pass the time on those long winter nights

New Scientist Some patients don't like looking in a mirror and they don't like looking at photographs of themselves, but they love the paintings. They look at the picture of them painted during their operation and say, "That's the lowest point of my life and I've got through it." Because they feel that way about them, they're happy about them being exhibited. It gives them a sense of empowerment: not only is it going in an exhibition, it's also touring the country.

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