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The Surrey
"...I saw them coming, huge butterflys and birds and sailing ships hovering ten feet off the ground. Phil, dressed in a Kaiser Wilhelm outfit, spiked helmet and high polished boots, led the way, marking the beat with a drum major's baton. Behind him the pranksters in their garish garbs pushed long bamboo poles in front of them, kites of all descriptions tied to the tips of the poles. Behind them came the bus, George at the wheel, pranksters hanging out the windows, perched on top; tootling whistles, banging drums, clanging bells.

Bringing up the rear was Kesey, in his red white and blue top hat, white vest covered with blue stars. Red and white striped pants tucked into cowboy boots. He was riding in a one person surrey, pulled by a brown and white cow..."

Capn Skyp/Skypilotclub 10.16.03


Shelley Jackson on Tove Jansson

"... like a Gregor Samsa action figure (morphs into a giant beetle!) or a Waiting for Godot snow globe..."

"...the little dog Sorry-oo, who wants to run with the wolves, realizes they regard him as dinner, and being a pet suddenly doesn't look so bad..."

"When I realized Jansson wrote this the year her own mother died, all the hair on my arms stood up..."

"This is all the comfort we are offered, and it is a stern comfort, but a real one: What we love is taken away, and we may never get it back; but spring returns."

Shelley Jackson/LA Weekly 04.03-09.02

Shelley Jackson's Ineradicable Stain




The Last Cricket in Ohio Sings a Song of Wilderness

"...Shivers in the trees, a stirring
of birds. The crickets chant

their names until..."

David Citino/Verse Daily 10.13.03

"...demonstrating that a happy slave is an extinct man!"
Frederick Douglas

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L'oiseau privé, dit Le couple et l'oiseau envolé
Louis-Léopold Boilly 1761—1845

Mystic River
"This movie is a historic achievement: Clint Eastwood, an icon of violence, has made us loathe violence as an obscenity. “Mystic River” hurts the way sad stories always hurt, but the craft and love with which it has been made transfigure pain into a moviegoer’s rapture."
David Denby/New Yorker 10.12.03

Ω{an historic achievement}

A Hundred Won Dalmatians
Stewards and Leapers
Patricia Vigderman

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