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Robert Henry Adams Fine Art

Stern Fine Art Gallery Index goodgood soso repro of StantonMacDWright

Lynn Hershman 's SCARY investigation into identity
hangs next to the godlike Cindy Sherman in the

weird gallery dirosapreserve but good stuff


Australian Centre for Contemp. Art

Seattle Art Museum(pompous and incompetent web site purporting to have thousands of images,goofy and malfunctioning. And the agreement to enter states in bogus fascistic heaviness reproduction prohibited. By whom one wonders.
the government? Get off my planet,faggot.

NGA lists,this one american artists

Airside(UK art tribelet crew)goodgood

Masayuki Yoshinaga Japanese photographer+Yurie Nagashima

Serpentine Gallery(london)very sparse but very good

photography links(thru the V&A +Canon)

V&A images(still under constr?)

Gilbert, Rosa M. (Rosa Mulholland).

Gilbert, Rosa M. (Rosa Mulholland).

VictoriaandAlbert's Japan2001

Toshiba Gallery of Japanese Art

Cosmopolis art links big well done


Dedicated Cypriot's hobby art page Vasarely
Garcia Lorca also available in Greek!!

Vasarely Foundation Aix-en-Provence(that's in France,Timmy)
great site

Cal.State Collections Index Nice list of artists

I was influenced very strongly by Morandi - his attempts to take quite simple and modest propositions and make them special, extraordinary. -Wayne Thiebaud

Univ of Michigan SILS art browser well done and quick
exactly the opposite of Hollis Taggert or worse
the execrable Sheldon Gallery


San Francisco Art Dealers ass. BIGBIG index (repeat from back there somewhere)

Hollis Taggert pompous wealth of great stuff

Weisman Museum UofMinnesota

John Sloan, William Glackens, George Luks, Everett Shinn, Arthur Davies, Maurice Prendergast and Ernest Lawson.

sheldon pussy art gallery with watermarks so precious can make his money off the web
found searching for Macdonald-Wright and Synchronism


Find Carolyn Plochmann

Kennedy Gallery American Art

Good museum Timken San Diegocreepy frame person

Yale art exhibitions index

great watercolors 19th cent. french and english(abroad)

Pirelli pinups



The ONLY Magritte site on the web so far

another copyright analist with a big index(mcs csuhayward)

Isabel Art Gallery(repeat?)

Look for the kind of nature that suits your temperament.
The motif should be observed more for shape and color than for drawing.
. . . Do not define too closely the outline of things; it is the brush-stroke
of the right value and color which should produce the drawing. Don't
work bit by bit, but paint everything at once by placing tones everywhere.
. . . Don't proceed according to rules and principles, but paint what you
observe and feel.
Camille Pissarro
In 1869 Pissarro moved from Pontoise to Louveciennes, on the outskirts
of Paris. After the outbreak of war in 1870, as the victorious Prussians
advanced, he removed his family from danger, first to Brittany and later
to London. While he was away, the Prussians took over his house and,
rather than splash their uniforms with French country mud, put down
Pissarro's stored paintings as duckboards and tramped over them.
According to Pissarro's own estimate, no more than 40 paintings
survived out of 1,500. In this respect, at least, Pissarro would have
suffered less if his paintings had sold more readily and been dispersed.
As it is, he is known primarily for his work affer 1869. Fortunately he
had not yet reached his most creative period.

Since my eyesight has diminished further, my twilight
has become more and more lonely and more and more
somber. Only the taste for art and the desire to
succeed keep me going.
Edgar Degas

Heart's Ease Gallery (growing well-done selfless, art revealed for love)

Voice of the Shuttle repeat listing

bigtime museum mega overview index art on line thing from MCN


DIA Detroit Inst. Of Art

Univ of Michigan artbrowser

tiepolo(beginning research)

Carl Solway Gallery

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