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christine marie shearer - digital art - tile design drawings good artist nice person openhearted site (Lucia Matthews search....) - For the Love of Fine Art well and some money too maybe. oddball collection of diverse images multo extensive calif 19th cen.

Maureen Murphy Fine Arts - Recent Aquisitions extensive calif artists turn of the last cent. gallery

A Legacy of Early California Paintings: The Shumate Collection -- Exhibitions -- Oakland Museum of California maynard dixon search off a Jim Harrison mention


Ineluctable Modality: The IMAGESgood stuff. illustrations for Ulysses. 18 artists. John Christie search

fotoTAPETA polish art magazine? photography only? in polish

Tadeusz Rolke polish photographer. scary tank in 1944. Joseph Beuys in 78.

[ @ ® k z ! n ] croatian art site in croatian

d a d a - (fox) great stuff austrian dada site in austrian

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