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Holy Modal Rounders

Harv's Hindsights
Bios of Marge Henderson Buell (Little Lulu), with illustrations
Jules Feiffer Bill Mauldin Walt Kelly Mad Magazine
Milton Caniff Al Capp Carl Barks Edward Gorey
Shel Silverstein R. Crumb Charles Schulz and others...
R.C. Harvey

Ω{this from a search for a photo of Carl Sandburg with the cast of "Our Gang", Spanky and all them. Which it looks like I'll have to scan in from the original volume.}

"It doesn't matter who you love, or how you love, but that you love"
"I always hate to see a season go, any season. Just when you start getting used to the possibilities of a certain time it turns over and becomes something else. "
"The greatest favor you can give to truth is to use it as often as possible."
A Safe Place To Land
Rod McKuen


Sheb Wooley

He wrote and performed Pygmy Love, an anthem of my youth.

He was Ben Colder, too.


Roofmen the voices
of the anxious and the sad. I watch their beautiful faces

for some sign that life is more than disaster—
it is always there, the spirit behind the suffering,
the small light that gathers the soul and holds it

beyond the sacrifices of the body. Necessary light.

Patricia Fargnoli/Verse Daily 09.16.03

Mensajeros {Argentine reggae}

mosaic from private Roman villa, fourth century CE
Piazza Armerina, Villa del Casale.
Barbara McManus
VRoma, A Virtual Community For Teaching And Learning Classics

The Outward Bound
Frederic Cayley Robinson
Leeds City Art Gallery

A link at dangerousmeta!
led to a light browse thru the Library of Congress: The Meeting of Frontiers
which in turn led to an image of a log house in Tot'ma (enter in Search Terms)
Google Tot'ma and click on the District Area Study Museum
to find this image:

back to Google and on to Paul Quinn-Judge's erudite piece at on 'The Other Russia'
page 2 of which has this bit of early globalism:

Totma, however, was once a powerhouse of merchant Russia. Adventurers from the town opened up trade routes to Siberia, Alaska, China and the west coast of the United States. One Totma native, Ivan Kuskov, founded Fort Ross in California in 1812, and after years in North America, retired to his birthplace along with a wife, who by some accounts was a Native American. At that time Totma was a flourishing merchant center, dealing in furs, wax, silks and salt--the town's coat of arms has a black fox on it, an animal native to the Aleutian Islands off Alaska, not to northern Russia.
A full reading of Quinn-Judge's piece puts the museum in a sadder perspective.
Then back to Google and a chance click on SuperTravelNet, a great map resource, worldwide, uncluttered and quick, which shows us that Totma is just southeast of Karelia. Which we have touched on before, here,
and earlier still, here.
informant May 19, 2002(w/fixed links):
last year I was bathing in the Library of Congress photograph files and fell into the pool of the Prokudin-Gorski Collection. I was taken by the images from Karelia especially.
especially ones like this and like this
Then this year just now today, I found these wonderful songs from Karelia. from long ago, though of course Karelia itself is much older. and may in fact be the real setting for the Kalevala

Juke Logan did the harp on Roseanne
Here's a knockout article by Michael Ventura on Juke Logan's gig the night Willie Dixon died:

A poker hand of reviews of books whose settings and cosmologies are La Cuidad de Nuestra Señora la Reina de Hell-A (one of which is Ventura's 'Zoo Where You're Fed To God') by Steve Erickson, no slouch himself in that terrain:
Salon Books April 19, 1999


Johnny Cash's Redemption Song
Later this year, Rick Rubin's American Recordings label will release a collection of Johnny Cash songs including a collaboration between the legendary country singer and one of his greatest fans, the Clash's Joe Strummer. The pair's version of Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" will serve as a poignant reminder of why Cash, who died Friday at age 71, was so revered by his fellow musicians -- if not always by a music industry that had a hard time figuring him out.
"In a garden full of weeds," explained U2's Bono, Cash was "the oak tree."
John Nichols/The Nation 09.12.03

red rag to a bigot
Gibson has put up £16 million to pay for a film that will be shot in Aramaic and Latin, probably without sub-titles. So far, no distributor has been found for a movie whose critics say it is anti-Semitic and will fuel bigotry and hatred.
Last week, he gave his view of Frank Rich, the New York Times columnist who has implied that Gibson's father is a Holocaust denier. 'I want to kill him,' Gibson allegedly said. 'I want his intestines on a stick. I want to kill his dog.'

When Monty Python's Life of Brian opened in New York in 1979, the boss of the Rabbinical alliance of America expressed the rage of half-a-million Jews over a movie 'made in hell', and the Catholic film-monitoring office said watching it was a sin...
Mary Riddell The Observer 09.14.03

Gus Van Sant's Elephant
It's clear we're looking at the Columbine high-school massacre in Littleton, Colo., four years ago. But it is so stripped of dramatic texture -- there isn't even a music track most of the time -- that it feels like accidental footage of kids fantasizing about something they won't actually do. Half the time the camera is glancing over their shoulders or jogging at their feet rather than looking into their faces.
Globe and Mail 09.13.03


Bom Shankar
Licking the Skull
Ira Cohen at Cynthia Broan Gallery
link :::wood s lot::: after you cook your meat and vegetables and remove them from the pan, throw in your seasonings and sauces and fry them in the pan with little bit of oil for twenty seconds or so. you are cooking the raw taste out of the seasonings and soy and releasing any oils and hidden flavors with the high heat. don't let it burn, but after a few seconds you'll start to smell the garlic and chiles and other aromas fill the kitchen. add back in your other ingredients just to coat and heat through and you're done. if you bao(4) bottled sauces or soy sauce (where it is the main flavoring) for a few seconds beforehand, your dish will taste much better than if you add them at the end.

7. use day-old rice
when making fried rice, the rice has to be dry. this means you can't use freshly cooked rice which is bursting with moisture (steam). cook your rice the day before and stick it in the fridge till it's cold and hard. the longer you wait, the better. your dry, cold rice will fry much better and you won't end up with a soggy mess.
chinese american princess 05.06.03

William Gibson calmly vanishes

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