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Banksy vs. The West Bank
A Wooster Exclusive


Many chickens

Caesar Gang
(sign in left corner culturally related to this cheerful ad)

Der Hahn ím Korb

Near Central Park, New York, 1890

George Ross at the internment of his pet chicken

Children Had Few Toys

Soulful chicken

Mollie Wisner, alias the "Lost Chicken", was arrested in 1880 for Grand Larceny. While out on bail, she skipped out of town. She was one of the old Barbary Coast pickpockets.


Skeeters Branch, May 5th, 1910 St. Louis, Missouri
Inside view of "Piedmont Hotel"
where some of the boys from Poolroom branch sleep on hot nights.
May, 5, 1910 St. Louis, Mo.
Anna Dazet (14 years old) 334 West 49th St.
Girl unable to procure employment certificate because she lacks the required number of days. Father tubercular, in advanced stage, and in hospital. Worked just as long as he possibly could. Mother takes in a little washing. There are 5 children, including Anna. Family occupy 3 rooms. We are giving a scholarship to Anna. Location: New York, New York
1:00 A.M. Pin boys working in Subway Bowling Alleys, April 1910
65 South St., B'klyn, N.Y. every night.
3 smaller boys were kept out of the photo by Boss
Wanamaker's 8:30 A.M. New York, New York February 1910
Juvenile Court. An 8 year old boy charged with stealing a bicycle.
Thursday May 5, 1910 St. Louis, Missouri
Group of girl workers at the gate of the American Tobacco Co.
Wilmington, Delaware, noon period, May 24, 1910.
Young girls obviously under 14 years of age who work
about 10 hours a day every day except Saturday
Young girls going to work in Friedman Shelby Shoe Company
6:30 A.M. Mexico, Missouri October 1910

National Child Labor Committee Collection Photographs by Lewis Hine
Selected Images

The Infant Jupiterto(detail)
Joshua Reynolds
Artcyclopedia MasterScans

Winston Churchill, grandson of Winston Churchill, London 1942to(detail)
Acme Newspictures, Inc.



Young girls working in the Richmond Hosiery Co.
Rossville, Georgia December,1910

Lewis Hine

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