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April, I never forget your birthday - it's just that it never occurred to me you'd be reading this. Then the other day I felt like I'd disappointed you by not saying anything, and I thought how can this be?
Then I thought about it some more.
I still have that card you made.
Happy Birthday for all those times in between then and now.


Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco - 1906 Earthquake and Fire
link Jen-Luc at 3Quarks Daily

An avenue in Basarur. The Götzes and Rev. Bräckle xxdetail

Basel Mission Picture Archive (many hoops and no direct links)

Two women amidst bricks and rubble after San Francisco earthquake and fire, 1906

Rock Creek, Washington D.C. - sometime between 1920 and 1932

June Bug

Kalliope - en database indeholdende ældre dansk lyrik samt biografiske oplysninger om danske digtere
also - Kalliope indeholder også udenlandsk digtning.
Well done design and deceptively simple entryway [in Danish, the eng. lang. poets are in eng].
Whitman's listings illustrate the wide inclusion, and the little flags at the bottom right of every page bring up wonderful countries-ful of poets.
A great find and spectacularly useful resource.
link Sprezzatura

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