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Born in 1537, married in 1553, Queen of England for nine days, beheaded at 16.

Jane Grey

'As to the rest, for my part, I know not what the Council had determined to do, but I know for certain that twice during this time, poison was given to me, first in the house of the Duchess of Northumberland and afterwards here in the Tower...All these I have wished for the witness of my innocence and the disburdening of my conscience.'
Letter of Jane Grey to Mary I, Bloody Mary, Queen of England July 19, 1553 - November 17, 1558.
note the editorial addendum - "Please note: Jane's assertion that she was poisoned is nonsense..."
"nonsense" seems an odd, almost desperate, term to use under the circumstances.
This is a re-enactment enthusiast site, not the official History of England.
Brittania, op. cit. below, a more rigorous site, though originating in Delaware, has much the same though less judgmentally.
That a 16 year old girl under these circumstances might be given to unwarranted suspicions seems understandable. That she was being poisoned seems at least plausible.
It is generally believed that Mary, commonly known as Bloody Mary, would have spared Jane's life if it had not been for the intervention of the Spanish diplomats who conditioned Mary's marriage to their king on her executing Jane.
His {Guildford's [Jane's husband's]} carcase thrown into a cart, and his head in a cloth, he was brought to the chapel within the Tower, where the Lady Jane, whose lodging was in Partidge's house, did see his dead carcase taken out of the cart, as well as she did see him before alive on going to his death - a sight to her no less than death.
from The Chronicle of Queen Jane and of Two Years of Queen Mary
by anonymous
which I have not found a readable version of entire, online, as yet.
The Six Hundred and Sixteen Families upon which the Curse of the Pillaged English Monasteries Fell
Of the six hundred and thirty families that were granted or sold Church lands in the time of Henry VIII only fourteen were not extinct at the time the revised edition of Spelman's work was published in 1895.
These facts of divine vengeance extracted from The History and Fate of Sacrilege 1632/1698 and reproduced at Annals Australia "Catholic Answers to 'Bible' Christians" in which it is implied Jane Grey was beheaded because her father participated in the dissolution and dispersal of monastic lands by Henry VIII, for which he and other English royalty were cursed, thoroughly. The author of Annals Australia avoids saying exactly who it is that bestows the operative curse, but he does provide an example of Catholic spell-casting, "...May they be cursed when they go out, and cursed in all places. May the heaven above them be of bronze, and the land they till be of iron...if they be not ashamed, and repent of their evil-doing..." Repentance, and subsequent begging of forgiveness, being the only way to undo the bestowed curse.

Jennifer Halligan has an extensive and orderly, and well-written, series of pages devoted to Lady Jane Grey, at the equally extensive and orderly Monarchs, at Brittania, the extraordinarily extensive and orderly, somewhat more official, though still unofficial, British History Club site.
Where there is also a site devoted to "Earth Mysteries", at which the following quote, by John Michell, concerning the Druid priesthood can be found:
They also taught the traditional doctrine of the soul's immortality. They must have professed detailed knowledge of the workings of reincarnation, for one writer said that they allowed debts incurred in one lifetime to be repaid in the next.

illustration from the Book of Daniel 970
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Planetarium circa 1000 a.d.
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Arkady Schaichet


Martin Brandenburg

einer Mandragora-Wurzel

The report of the royal commission, brandished by Benjamin Franklin, confounds the mesmerists, who escape with their loot in the manner of mountebanks, leaving a wrecked "tub" behind.

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...and undertakers, ad-men
and fallen vice-generals,
doping their stolen crusades.
But the woman has learned, as
I have learned, as all of us
must keep learning if we are
to be good subjects, how to
make of a newspaper the
mask of a locust, calmly
put it on, and begin...

Reginald Gibbons
Poetry Daily Jan.15.04

Men scythe grass
Illuminated Manuscripts
The British Library

David J. Osborn's British Panoramics

Real Dragon

Gender connect the dots at Bio-Motion

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Some truth there was, but dash'd and brew'd with lies;
To please the fools, and puzzle all the wise.
Succeeding times did equal folly call,
Believing nothing, or believing all.
Th' Egyptian rites the Jebusites embrac'd;
Where gods were recommended by their taste.
Such sav'ry deities must needs be good,
As serv'd at once for worship and for food.
By force they could not introduce these gods;
For ten to one, in former days was odds.
So fraud was us'd, (the sacrificers' trade,)
Fools are more hard to conquer than persuade.
Their busy teachers mingled with the Jews;
And rak'd, for converts, even the court and stews:
Which Hebrew priests the more unkindly took,
Because the fleece accompanies the flock.
from Absalom and Achitophel
John Dryden
online at

Thanks to Today in Literature for projecting Bob Kaufman onto the night sky of the internet.

There was a record I heard in unusual circumstances, Greenwich Village December 1971, field recordings from the streets of the 50's, a guy in Houston TX, playing garbage-can drums on the sidewalk and riffing wild as some jungle thing out in the spooky midnight of broad daylight straight America; and later, live, Bob Kaufman, right up close with his eyes flashing like light bars on a squad car, right there on Broadway down from Vesuvio, out on the sidewalk also, right there at infinite speed overtaking the light-years of effort and painstaking research of academic discovery, the zip and blur of his arrival as pre-ordained as the fact he never moved, trance-talking holiness and fool-sacrificing, ragged with juice and Siberian in his authenticity.


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