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La Creation Du Soleil, De La Lune, Et Des Etoiles Separation De La Lumiere Et Des Tenebres La Creation Des Poissons, Oiseaux Et Grands Animaux
La chute de la Grande Babylone

Herrade de Landsberg

Chemin de fer d'Orléans
Chemins de fer du Midi. Lourdes
Hugo d'Alési

[The plundering of the King's cellar, Paris, 10th August, 1793 (i.e., 1792)] detail

Richard Earlom [a l'Université de Liège (Belgique)]
a .tif file (warning: 59 Megs!) shows the narrative clearer, there's heads on pikes, a woman putting a severed penis on a pike, drunkeness, ribaldry, a mendicant Jew with looted gold, the LoC description says there's a Native American woman with a severed head, though why she'd be there...

Deep Sea bass caught at the mouth of the Rio Grande

Robert Runyon 1881-1968
Robert Runyon Photograph Collection of the South Texas Border Area
Center for American History at the University of Texas at Austin/LOC

Woman in field (2)
Man and woman (2)
Woman and man
Runyon family at the mouth of the Rio Grande
William Thornton Runyon (on tree trunk), Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Reed, Albert W. Reed, Jr., and Lillian Runyon (Mahoney) at the beach, ca. 1920-1921
Armored Motor Car
Irma Dixon[public health nurse] and her automobile, San Benito, Texas, December 1920

Bella, a Maori guide sitting at edge of Rotorua geyser detail

Ice Palace at Leadville Colo.

The Choonbatty Loop on the East Bengal Railway

William Henry Jackson

Seven Pines
Haines Photo

For the brave young students in Soweto
Melvin Edwards

Afternoon of a Georgia faun

Michael Kelly Williams


"...because we have no representation"

A Mermaid Questions God

...religion is a thousand miles of coastline,
she is familiar with moon size, with tide changes.
She wears the cream of waves...

Kelli Russell Agodon
Verse Daily

This is a wonderful piece.



John Berger
Henri Cartier-Bresson

"His handwriting is surprising because it's maternal."
John Berger on Cartier-Bresson in Photocopies

Cartier-Bresson (in portugese)


Lester Bangs
at notbored

Untitled (Please God, maybe I need...")

Slava Skrabal
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goddess in the doorway


The Trial of Margaret Clap
Then they'd hug, and play, and toy, and go out by Couples into another Room on the same Floor, to be marry'd, as they call'd it. The Door of that Room was kept by —— Eccleston, who used to stand pimp for 'em to prevent any Body from disturbing them in their Diversions. When they came out, they used to brag, in plain Terms, of what they had been doing. As for the Prisoner, she was present all the Time, except when she went out to fetch Liquors. There was among them Will Griffin, who has been since hang'd for Sodomy; and —— Derwin, who had been carried before Sir George Mertins* for Sodomitical Practices with a Link-Boy [boy who lights the street lights at night].
Homosexuality in Eighteenth-Century England
useful links
Claire's Seventeenth-Century

Speak, Zero

...The dolls washed up on shore not far from here
and the wild horses who come and lick their faces

There is nothing definite about you
but you happen in detail

From finches we take feathers for our hats
From us they take hair for their nests...

Mary Ruefle
Verse Daily

Commerciogenic Malnutrition

Concerns about the gradual replacement of breastmilk with commercial infant foods in industrialised and developing countries were first voiced in the late 1930s. By the 1960s, breastfeeding was in rapid decline in many parts of the world. By 1967, just one-quarter of babies born in US hospitals were breastfed when their mothers took them home.

The infant food industry used a wide range of promotional methods to increase demand for its products: it stressed that infant formula was equivalent or superior to breastmilk; it played on women's concerns that they did not have enough breastmilk; it depicted healthy-looking babies on its products and promotions; it dressed its salespersons as nurses; it sent large quantities of free supplies of formula to maternity wards; and it worked through the medical profession.

Judith Richter
Briefing No.26
Corner House

Bitter Wheel
Late one night the wind changes direction
Mary says to herself, things are gonna get hot
Rolling down through town just picking up friction
Makes you want to hold on to what you've got

Bobby sits in his car looking over his shoulder
Says I feel like I've been here before
So many things I wished that I'd have told her
So much of me she's taking out that door

Bitter wheel's gonna roll tonight
Are you ready
I can feel it like a wire pulled tight
From the desert down to the shore
Nothing in your life is gonna be the same
When the ground starts shaking you're gonna forget
Everything you know
And let it roll
(let it roll)

Karla Bonoff

"I was brought up on the farm in the bush, which was the best thing that happened, it was just a wonderful childhood. One of my most formative experiences was listening to my mother playing Beethoven and Chopin on the piano and listening to the drums playing in the compound: two kinds of music playing together. And as a child I didn't see any reason why they shouldn't be played together, you had to be much older to understand that African drums and Chopin weren't really a part of the same phenomenon."

Doris Lessing
Women Writers
BBC World Service

A local and global splitting result for real Kaehler Euclidean submanifolds
We show that if a real Kaehler Euclidean submanifold is as far as possible of being minimal, then it should split locally as a product of hypersurfaces almost everywhere, possibly in lower codimension. In addition, if the manifold is complete, simply connected and has constant nullity, it should split globally as a product of surfaces in Euclidean 3-space and an Euclidean factor. Several applications are also given.


The founders of the modern dance were rebels. Their followers are bourgeois. The younger generation is too anxious to please, too eager to be accepted. For art this is death. To young dancers. I want to say:
"Do what you feel you are, not what you think you ought to be. Go ahead and be a bastard. Then you can be an artist."
Anna Sokolow

in 1927

Anna Sokolow
Jewish Women's Archive
Anna Sokolow's Player's Project
Dance Heritage

La musique dans la Grand danse macabre des hommes et des femmes
de la Bibliothèque de Troyes

Médiathèque de l'Agglomération troyenne
Catherine et Jean-Luc Matte

Le Rhône coule dans sa totalité avant qu'il vide dans la mer créant le Camargue (vers la gauche), une grande plaine alluviale de marais de sel et le marais où des chevaux, les taureaux, et beaucoup de variétés d'oiseaux sont protégés
Bouches du Rhône, France

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