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Finnish Art Links

Helsinki City Art museum Links

Turku Art Museum Edelfelt In Paris!!!

Finnish National Museum

it's their name not a description Smart Museum Chicagothere's stuff here
I just can't get to it

Ok. The Goethe Institute in...That's Right! Tokyo!
Bridgit Meyer

I think is is a dormroom project from some art students in a place called valand?
I haven't figured out where that is yet

Annika Westerling

Goeteborg Art Museum!!

der halmstad group

Norge netmuseum links and...
Mona Huss Walin

Helene Scherfbeck

Edvard Munch The Dance Of Life repro but valuable
norsk art index Kunst and Handverk
Faeroe Island Art Great Blue Wonders!!!
Samuel Mikines

Edelfelt!!!!! Finnish master of true emotion!!!

northern lights index of norsk and dane and those viking bastard heroes
(harriet Backer search...

Marie Bashkirtseff
Harriet Backer
John Andreas Savio

Marie Bashkirtseff
Oda Krohg


UofWisconsin 700 women artists!!!!!

Marie-Annick Brown

Sylvie Germain-Covey

embajada argentina HUGE good other-american index bigandgoodbigandgood

this is why we like Joseph Beuys

cool project. Tim Rollins and K.O.S. do
a Promethean investigation. It's not the answers
it's the quest



MAJOR IMAGE SOURCE Tigertail Virtual Museum(george tooker.....

Ft Lauderdale Museum of Art

austintexas something resource library with a well setup list of art articles and images

german art links

lighthouse German experimental art site(sarah sze...

oboro online projects with cool anti-slick aesthetic

oboro french wild artists exhibit site(pippilotti rist


remahortmannfoundation how I want to live and die

salomon huerta
sarah sze

kim frohsin @Campell-Thiebaud

"koshares of Taos"
Gwen John

tanning et al. study plan

kooky art chick website w/images of gathered in art heroines/heroes

leonor fini

dorothea tanning" target=_blank>" target=_blank>

weird art chick index" target=_blank>
leonor fini" target=_blank>" target=_blank>


really cool smithsonian place



Charles Sheeler

Margaret Sargent bears further investigation

Berry-Hill Galleries extensive,well thought-out web page,good reproductions and a very pleasant tone

David Hammons higher goals,bottom of page

check out the photo of her studio Mari Andrews

nice swiss gallery with a sam francis

Jim Shaw at Metro Pictures

Oh god it's that sherman girl again

artnet keep close

Saskia resource for art history,lots of goodgood but only thumbnail size

Internet Art Resources good,and had GDowSimpson's phone and email

art unframed (signac,good repro....

moellerart gallery about to be(impressionist and other masterworks

Great seascapes and other stuff but WAAAAYY huge images

National musuem of western art(japanese,tiny images but extensive collection)

huge mega meta index list of art links

Marianne Boesky gallery(not yet)

Agnes Pelton, American, 1881-1961
Nurture, 1940

Agnes Pelton, American, 1881-1961
Nurture, 1940

Henrietta Shore!!!!

Henrietta Shore!!!!

Henrietta Shore!!!!

Henrietta Shore!!!!

Henrietta Shore!!!!

Alexis Smith (1947- )
Holy Road, 1988

huffypuffy website of gallery from one of my old hometowns

Audrey Flack

Self-Pillorying, Jacek Zielinski


eyestorm discussion blog? thing that Ididn't know about

weird cogent rap about Chet Baker with an oblique
reference to Annee Olofsson
who is sort of captivating the periphery of my somewhat
exhausted attention at the moment

colette styledesignartfood

Starn Twins
Blot Out the Sun #6

Mall Punk art pimples and needles Art links contemporary right now

Sandroni.rey gallery (Jacqueline Cooper,Dauder,and....

Gallery D'Amelio Terras (Polly Apfelbaum and...

Sherry Markovitz dangerous woman

Greg Kucera Gallery Big list(Kiki Smith)

Lennon, Weinberg Gallery

Per Cent For Art NYC artist index

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