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Todd Hido's site, in addition to exploding with his photographic genius, is a perfect example of how to deliver photography online.
See how fast the pictures load. Though you'll have to figure out that the headings in the lower left corner, generate the titles of individual photos, then scroll the titles and the photos appear. No ten second load times, no vanity web design, simple, subtle and effective. Minimalist efficiency in the service of whatever it is that happens there.
Such is not the case at Leslie Tonkonow Artworks+Projects, where the exploding genius of Nikki S. Lee can only be seen by those patient enough to wait around for the images to load.

How it Started

The water was cold and pushed
at the shore. At the house I kept
setting the table. Knives for the dominant
hand, his grandmother's plates...
Leslie Harrison/VerseDaily

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