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Elina Merenmies Child
Carnivore Child

Elina Merenmies

Marika Mäkelä
galerie anhava
ice cream eyes
Elina Merenmies
About Girls' Lives
Amos Anderson Art Museum
Elina Merenmies
Selaa taiteilijoita
Suomen kuvataiteilijat
Suomen Taiteilijaseura
(Artists' Association of Finland)

Marlene Oliver

"My relationship with the body is nostalgic and romantic, based on an anxiety that the body is becoming redundant. New technologies, especially communications and medical imaging alienate us from the bodies that we have. They promote a decentralisation of the self - they allow us to project ourselves into different spaces and offer us new views of our bodies that belittle being contained in a physical body."
Marilène Oliver

Sense Drawing II



from Letter to John Kerry:

"Onward Christian Soldiers" is a wonderful Christian hymn I used to sing with relish as a child in the Midwest, but it is not the melody of a great nation.
Edward Sanders
Woodstock, NY
Woodstock Journal

"The babies are born naked and helpless, and look like tiny, pink, wrinkled honey bees."
The Insatiable Short-Tailed Shrew
Essays on Nature
Miriam Sanders
Woodstock Journal


From pozolé to mole poblano
raíces de la gente, en comida!

Life in Seattle

más profundo á
y más historiá de la cocina mexicana á la Universidad de Guadalajara


... jewel at the heart of a room full
of people, rose on the pillow
I come home to read your poems again
your twisty pronouncements, singing lines
words that float like birds on the water...

Janine Pommy Vega
A Salute to Gregory Corso Poet Among Poets
Edward Sanders
Woodstock Journal

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