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mission to burma

and here's a UofOregon online bunch of Doris Ulmann's work

and here's Doris Ulmann herself, who I am now in love with

And John Jacob Niles with Virginia Howard

That's John Jacob Niles there next to the hammered dulcimer. photo by Doris Ulmann

Doris Ulmann's Cherokee Woman

childhood Walter Rosenblum's 'girl with polio' which led to this Rosenblum image and this by Rosalie Gwathmey

Hockney's most subversive polaroid highway

glass house+ Daniela
When the house was dismantled on February 14, cutting short its intended two-month installation, Tobar had already moved out, following the attack of a Santiago woman who was mistaken for her. Death threats also sent the architects into hiding.
{the direct influence of the Catholic Church, that lonesome bastion of sexual morality in this decadent world}

Giovanni *Battista* Tiepolo tracks the fall of sunlight on a falling sinner

William Henry Fox Talbot's 'the open door'

Fox Talbot's 'roofs, chimneys, Lacock Abbey, 1835'

the seine at moudon

stay on your toes

God what a view of the city

Jesus what filigree

the Getty finally has a presence online as evidenced by this Man Ray 99

she is c.e amestoy

classic imprint 50's skin mags

THE wheelbarrow photo

surrealisme and stuff guys like man ray and moholy-nagy photos


chinese traditional music au files

more turkish music links
Collection of the TRT
The TRT undertook trips to Kars, Erzurum, Van, Hakkari, Erzincan, Diyarbakir,Elazig, Urfa, Adana, Bitlis, Mus, Bingol and Siirt during 1961 and recorded melodies for their archives. During 1967-8 teams made recordings in Gaziantep, Burdur, Van,Erzurum, Izmir, Trabzon and Balikesir which are still used in their broadcasts. A one-month trip was also made to Erzurum and Kars, during which special attention was devoted to melodies in the asiklama, atislama and davul zurna class, and examples were recorded. The trip was undertaken by Nida Tufekci, Zihni Dercin and Muzaffer Yonden.
Another organization that has contributed to the research and collection of Turkish folk songs is tha Halkevleri (People's Centres) and their activities are worthy of interest.
Work started by Muzaffer Sarisozen at the Turkish Radio on collection, musical notation and broadcasts of Turkish folk music is still continuing. Today the TRT has a collection in excess of 3000 works.

LOTS of Turkish music

turkish music links

(Halik suz, Halik koyi)

Kara da ginay urman, karanggi ton,
Yahshi atlar kirek le uterge;
Kara urmanni chikkan chakta,
Kisip aldim kush kayin.
Ey, ayrilmayik, duskayim.

Zamanalar avir, yillar yabik,
Dus-ish kirek omer iterge.
Kara urmanga kirgen chakta,
Kisip aldim par kayin.
Ey, ayrelmayek, duskayim.

Kara da gina yilan ay tuz bashli
Yoridir le kamish buyincha;
Kara urmanga kirgen chakta,
Kisip aldim par usak,
Ey, ayrilmayik, dus bulsak.

Yalgiz bashim, yuk yuldashim,
Yorimin le yazmish buyincha.
Kara urmanga kirgen chakta,
Kisip aldim par kayin,
Ey, ayrilmayik, duskayim.

australia in photographs from State Library of New South Wales


cyndi lauper heading west download

Cyndi Lauper

Louis Jordan

:: beck ::


Wes Montgomery
"Just as seeds need to be watered, so artists need external nourishment.

"Now that I am in the position to offer assistance to searching guitarists, I feel flattered; and I will attempt to reveal my musical self as completely and as honestly as possible."

Selivanov Ivan Egorovich. 1907-1988

Virtual Museum of Russian Primitive. Catalogue her reminiscences of Moscow of her childhood: its parks and squares, where she used to walk, Birds market at Trubnaya Square, where she used to buy birds, the courtyard where she used to play.
{much much more in this wonderful place}

Christ Sleeping with the Attributes of the Passion


Marion Post Wolcott - Post FSA Photography{more than worthwhile}

Disarming The Prairie photographs by Terry Evans {one of those images that are like remembered moments caught in the light of the page}

Addison Gallery Of American Art Andover. but they have all this

Polaroid | Artist's Studio | Featured Artists Joyce Tenneson among many others, from a search for either Wendy Ewald or Melissa Ann Pinney

Disarming The Prairie photographs by Terry Evans

perfect melissa ann pinney perfect this is how to rescue lost children

Marion Post Wolcott - Vermont #05 {there are women like this still in the world}

stopped here:
America from the Great Depression to World War II: Color Photographs from the FSA-OWI, 1939-1945

The Center for American Places Online Gallery {wonderful galleries of americanplace}

Marion Post Wolcott

Doubletake mag.——Wendy Ewald's Photography from Issue 1

DoubleTake Magazinephoto-dcumentary portal

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