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Josephine Baker, arms outstretched, surrounded by women wearing elaborate hats, during activities relating to the French Gratitude Train

Friendship Train:

At the close of World War II the French nation was devastated. Reconstruction was a slow process. Farmlands had been ravished. War-damaged factories had to be rebuilt and retooled before industry could begin the production of civilian goods. By 1947, two years after the war ended, France had not yet sufficiently recovered to provide food and other necessities for her people.
Drew Pearson, a well known radio commentator and Washington Post columnist, suggested the American people do something to help ease the hunger. That was on October 11, 1947. Mr. Pearson suggested we send a boxcar filled with donated food to their former ally. Immediately the American people began to act; donations began pouring in from every state. Just three short weeks later an engine pulling 11 filled boxcars left L.A. bound for New York. Trains were added along the way, by the time it arrived in New York, 700 cars filled with tons of food, clothing, and medical supplies were lined up to be loaded on the S.S. American Leader.
Merci Train:
In February 1949, a merchant ship docked at Weehawhen, New Jersey to deliver its cargo of 49 railroad boxcars that were marked on the side "TRAIN DE LA RECONNAISSANCE FRANCAISE", and on the other side "GRATITUDE TRAIN". These boxcars were laden with gifts from the French people in gratitude and appreciation to the United States for the "Friendship Train" which the French people received from the United States on December 18, 1947. The "Friendship Train" which was loaded with carloads of food, medicine and supplies was sent to France to help the people recover after WWII.

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Merci Train

Man and woman at Sammy's
Lisette Model

Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, 1916
Irving Underhill

The T Zone

a standard bearer whose primary effect was on morale

She had become the heroine of her kingdom at the age of seventeen, but died at the age of nineteen.
"Only a regime in the final straits of desperation would pay any heed to an illiterate farm girl who claimed that voices from God were instructing her to take charge of her country’s army and lead it to victory."
Illiterate Joan signed an abjuration document she did not understand under threat of immediate execution. The court substituted a different abjuration in the official record.
The old king had believed he was made of glass, a delusion no courtier had mistaken for a religious awakening.
Finally, Anne of Burgundy, the duchess of Bedford and wife to the regent of England, declared Joan a virgin during pretrial inquiries. For technical reasons this prevented the court from charging Joan with witchcraft. Ultimately this provided part of the basis for Joan's vindication and sainthood.
Three separate vessels of the French Navy have been named after Joan of Arc, including a helicopter carrier currently in active service.
Joan of Arc - Wikipedia

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