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Nuptial lebes, with lidto(detail)
Clay, gilding. Height 74 cm.
Vicinity of Pantikapaion. Ca 410 BC

Greek Gold

Hermitage Amsterdam (Frames. Link may not work in some browsers.)
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Bukhara, Uzbekistanto(detail)

Jérôme De Perlinghi



"Yeah it was a prank, yeah he was fucked up on who knows what, but you start putting people's lives and well being at stake, and not knowing when to stop, and you are a grown man, you deserve what you get. If these were kids from the ghetto, they would have never heard the end of it. It would have been attempted murder charges. But these are some rich kids driving around in daddy's mercedes and acting like they are living the rough life. I see way too much of that these days. And then the stupid media bullshit of how they try to portray the dark underworld of what these kids do. It's so corny. The lower east side stopped being any kind of underworld about 15 years ago, so people need to chill with the dramatics. I am just really not impressed with a lot of these portrayals from young artists who have so much, go to expensive ass colleges and pretend they have nothing and are made out to be some kind of geniuses. I am way more impressed with artists who are doing their thing on the down low, not getting all fucked up every night, just into creating and being themselves.
a lot of street artists and graff writers are good people with good hearts, but this is aimed more towards the ones who are glorified for all the wrong things, living some soap opera lifestyles that they created all by themselves. I just don't think it is something to look up to when you have these cool people who try to do the right thing and are more on the down low with their art and personalities, not trying to live the rock star lifestyle.
PEACE and keep up the good work!"

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